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Gorby’s Little Craft Kits

Can you pick me out  in photo? Craft Session at Camp Woodland, August 25, 1955. You can order the book “Downtown Community School” from Gateways Books & Tapes.

Kids had such a transformative experience working with adults in the Craft Classes at Camp Woodland and Downtown Community School under the direction of Norman Studer during the 1950s, and when families worked together on simple craft projects and craft shows, it was like a bunch of gluons had suddenly bonded the family members into a blended and harmonious unity, and that’s exactly what’s needed in this world of pain.

I’m designing an entire LINE of metal-embossing kits, and I’ll tell you why — the new EK cutter is a piece of crap, although it does admittedly do the job, but it does it with four massive crimps in the sides, which eventually will roll out with pressure and persistence, but the additional effort makes the thing too time-expensive for the marketplace.

So I decided to set up a craft supply “factory” where I either make or encourage and teach others to make little circular foil bits for sale to embossers everywhere.

We’re making embossings that can actually be used in jewelry mountings, because our sizes correspond to the mountings without modification. We’re among the very few who make embossings on round foil disks. Continue reading

How to Actually SELL Your Shit

selling bardo challenge coins at gallery
Selling Hand-Carved Bardo Challenge Coins at the Gallery

How to sell your shit…back in the day, I’d never have used the word “shit” in any context, in any company, “mixed” or not, meaning men and women together in the same room, in which case, there were no “dirty” or “blue” stories, jokes, riddles, puns or gags.

These days, we’ve gone so far across the arc on the pendulum of Robot Life that we’re now in a world in which “shit” is GOOD, in fact, it’s the greatest, so I’m calling your Carved Coins “shit” and hoping that you now have a good plan for their production in your home studio.

What is the “shit” you’re trying to peddle, anyway?

It’s a Spirit Coin, a Bardo Challenge Coin, if you will, and it’s a formerly ordinary copper, silver or gold coin that has been carved to show a skull under the skin, usually by an exaggerated set of teeth, a bold jaw, an open eye-socket and a few upper vertebrae, while the pretty part of the face remains intact. The whole is polished and finished, blessed and packaged to sell or ship, but one fact remains, and this is what you’re really here on planet Earth to do:

At the first moment that you show a Bardo Challenge Coin of any kind to anyone, they will receive and feel a powerful shock.

The coin carries with it not only Shakti-Pat as a result of the Blessing, but also sports a stunning visual reminder of one’s mortality, of everyone’s mortality, in the form of a ruler, king, noble, lord or goddess of liberty.

This shock does not spread through the system. It is quantum, and hits the whole body-mind all at once. The effect is astounding, predictable and certain. The subject’s REACTION to that shock will be one of three possible results:

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Do You Have the Power to Make Things Happen?

Cosmo Street Group I 1968
Lana (right photo) & Movements Group One, Cosmo Street 1969.

Do you have the power to make good things happen? Many folks have asked how they can do their Bodhisattva work when they have little money and even less time. I have an answer that will actually help you to increase your income by doing your Bodhisattva work, and I’ll be happy to explain in detail:

You need some SIMPLE ACTION that doesn’t take up too much of your time, doesn’t require a lot of effort, and that will somehow raise your necessity far above your own miserable needs.

You need to find some way to carry out your Bodhisattva work — some action, some activity that will get you into DIRECT CONTACT with those who desperately seek this work and need a trail of bread crumbs laid down for them, which is where YOU come in, O Bornless One.

It’s obvious that you can’t spend the time or energy walking around town trying to talk to every possible candidate for the Work who happens to cross your path. You need some way to get out there without your body, and that’s where this Special Essence Exercise comes in.

The whole idea is to be able to help BigTime without having to lay out a lot of money, and in fact, the action I have in mind can be done with NO money, no investment of anything other than time and energy, of which you have more than you think, and I’m going to try to prove that to you with the Essence Exercise described below: Continue reading

The Internet & Evil

My Aunts Sadie, Molly & Leah were “flappers” back in 1923.


