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Who is Mr. Peabody, and what is a Wayback Machine?


Photo of UFO over the Parthenon, by Lily Nova.

Most people don’t walk around in a necklace made with genuine antiquities, and most folks don’t know the difference between an antique and an antiquity, and furthermore, most folks don’t know that they’re even allowed to own a genuine ancient item. Continue reading

We Interrupt This Broadcast…

This cover was shot by my Mom, Eve, when we were in Atlantic City. The dress and coat were new.
This cover was shot by my Mom, Eve, when we were in Atlantic City in 1952.

You may have noticed that there is a sudden stoppage in the LeslieAnn “My Life as a Boy” postings; that’s because it has been loaded onto leslieannstandup.com and will be continued on that blog spot until it’s done, whenever that is, after which it will be expanded upon, possibly re-arranged and published in hardcover and paperback.

The hardcover edition will contain a frontispiece of signed original artwork and a signed collophon page. Handmade French endpapers and fine artstock paper will be featured, as well as a special ridged binding.’

Projected price of the numbered & signed limited edition hardcover is yet to be determined, based on costs, but will be targeted for $225 retail, a very low price in today’s livre d’artist market, where many books retail in the thousands.

The paperback is NOT signed and is not intended for signature. It is strictly a reading copy, not a collectible. Nevertheless, LeslieAnn will sign the first 100 copies but none of them will be numbered and the edition is Open, meaning unlimited production based on market and order fulfillment.

“My Life as a Boy” is an exciting project — I refer you to Robert Heinlein’s “Time Enough For Love” in which he projects the entire story-frame from a woman’s headset.

There are many examples of similar projects.

I’m using photos that have been in the family for many years, but have not seen the light of day and were all-but-buried in a special chest of “family only” photos that I’ve dug up for this project.

In the book, you will see hundreds of photos that have been “lost”, all of which are of me as LeslieAnn in a variety of situations over a period of 73 years.

I think you’ll have fun with this, but there’s a whole host of lessons to be learned from it — I invite you to comment on your experience with this written document.




LeslieAnn — My Life As a Boy — Chapter 1 —


Relaxing as myself on summer vacation -- the rest of the year was spent as a boy.
Relaxing as myself — LeslieAnn — on summer vacation — the rest of the year was spent as a boy.

I didn’t like life as a boy; oh, sure, you got all the rights and privileges and perks of being a boy in a man’s world, but I had to constantly hide my gender. I bound my breasts down, wore socks to make a bulge and luckily or unluckily, my voice was naturally deep, like a 60 year old cigarette smoker — like, really deep.

My girlfriends used to make fun of my voice, and even though I could sing high harmonies in a perfectly fine soprano voice — and I can still hit the high notes today — I couldn’t make myself speak comfortably in a high squeaky voice, and I never did. Continue reading

Am I a Boy or a Girl in my Alternate Worlds???

Notice I said “my” alternate worlds. It’s because you have your own unique set of alternate worlds. If you travel in a group or team, you share this set of alternate worlds in which you operate.

Note that I said “operate”.

It’s different. Very different. “Operating” doesn’t mean what you think it does.

I’ll explain:

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