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What Caused the Disappearance of Christianity Back in the 21st Century???


Aren’t you the least bit curious? Have you ever wondered what caused Christianity to suddenly vanish sometime in the middle of the 21st century, never to reappear, at least as far as the 37th century?

If not, it’s because YOU CAN’T REMEMBER, not because you weren’t there. THIS IS A TIME TRIP, REMEMBER??? Ah, but it’s hard to wake up IN THE DREAM, isn’t it???

As a seasoned time-traveler, although I probably haven’t taken as many ill-considered rebirths as you have, I’ve often considered taking rebirth around 1941 or so, and observing life in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, to find out what really happened to Christianity.

Not the Christians. They didn’t vanish. The Church of Christianity did. The Christians remained for quite some time after the collapse of The Christian Church, first in Amerika, then after a short time, it went down worldwide. Continue reading

Coin Checkers is as old as Humanity


As far back as humans walked the Earth, there were games, many of which were played on a field that had been drawn in with a sharpened stick, or boundaried by rocks, and in the case of Kalah and similar “pocket” games, the landing places were scooped out of the dirt.

Pieces for those early “board” or “flat” games were typically made of wood, stones, shells and in fact anything that was traded as money, including beads. Yes, beads were used as game pieces, and I have a large collection of ancient board game pieces that show how broad the variation could be.

Historians today weren’t THERE, actually THERE, in the Old West, when people had nothing to do but play checkers after the daily chores were done. Who had checker pieces? But everyone carried SOME cash — you had to. Credit cards didn’t exist back then, and hardly did money.

Cowboys would bet penny against penny. Of course, it had to be “even money”, no such thing as nickels against pennies, unless one of the players was a pro gambler with some sort of edge that gave him the long-term win.

So who owns which penny?

The solution is so simple and so obvious that it was thought of thousands and thousands of years ago. Continue reading

THE ART OF BELIEVING — “Trans-Dimensional Voyaging” — SCRIPT #3

Ancient Chinese Trans-Dimensional Device shown onstage, Dresden, 1899.

That’s us, in the photo above, just before we respawned to build and operate the Golden Lion in San Francisco from 1922-1939. I respawned in 1941 to attend this party. Here, below, is the script for the Fifth Wave Quantum Distortion Demonstration:

What’sa matter?  Are you stuck in time? Do you belong to another time and place? Is your world cold, empty and futile? Well, fret no more, bunky, help is on the way. Thanks to several advancements in science that have already been leaked to the public, I am at last able to make my “Wayback Machine” Voyages into the far distant past and into an unknown future.


Step aboard the FIFTH WAVE QUANTUM DISTORTION DEVICE and take a journey into time and space, into the past and into the future. See for yourself the world of the Future!!!

Let’s take a LIFE-REPAIRING SPIRITUAL HEALING Time-Travel Expedition right now, this very minute, but before we embark on our journey into time, we ought to have a little spending money, right? (PICKS UP DOWSING RODS, SHOWS BOXES & GOLD SAMPLE.) Continue reading

THE ART OF BELIEVING — “Dinner Jacket Escape” — Script #2

This ancient sarcophagus panel is one of many active gateways in my collection.

Jaunting from one locus to another is easy enough, if you’ve a specific target, and the position of that target is either known or guessable by tracking or mathematical model projections.

That sounds awfully technical, but let me break it down for you into simple terms, while I do the impossible. I will put on this dinner jacket, and allow two volunteers to chain and shackle me in these powerful unmodified, untampered 451 solid steel restraint manacles.


I have chosen this dinner jacket from which to attempt an escape. I would have selected a standard strait-jacket, but those things are terribly expensive, and I found this very nice looking dinner jacket at the Salvation Army, which is where I do all my fashion shopping.

Draw the spirit cabinet up around me as I attempt to escape from the manacles and also from my own dinner jacket in only thirty seconds. Start the clock NOW!!!

Continue reading

Who is Mr. Peabody, and what is a Wayback Machine?


Photo of UFO over the Parthenon, by Lily Nova.

Most people don’t walk around in a necklace made with genuine antiquities, and most folks don’t know the difference between an antique and an antiquity, and furthermore, most folks don’t know that they’re even allowed to own a genuine ancient item. Continue reading