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I Have No Voice

Wouldn’t you love to work in an ancient Egyptian temple of your very own?

I have no voice. It doesn’t bother me, but it’s quite noticeable. when I speak, write, sing, act, paint, draw, sketch or sculpt, there’s no measurable impact on anything or anyone. I’m not a tweeter, but if I were a tweeter, I could literally tweet my ass off, but nobody will read it, and that’s just fine by me, or it was fine, until Donald Trump’s name became a household word, like “slopbucket”.

Whatever it looks like, however it seems to you today, Donald Trump is NOT an obstruction on the Path to Liberation, not if you know the secret.

What is the secret?

I’ll tell you right off. Live the good life. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted. Relax, stay calm, it will all work out just the way it should.

The universe is a sim. There’s a script. If you keep that in mind, you won’t fall off the horsie. Donald Trump is not alive — there’s nobody inside that thing, behind those cold, icy eyes.

He plays his “overwhelm” game and seems to be winning. His friends in Congress have their own nasty games and merely use him to gain advantages on their own ground.

You don’t need to know any of that. Just remember that ALL POLITICIANS ARE CROOKS and that ALL GOVERNMENT PEOPLE ARE MEAN AND NASTY,  and that ALL POLITICIANS AND MEDIA PEOPLE LIE ALL THE TIME, and you won’t be knocked out of your socks the next time you find yourself shoved into the ditch at the side of the road.

When Donald Trump tweets, billions of people are affected by every careless word. The difference between me and Donald Trump is our choice of weapons. I selected “voice” and “guitar” and he chose “nuclear holocaust” and “gas chamber”.

Trump is a hero among his worshipers and followers. They like Strongmen and Dictators who will step in, clean up the mess, restore them to their former glory, and give them personal favors and benefits, and that’s Donald Trump in a nutshell, at least on paper.

He knows he doesn’t have to actually KEEP his promises, just make them and blast right along claiming “victory” at every punchdown. Just keep insisting you won, and eventually that becomes the truth, at least to the general public. They have no memory and no discernment whatever.

As a matter of fact, they don’t really care about the details, just what’s in it for them.

Each faction of politics, news media and science has its own direction to pull the chain, and the general effect is one of chaos and mayhem, exactly what Putin and Trump both had in mind.

If the U.S. government can be shut down permanently, Trump can rule, and that is “Plan A”. Plan B involves an actual invasion of the homeland by Russian airborne troops, and that’s already in the works, as soon as the defense department can be unraveled.

How do I know all this? Continue reading

Get Out of the Boat & Push!!!

Sugar Ray Leonard was a family friend -- he signed this to me, and it's for sale, to benefit the building project.
Sugar Ray Leonard was a family friend — he signed this to me when I ran “Jeff Gold Publicity” in Hollywood, and it’s up for sale, to benefit the building project.

Don’t forget that YOU DON’T NEED TO ACTUALLY WAREHOUSE ANY OF OUR PRODUCTS –we drop ship to your customer! No need to put a single penny out of pocket!!! You advertise the item, the customer buys it, you tell us you received the money and we ship the item, then you send us our share and keep your share or give it away, spend it, whatever — it’s YOURS!!!

You can earn big cash, but that’s not important — what IS important is GETTING THE WORD OUT THERE, and this is the program that’s going to do it. How do I know? Because it’s doing it now, and there are lots of folks benefiting from this important WORK ACTION that you could take. Continue reading

Quantum Coin Magic


Take an “ordinary” penny and put it into a high-energy static electrical field, encapsulate it and surround it with a permeable foamy material, and you have the start of an improvised magical weapon, which can be set up and activated with a Cloud Chamber or any imbuing device.

Let me give you an example… Continue reading

The Zen of Checkers


Checkers was for many years known as “draughts”, and was played actively and daily by Roman soldiers, of course for money, and the practice has continued right up to the present day, as you’ll see around any cracker barrel or its equivalent, in any small town, anywhere on the planet and beyond.

Roman soldiers had little to do other than road-building, and eagerly sought exciting ways to pass the little leisure time they had to themselves, and every game they played involved money, even hopscotch, where the purse was placed on the chalked or stick-inscribed game layout.

Chess was played by the sons of rulers, to teach elements of strategy and defense, and Tic-Tac-Toe was a murderous game where you could lose your shirt quicker than a five-card stud player can lose theirs.

Many games are considered stress-busters, and backgammon is probably the best-known relaxation board game ever invented, although kalah and checkers might be just as popular. Continue reading

dreaming & astral voyaging

Kathleen's focus is good, yes?
Kathleen’s focus is good, yes?

I’ve been reading Koyote’s new book on dreaming and astral voyaging. Dreaming is a great key to astral voyaging, soul questing and skywalking in general. When you’re dreaming, the body is asleep, passive and largely motor-reflexive, but the attention is still active, passing from one reality set to another, which opens the door to astral travel.

The body has reactions to astral travel, and it’s best to keep it in a relaxed and passive state, so it won’t interfere with the process. There is a connection between your spirit and your body, which is eternal and is present during the body’s entire lifetime, and it is that connection which pulls you back when there is a disturbance near the body or the body is uncomfortable or distressed.

Dreaming is the Great Key, and Koyote’s lessons in flying will take you there. I recommend this book highly, and will suggest it to anyone who asks me a question on the subject — his answers and mine will be the same.

