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You Ain’t Gonna Believe Yer Eyes!!!

This Ashram Sailing Keychain is only $39.99, while they last!

Boy, am I excited! I came across a great little formula for CAFEPRESS, something that really works, really cooks, and really is easy as pie to make and maintain! Wow, I can hardly wait to tell you!

Okay, I won’t wait.

That keychain you see above is the basis for an idea that is gonna set you free, bunkie. Continue reading

EJ Gold New Graphics — BardoTown Full-Color Greeting Cards —




Now, at last, my pinhole-photography taken with my antique Canon AE-1 with Fuji Color Film, is available as stunningly color-printed on a million-dollar printing machine, and mounted professionally on a 100% archival heavy rag cream pastel paper with a matching envelope, packaged for resale & counter-top & Point-of-Purchase racks. Wholesale price is only $3.95 apiece, no further discount. These cards are expensive to produce, but totally worth it. We make about a quarter a pop for all our work and financial risk — we print these on spec, hoping they’ll sell, and so far, we’ve been lucky.

So won’t you give my BardoTown photo greeting cards a try? They look great, and sell well, and they’re a great way to introduce subjects like parallel worlds, past lives and end of life. Continue reading

EJ Gold New Graphics — Photo ArtPrints of Nevada City



These Fine-Art Photo Greeting Cards come in a fantastic resale pack with high-quality archival 100% rag pastel and cream shades. Card, envelope & packaging look incredible, totally professional and 100% better than Hallmark. The high-grade paper card is imprinted with “EJ Gold” actual embossed signature. There is no card on the market like this card. It is clearly handmade, artist-crafted, and the photos were taken in the worst weather, to get that great “look” and “feel”. Most photographers would not do that just to get a better photo. For some shots, I waited a month to get the “right” shot. The $8.95 price-tag is the retail. These were created for my resellers to work from — you can order photo cards of anywhere in the world, and I can do it — don’t ask how, unless you’re prepared to attend a couple dozen workshops to learn the secret.

These cards are expensive as hell to produce — each card makes about 25 cents profit, at the wholesale price of only $3.95 apiece, if you buy in quantity, at least 24 cards, and you can mix & match between over 500 pieces of original artwork and photographs. Continue reading

EJ Gold New Graphics — Photo Art Prints

PHOTO ARTPRINT — “Rose Garden Pond in the Fog” — Signed in the Plate

PHOTOGRAPH ART PRINT — Produced on the highest quality photo paper with a professional printmaker, to fit a 5″x7″ frame; mat & frame not included, wholesale price is $25 unframed and unmounted. I will frame at wholesale for resellers, or you can do it yourself, which is the better method, and you save a LOT on shipping. Continue reading

My Life as a Cheesecake Photographer

My Kodak Brownie photo of Aunt Bertha adjusting her stocking, Sand Dunes Vermont, 1949.
My Kodak Brownie photo of Aunt Bertha adjusting her slip, Sand Dunes Vermont, 1949.

I started with a Kodak Brownie, like every other kid on the block. It was a one-focus lens and a slow, slow shutter speed. The only thing you could do with that camera is what you see here — get about ten feet away from subject for full-body, three feet for closeups, and snap away, hope for the best. You had to send your film to Kodak in Rochester, New York to have your photos processed and printed glossy with gnarly deckled edges, making it hard to insert them into a photo album, but who cared, as long as the pictures came out. Continue reading

Donner Collection Notecards & Postcards

historycard28 copy

It suddenly occurred to me the other day that trading cards are a very limited market…but the same images that produced those little trading cards could be used to produce larger items, such as greeting cards, notecards and postcards, all featuring real antique photos.

My notecard and postcard series are printed in full color, even though many of the photos are black & white, because the effect is that of seeing the original. Black-ink printing simply does not carry off this effect. In addition, most of the so-called “black & white” photographs are actually brown, sepiatone and some hand-colored with oil paints or watercolor tinting.

The notecards and postcards relate specifically to the Donner Party, Donner family, Nevada County residents, a few notorious Old West characters, and some very rare photos of world-famous Old West Lawmen.

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