Is the Internet actually evil? No more so than the telephone lines or the equipment that handles millions of calls a minute. The Internet is a virtual Post Office. Nobody can possibly maintain an effective vigil on postal mail and telegram and teletype and messenger-delivered and air-freighted that pass between millions of people at a time, much less the CMT — Casual Message Traffic — that has developed electronically, where someone might write into their facebook or twitter log several dozen times an hour, the equivalent of snail-mail output of hundreds of letters per day to hundreds of friends all over the world, and all that electronic chatter is sent over some kind of wire, whether metal, light-optic fibre, radio, short-wave, wireless transmitter, Atlantic Cable, or somebody pounding on a talking drum.

The mail services around the world do not typically encourage their folks to send porn through the mails, but all over the world, they do, and in other countries besides the United States, they don’t have to send them in “plain brown wrappers” as folks used to do back in the Good Old Days, 1930 to the present time, yet we don’t say that the mail services are responsible for porn.

Scavengers and derelicts and scoundrels abound, but then, they always have. Anyone unfortunate enough to end up a victim of some kind of Fagan, the pickpocket boss from the musical “Oliver”, based on “Oliver Twist”, a famous Dickens novel about a boy who went from pickpocket to millionaire overnight, just by singing instead of talking.

These days, all the wrappings of civilization and the veneer of congeniality have been stripped away. Never mind who’s at fault. People who are badly educated or uneducated have no idea about the world beyond their own skins, and no concept of a world larger than their immediate territory and personal needs.

The United States used to have one of the finest educational systems in the world. Today, it ranks near the bottom, and that includes many undeveloped nations.

Education pays off. Continue reading

Great Response!!!


In town yesterday for the art class — we talked about the cards, how an artist can bring his or her art to the public quite easily and accessibly with fine-art greeting cards that are produced and marketed by the artist himself or herself. There are a variety of ways to sell greeting cards, but the very best is on a table on the street or in a mall. Be ready for a rush! My vintage cards went out the door, and I never intended to sell them. Here’s what happened: Continue reading

Help Needed, and Fast!!!


How would you like to not have to hear me asking you for your help in paying off the land mortgage of $300,000 ever again???

Let me explain the situation: we do not presently own the land, and haven’t been able to own our own land for decades for a dumb and totally unjust rule. Banks don’t lend to nonprofits, period, and that’s across the board everywhere countrywide and maybe even worldwide, because banks don’t want the Scrooge Complex to be laid upon them; they simply don’t want to have to EVER foreclose on a church or synagogue, and that’s the whole reason, nothing to do with law or business practices, just public relations.

Because we have a very good relationship with our bank, and we’ve practiced exceptionally good management over the past 43 years, never ever missing a mortgage payment, we’re being offered a chance to actually own our own property, and without a qualified co-signer (someone earning over $200,000 a year would barely qualify). We are being considered for a loan, but we must bring some money to the table, actually $15,000 in cash, straight up.

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Prosperity Path Gold Claim — Good Spots to Prospect


There are some nice air-breaks and drops in the upper part of this photo, just below the ripples. You’d look for bedrock, of course, but first, you’ll want to find the exact water-break where the floodwater allows the gold to drop straight down through an air pocket. Gold wants to fall first, and will be ahead of all the other heavy minerals, slightly upstream from the sand, where the gravel falls and the heavier metals will be found.

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How to Raise Money for the Ashram

17th Century Rembrandt Harmenz van Rijn etching, St. Jerome in a Dark Chamber

I am not an accountant, never was — failed math miserably — and I do NOT know tax law or what you or someone else might be entitled to. What I say below is a compendium of my best guesses. When it comes to art, that’s when I can say I’m an expert and mean it.

How to raise money for the ashram when you don’t have any money yourself? Easy as pie. Organize a Charity Art Auction. We can offer a broad range of ORIGINAL artwork from Rembrandt to Hockney, and of course we always have a large supply of local artists from our Grass Valley Graphics Group. Artists receive an honorarium — no donations from the already poor enough, thank you — and artwork from vendors are charged against the sale. Donated artwork would be exempt from this deduction off the auction sale price, thusly:

A 17th century Rembrandt which has been offered by a third party vendor at the wholesale price of $4500, which then sold in auction at $7,500, would realize a $3,000 profit to be split equally between the parties per specific agreements made prior to the auction. Keep in mind here that the retail value, the price paid in a gallery, could well be anywhere from $18,500 to $35,000 depending on the prestige of the gallery. Same piece in two different galleries could vary that much in retail price, yes. So the tax-deductable portion, less the actual retail value, for the donor is probably at best around $3,000 in this case.

