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Sorry if you’re a Christian, and you got scared by my previous blog. I was being amusingly speculative, but even had I not been playfully toying with the thought experiment, “What Happened to the Christians?”, it would have nothing to do with YOU.

I guarantee that even if you wore an 8″ solid silver filigree cross vividly displayed and wore a tee shirt that said, “Ask Me About Jesus”, you’d be excluded from that exclusive club. No matter how you try to look, act, sound and smell like them, you’ll always be an outsider.

It’s not about Christianity, it’s about racism and hate groups, and preachers who preach hate. Unfortunately, humans are all-too-ready to be told what to do.

Mindless robots, relentless zombies, egotistical level bosses make a real double-socko combination-punch to the medulla oblongata! Continue reading


Presidential Ban on ALL Video Games!

If you don’t speak up now, you never will get the chance. Soon you will be disallowed from commenting on, or criticizing, Donald Trump. It will be LAW, and you will risk Federal Imprisonment for violating the “Presidential Critics Law of 2017”, if I remember rightly, and there’s no reason to suppose I do.

Like I’ve said before, I failed “Earth History 201”, which is the history of the human species on planet Earth during the 21st and 22nd century, and I’m in this Earth Simulation that you call “Reality”, to find out WHY Donald Trump is called “Trump the Rump”, what is the meaning of “Trumpism”, how did he get into power, and why people hated him so much.

Donald Trump is the first U.S. President to be featured in over 1,000 video games to date, and he is pissed off about it, even though some of them are positive, some even wildly so, with Nazi Storm Troopers at your disposal to wipe out all those inferior races. Continue reading

Get Hooked On Gaming!!!

Get the new Daytime Stalking Kit and get free from the crypt or tomb, only $19.95.


Yeah, instead of apologizing for wasting your time playing games, you ought to cultivate a gaming discipline, for the sake of health and happiness, a discipline in which you dedicate AT LEAST four hours a day to online gaming and the sooner you build it into a CONSCIOUS ADDICTION, the better. Notice that I did not tone it down by saying “Conscious Habit“, but that is of course what I mean — a deeply ingrained and unbreakable habit that one has acquired deliberately and intentionally, and that one has cultivated and deepened over the years. Continue reading

I’m So Not Into That

Sand Dunes at Gorcy Devon, a sketch for Realm of the Dark Ones, to be released soon.

“I hate Medieval times,” you say when offered a place in a Spiritual Rehab Mission, “and I don’t wish for even a split second that I had been born then, because I was, many times, and if you’re able to recollect what it was like, it could be described as daily grind, daily grind, daily grind, get food, cook food, eat food, sleep — only to be awakened suddenly by an invading horde of Others, the Tribe Next Door or one that came in sailing ships to overwhelm and overrun your shores, and furthermore, I don’t like sitting at a computer and wasting my precious personal time playing some silly game.”

You’re trained to find social and personal value in whatever activity you’re offered, and this is no exception. You have to overcome your personal feelings of “LIKE” or “DISLIKE” when accepting a spiritual training, because you can’t trust your personal taste in this area.

Personal taste is like saying, “I don’t like the taste of this medicine. I like cookies and that’s what I’m taking to get better. Yum, cookie.”

Well, so you don’t happen to give two farthings for the goings-on within the game. Big deal. You think I’m spending sleepless nights worrying about Uber Diablos roaming the Earth?

Heck, it’s not just in the virtual world that I don’t really care what happens, nor do I give two shakes which idiot happens to be temporarily in power, who rules whom, and the atrocities and injustices that abound in the virtual world and in the real world are none of my concern, unless I make it my concern, and that right there is the Basic Secret of Life — I’ll explain: Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Special — Video Added at Lunchtime…


Happy Valentine’s Day!!! This is what I’ve been working on intensely, without a single break, all night, since Val delivered the new GODD engine with the RAFT. You’ll note that I’ve bulldozed & plowed pretty much every island in the layout. Some of the higher hills are 30 meters or more. It’s on a shallow inland lake, so if you happen to stumble into the water, you can get right back on land or on the raft without hassle. This is one of several stressbusters I’m working on right now for release with the new RAFT engine. BTW, it is of some note that the raft will also fly like a carpet.

See You At The Top!!!


GoreBagg 99 is Back in Town


My deleted level 99, GoreBagg, is back in business, currently sitting at level 91, after a strong opening two weeks ago. Taking my time leveling, I’m also doing a lot of magic find for the folks coming up the line. We’re running lots of D2 safaris now that it’s very clear that we won’t be using D3 anytime soon. Had we known that Blizzard intended to scrub out any vestige of what made D2 charming, we’d have saved ourselves the trouble of the download and install, but we gave D3 a very fair chance — it was Blizzard that wanted to kill the game, and they managed to succeed eminently well. D3 is dead, long live D2.

See You At The Top!!!


8-Fold Noble Swath


This is the village of Kamantha after the attack by Zorons, led by the evil Lord Xantha. Our journey to rescue the planet Karmapa and rid them of this evil begins here…well, not exactly “here” here, but real close to here. Actually, it begins in the tiny Zon Encampment in the Hills of Exile. The storm broods on the horizon. Fires burn, fear is everywhere. You’re looking at Level II of my latest game dev: “Diabolical 3D”. It lives up to its name. Frankly, I don’t know of any way to win this game. Even the “normal” level is insanely wildly overrun in constant overwhelm. The monsters come in three character classes — “Annoying”, “Really Annoying” and “Goddam it, get the &O%^# away from me!!!”… You’ll be able to download it in various stages of completion; you can collect a complete set! Gotta go now, time for our 4PM music gig on justin.tv/gorebaggtv !!! I can’t help feeling just a little responsible for that huge heap of monster bodies over there by the pool. I know … let’s party!!!

See You At The Top!!! Bring Your Own! I mean it; I’m serious!


Maya the Dance of Illusion


Here’s what I’m working on for release sometime very very soon. This was my first complete 3D game, but was never released, because the technology didn’t allow me to do certain things. Now I can, so here it comes to you in just a few days time. I’ll release it in stages of completion, allowing you to save earlier versions if you like, to see how I develop the levels out. There are a total of 12 levels, seven of them “named levels” with levelups and powerups, and side missions galore. It’s a huge map with lots to explore, and NO straps whatever! It’s all one big map with instant teles ONLY!!!

See You At The Top!!!