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California Jazz Foundation Silks & More!!!

silk scarf san francisco California Jazz Foundation fundraiser — $450.

This is the original CJF silk scarf design, but it’s now on a giant silk scarf that’s bigger than YOU are! I’m not entirely sure it’s a good idea to have a scarf that’s bigger than the average Volkswagen, but hey, a LOT of folks wanted them, so much so that we sold out the original printing within a few days of issue.

These are new, and they are printed in infusion technology, so the ink is in the fibers, not resting photographically on top of the fabric. This would not have been possible just a few years ago.

You have a choice of California Jazz Foundation — a portion of the sale goes to them.  It’s an absolute collectible and a bargain at only $450 and it’s for charity! On top of that, you get a collectible that’s part of the great history of jazz. There are some less expensive silk scarves and other items below, so read on! Continue reading

You Ain’t Gonna Believe Yer Eyes!!!

This Ashram Sailing Keychain is only $39.99, while they last!

Boy, am I excited! I came across a great little formula for CAFEPRESS, something that really works, really cooks, and really is easy as pie to make and maintain! Wow, I can hardly wait to tell you!

Okay, I won’t wait.

That keychain you see above is the basis for an idea that is gonna set you free, bunkie. Continue reading

Tell a Story, Sing a Song

If there are any Official Secrets to Music, these are they:

1.   Tell a Story — this simply means any story about the simple nursery song that you’ve selected for this exercise (such as “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, or “Jack & Jill” or “Sing a Song of Sixpence” — any story will do, including that there isn’t one, ie; a rambling exploration of random notes and measures. Usually it means a story, pure & simple, describing the song’s major points, such as the fact that the farmer lived in a dell, had a wife, many chicks, ducks, geese, horses, cattle, swine, and a couple of wild and crazy dogs with a penchant for handouts. A story like that generally begins with a beginning, goes on a while in the middle, and stops at the end. The MIDDLE part is generally about the obstruction, the pain, the misery or the angst of it all. A typical song story is “my baby done left me”, whether you hear it in blues, folk, pop, ballad, country-western, jazz or classical, it’s always about relationships of one kind or another. That’d be human/human (read as: “human over human”) and bottle/human and a whole chain of seductions that read more or less the same. The story is told verbally before the instrument is sounded. The STORY should NOT take more than 1 minute to tell, especially the “Boy Meets Girl, Girl Gets Drownded, Boy Gets Hanged sort of murder-ballad you’ll find commonly in folk music.

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Don’t Change How You Play


ej at red house 1971 — photo by T. Jones

I’ve developed a method for playing guitar that allows you to play very sophisticated and difficult scales without having to learn new chords or retrain your fingers. You’ll use the following chords: E, Em, E7, A, Am, A7, B7, to play in almost all the keys. You will instantly be able to fake solo leads using my simple lead chart. You can’t make a mistake, there’s nothing to go wrong. Total simplicity is the key to this easy to learn guitar cheat. In addition, I’ve developed backing tracks that allow you to remain at your present undeveloped skill level while still sounding absolutely pro. You can use this for holiday gatherings, and blow the minds of friends and family with your apparent skills at blues, jazz, hip-hop, ballad, pop, dance, rock, r&b, latin, reggae, folk, bluegrass, fusion, country and more!!! Each backing track CD has an entire show of about a dozen tunes, and you’ll sound incredible on ALL of them, I guarantee it! You can order the CDs now — see the titles above to order. The CDs will be available in a few days. Download options are being explored even as we speak. Oh, I almost forgot to mention it, but I have a set of backing tracks that will make you sound like the greatest jazz and blues flute player on the planet. Coming soon, a set of backing tracks that will make you sound like the greatest blues harp player in the Western Rim of the Galaxy Milky Way (strictly a local name — we Outer Limits Folks (OLFs) refer to your galaxy as “Shnarg”. I won’t translate, for fear of reprisals.

See You At The Top!!!


A Viral Video For Your Thoughts…


Viral Video department…how can i help you???

Oh, you want to know, without taking up your precious time and exerting all that effort and trouble to find out which are the most popular blues-rock and straight blues songs of the past 50 years?

Hey, i got nothin’ to do for the next 22 hours…. Hang loose, i’ll be right back…oops, this is the 21st century, isn’t it? So what i meant was, “brb”.

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Science Fiction Filk Songs Make Hit Show!


Yep — I’m of course using “yep” in the Russian sense, to mean “sex”. It’s true; science fiction “filk” songs have finally hit the big time on tv when these guys did this sendup of sci-fi — syfy — si-fi — whatever. Live Long & Prosper! I know, I posted this comedy team only a few days ago, but it suddenly occurred to me that you might not have had the luck/skill/jenesequoi to find this particular link, so I’m posting it now for your pleasure. I think you’ll find it cheerful and amusing on a Music Monday — I’ll be on gorebagg tv at 4 pm pacific time today for more jazz, blues, folk, rock & more.

See You At The Top!!!


Get HANG Tones With a HAPI!!! Secrets of a Jazz Musician Revealed!!!

I posted a tutorial on subway busking with HAPI drums. My HAPI drum stage setup now consists of an array of a total of 6 HAPI drums, a D Minor, a C Akebono, a UFO in C Major, an E Integral (pygmy & akebono) and a D Integral, which delivers all the HANG tones you could want, plus a stunning F# Minor thin guy — it really knocks ’em out in concert!!!

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