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you can use the larger images in this blog as screen-savers.


You can place a “TRUMP-FREE ZONE” Medallion at each door and window, and ward off the bad smell, enjoying a new-found freedom from the stench of Trump. Gosh, and he’s the one calling people names like pig-face. Has he ever looked in a mirror?

But NEW FREEDOM is not enough. You need to also STAY FREE!

Unfortunately, if you’re not both white AND Christian, your days are numbered and your life of personal freedom is over forever, even after this administration has gone down the drain, like they do.

Once the Constitution is overturned, we have crossed the Rubicon and there is no going back. If you allow that to happen, you deserve what you get.

In this world of distrust and superstition, racial hatred and religious radicals, there is nowhere to run to, no place to hide, no refuge from the chaotic storm of rage and zombie apocalypse that is coming to this planet. Continue reading

What Caused the Disappearance of Christianity Back in the 21st Century???


Aren’t you the least bit curious? Have you ever wondered what caused Christianity to suddenly vanish sometime in the middle of the 21st century, never to reappear, at least as far as the 37th century?

If not, it’s because YOU CAN’T REMEMBER, not because you weren’t there. THIS IS A TIME TRIP, REMEMBER??? Ah, but it’s hard to wake up IN THE DREAM, isn’t it???

As a seasoned time-traveler, although I probably haven’t taken as many ill-considered rebirths as you have, I’ve often considered taking rebirth around 1941 or so, and observing life in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, to find out what really happened to Christianity.

Not the Christians. They didn’t vanish. The Church of Christianity did. The Christians remained for quite some time after the collapse of The Christian Church, first in Amerika, then after a short time, it went down worldwide. Continue reading

More Metal Embossing Craft Projects You Can Make & Sell


My Extra-Terrestrial Alien UFO Flying Saucer Spacecraft is typical of the smaller “Scout Ship” types you see around New Mexico and Arizona. They are piloted by greys, but the larger, flatter steel-gray crafts are from Orion and Sirius.

Of course, there are also trans-dimensionals and trans-time voyagers, plus thousands of species of reptilian and several worldsful of Arcturan visitors.

I’m including this little videoclip in the blog format, in order to underline the fact that I’m not a wild-eyed alien freak, or at least I’m among a growing number of former high ranking government and agency people who are finally starting to talk about the many visitors to Planet Earth, among whom are Canadian Minister of Defence Paul Hellyer, who testified before Parliament that there are more than 80 known species of aliens and that humans are in contact with at least four, and that this is being covered up by an international Cartel that hopes to take over the world with alien technology and with them as rulers. Continue reading

Come And Buy My Rainbow Beads — Updated

Mood Rings were so popular in the 1960s that absolutely everyone was wearing one.

Ever since Steve — who also created “Ocean in a Bottle”, the “Mood Organ” and the Rock Light-Show — invented the Mood Ring back in the Day, I’ve wanted the equivalent in beads, but it never happened, for two reasons, and the first reason was that the market wasn’t ready for them. They belong in the 21st century.

The second reason was the chemistry. The Psychedelic Mood Ring was sloooowwwwww to react to changes. The modern Rainbow Bead reacts quickly and accurately to changes of mood and temperament.

The most important difference between Mood Rings and Rainbow Beads is the extent and completeness of the color spectrum through which they will flow. The Rainbow Beads are capable of millions of colors, while ordinary “mood” itemsĀ  have a very limited range of color variations.

My American-Made Rainbow Beads are actually rainbows. You will see literally millions of colors in a spreading halo of interacting colors, creating a spectacular effect that can only be fully appreciated in full sunlight.

The basic Quantum Effect behind the Rainbow Bead is that it reacts with color in accord with the Chakras and the Aura, reflecting the color or colors that you are manifesting at this very moment. Continue reading

New Super Computer

I’m just logging onto my new supercomputer for the first time. Claude installed it and got it running, and I’m in the GODD editor making a terrific and high-impacting level for you reincarnation buffs! I’ll be meeting folks in-game for reincarnation training all this week. This is an Afterlife Adventure I’ve been working on. You can download it. I’ll be personally hosting the Bardo Run on Saturday. See you there.

Word of Web

Now that I have your attention…

Word of Mouth has been the primary cause of sales of product and services, for at least for as long as I’ve seen it in action, which is something on the order of just under 8,000 years of human history, along with a few dozen centuries of “othernesses,” who came along just before homo sap took over the planet…temporarily, according to the predictions of some of my “not from around here” friends. Men in Black had it almost right, but the alien plot is even more dastardly and fiendish than anyone thought possible. I’ll explain… Continue reading