Now let’s take a case of a large Leroy Neiman, the gallery price-tag is, let’s say, $190,000. No, I’m not kidding. So I would expect a donor to give at least double that in order to fully benefit the charitable intent of the auction, which is NOT to acquire cheap art because it’s a charity auction, but to give generously with the expectation of receiving a “thank you” gift in return.

Most charity auctions only put up junk, because it’s all donated art, which is, generally, junk art. Our auctions feature high-quality art pieces of the very finest degree. All our Blue-Chip Art pieces have pedigrees (called “provenance”, meaning “who owned it before you did”) and are subject to the most rigorous examination.

We ship artwork such as Rembrandts, Van Ostades and Renoirs directly to an IRS appraiser for appraisal and authentication guarantees. By law, we cannot pay for the appraisal, but you must have one anyway, and this is the best time to do that. Trust me, this is the only way to fly with valuable artwork.

I will also be offering Picasso, Chagall, Miro, Matisse and many more ORIGINAL works of art, mostly works on paper, some pencil-signed, some plate-signed. This haute coutoure will of course be peppered freely with Grass Valley Graphics Group and hundreds of donor artists and art donated by collectors.

The auctions will vary; at least one will be black-tie, and I’m hoping that FAXL will play some jazz favorites at the opening before the bidding. As at any Black Tie Auction, I plan to introduce our group of experts in various fields. As you know, David Franco is a graduate of not just book conservation and paper conservation, but of binding methods as well, so he gets to inspect the quality and binding of every rare antiquarian book we put up at auction.

I guess I’m elected as coin expert, and I’ll have a huge selection of Continentals, Early Federal, Lincoln Errors, Gold & Silver and more.

You can expect to see a variety of jewelry items, handmade goods and textiles. As we gather momentum, I’ll include saddle blankets and Tribal Weavings, rare Persian carpets and Tibetan bronzes and wooden masks.

I have a number of experts to help in the area of archaeology, but Claude Needham and I do most of the legwork. We have folks out there who can decipher Cuneiform and other early writing, so most of our work is done for us. We have the fun part, figuring out what in the world it is, and where it might have come from. With antiquities, even being present at the dig, you never know. I have a couple of Roman rings found at Amarna, because 1,300 years later, some Romans happened to stop there to fill their water jugs.

We’ll also have a variety of antiques; if you have some you’d like to donate, that’d be great, but don’t send it just yet, tell me about it first. We have enough backlog of material at the moment, at least in the art department, to last several auctions, but there, I’ve gone and done it…I plumb forgot to tell you how to raise money when you don’t have any.

You need to find a worthy, reliable, genuine and authentic, but most of all deserving, charity nearby. Find someone you can talk to. It’s best if you already know someone at the charity. Talk to them first. Tell them it’s about collab fundraising.

Collab Fundraising is getting more and more common. We often teamed up with Sierra Services for the Blind, Red Cross, 9-11 Fund and many local art services. The way it works best is, we provide the art and we host the live local audience at the tv studio; you provide the audience in your home venue.

Any winning bids from your venue will count for your charity. Winning bids from other venues or from our local bidders will not count for your charity. To win the charity donations, your group has to win the bids.

Your charity might prefer to be the only group bidding. That’s okay, but has to be specially arranged. It costs serious money to stage a live auction, and we can’t do it for two people who want bargain prices. You’ll need to gather at least 50 people who WANT to donate to charity in a fun and lastingly pleasant way.

One thing I can promise you; the audience will get a good dose of art history and a better view of what a work of art is and how it can enhance your life. Imagine the thrill of being able to donate an original Rembrandt to your favorite local museum! Many folks would love to do just that, but don’t know how. I plan to show ’em how to do it.

I have collected pieces and assembled them into important museum-grade collections, and you can do it, too, with a little help from your friends!

See You At The Top!!!