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Donner Collection Notecards & Postcards

historycard28 copy

It suddenly occurred to me the other day that trading cards are a very limited market…but the same images that produced those little trading cards could be used to produce larger items, such as greeting cards, notecards and postcards, all featuring real antique photos.

My notecard and postcard series are printed in full color, even though many of the photos are black & white, because the effect is that of seeing the original. Black-ink printing simply does not carry off this effect. In addition, most of the so-called “black & white” photographs are actually brown, sepiatone and some hand-colored with oil paints or watercolor tinting.

The notecards and postcards relate specifically to the Donner Party, Donner family, Nevada County residents, a few notorious Old West characters, and some very rare photos of world-famous Old West Lawmen.

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Dandee & Candee

Introducing my two newest additions to our Trans-Dimensional Jaunting Team, Dandee and Candee, both adepts at Universe-Hopping and negotiating tough spaces with tough defenders and guardians, and can they dance!!! You’ll be seeing a lot of Claude’s latest models including these two terrific little characters — I’ll be adding them in, where appropriate, and uploading the results as updates as soon as I can get to them. In the meanwhile, all my newest Orbs will, where appropriate, have them. See You At The Top!!! — gorby