Thank you, Koyote, for your well-written and well-conceived contribution to the Great Work.

See You At The Top!!!


Character Class Rundown for the GODD Engine

laugh your ass off playing fartbomb, the latest wild and crazy game from goddgames.
laugh your ass off playing fartbomb, the result of years of gorbyscience.

OSELCHAR controls the size and appearance of the Avatar, plus the speed of movement on X, Y & Z vectors, the height and width of the actual object, the weight — more properly, the mass, which is independent of gravity as a relative measure — the rate of turn, and a whole lot more character detail.

The OSELCHAR (Object Select Character) can be triggered by any TAG issued by a variety of possible contact points, such as an OTAGSW, WTAGSW or RTAGSW and more triggering agents abound.

The OSELCHAR can bring about many changes in the character. We can upgrade armor, weapons, hats, you name it, but each upgrade requires a lot of hidden behind-the-scenes programming. Continue reading

Portable Portal “Stargating” Makes a Great Mall Kiosk Attraction!!!

Ashram mockup of a typical "See in 3 Dimensions" mall setup.
Ashram mockup of a typical “See in 3 Dimensions” mall setup.

How hard would it be to set up a portable portal in your hometown, and notify the press that your StarGate, set up on a known Vortex Power Point, would be available for viewing from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on such-and-such a date???

Here’s a fantastic way to earn some Bodhisattva Merit!

You walk into a mall and persuade the mall people to let you set up your Portable Portal somewhere in the mall. Of course, viewing is free, and the folks are allowed to take — but are not handed — a flyer about the Atlantean-Society. Continue reading

Have You Missed The Boat???

E.J. Gold Acrylic on Canvas “Red Sky Sun” in the collection of King Hussein & Queen Noor of Jordan.

If you’re reading this, there’s still a chance to jump on board. I’m planning a full-frontal economic surge this spring, just to illustrate how it can be done with no money and just a little of your time. My goal is to raise an unspecified amount of funds — which means I haven’t got a specific target or a specific amount as a money-goal. The money is irrelevant. I’m just doing this to prove it can be done and, if you took the time and spent the energy, YOU could be doing it just as easily as I. Continue reading

5 Work Things You Can Do For Free!!!

If nominated, I shall not run. If elected, I will not serve. — ej gold

Here are FIVE Work Things YOU Can Do For Free!!! None of these will cost you a cent, and they’ll hardly cost you anything in time & effort. Because they’re totally, absolutely cost-free, they offer no opportunity to bullshit about why you aren’t doing them.

  • LIKE — Click the “LIKE” button on the things you like that I’ve published or posted.
  • COMMENT — Just a few seconds of your time to add a short one-sentence or one word comment, such as “cool” or “wow”, would create a lot of wave action, which is to say, “pool-chain-emanations” outward in all directions, just from your simple “additive” action, by posting a short comment. You can have a profound effect with this simple magical operation.
  • SHARE — This is the most important of all, creating an outward wave, actually a psychic “shock wave”, that reaches millions ultimately, but it all starts with you actually clicking the button that says “SHARE” on my postings.
  • SUBSCRIBE — I don’t care whether you subscribe or not, but it helps the ratings and the trendings, which is what gets our message out there, so please, please, please remember to click the button that says “SUBSCRIBE”.
  • GENERATE MEMES — Create some content about our work, which can be as simple as taking one of my pages or comments or one single word or phrase with an attribution, which looks like “– e.j. gold”, or some such, like a sutra, and sticking the text onto your own photo or some image you like, and posting it with the hope that it will get shared out and maybe go viral, so add your name right at the text point. This is beyond the pale for most folks, so if you are totally challenged by sticking a text onto a photo, forget Work Thing #5 and just stick to the first four.

Want some WORK PROJECTS that are FREE and are far more challenging? Contact me on the chat at the ICW or my morning show and I’ll be glad to discuss it with you in open forum, so everyone can benefit, not just one person — gosh, that sounds so awfully socialistic, don’t it? What I mean is, it increases the necessity, and that guarantees a better transmission. Continue reading

Atlantean-Society Membership Sigils

Large Gold Pendant in .999 fine gold is only $3,500.00, so why not order two?

Okay, I’ve done the research, and here’s the breakdown as of Friday’s gold market — the prices listed for .925 solid Sterling Silver, 14 karat filled gold, 18k solid gold, and 24k solid gold are what I have to get paid to send them out. IT TAKES A WEEK TO GET THE GOLD.


  • EARRINGS — .22 gauge — $35.00/pair
  • PENDANT SMALL — .20 gauge — $35.00 each
  • PENDANT LARGE — .14 gauge — $99.00 each


  • EARRINGS — .22 gauge — $35.00/pair
  • PENDANT SMALL — .20 gauge — $35.00 each
  • PENDANT LARGE — .14 gauge — $49.00 each
  • PENDANT X-LARGE — .12 gauge — $69.00 each


  • EARRINGS — .22 gauge — $69.95/pair
  • PENDANT SMALL — .20 gauge — $88.00 each


  • EARRINGS — .20 gauge — $1,250.00/pair
  • PENDANT SMALL — .20 gauge — $650 each
  • PENDANT LARGE — .14 gauge — $3,500.00 each

Those are the prices, based on what I have to pay to make them. As you know, I donate my time and skills to the project, so I don’t get paid for any of my time spent on making jewelry, which is my own choice, hoping the spirit of the thing will someday catch on. Continue reading