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Greatest Kid’s Gift Ever


No matter how strapping and healthy I might be at age 76, and the issue is still in doubt, but getting better every day — I’m a short-timer on Planet Earth, and I’m not making any long-term personal plans that might involve the 22nd century.

I guess you’d place me in the “Oh, go f*ck yourself” stage of life, meaning that there’s nothing they can do to this country or to the national standards of decency and honesty that has any long-term effect on me, but Hell, that’s been true since the day I took rebirth, and it’s not likely to ever change, not now, not ever.

As for building personal wealth, I’ve had a running battle with government for years on the subject of Voluntary Poverty as a way of life that is accepted, but have not had much luck on that front.

I have no retirement fund, and no plans to build one. No medical insurance, if they take away medicare. I’m shit out of luck on that front. My only concern is that I’m not a burden, and I’ve done what I had to in order for that to happen. I’ve made sure that my personal voluntary poverty will at least do no harm.

Personal Poverty is one thing, cultural poverty quite another, and in this country, culture has gone rapidly downhill toward the days of Ancient Greece, Rome and Sumer, not to mention Babylon. Continue reading

My Chocolate License is HERE!!!

I can now actually ship to just about anywhere a few items from our Haute Cuisine Shop. If I calculate correctly, I’ll be able to produce some amazingly collectible and hilarious food items, plus some dainties that really do measure up to the gourmet standard.

Jack of London Chocoholic Treats, 2 lbs. $59.30 — do not eat in one sitting!

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Can Ship These Gift Baskets Right NOW!!!

Ready or not, here comes Christmas! I’m ready … Are YOU???

Get ready for the Holiday Season right now. You can order a basket right now, today, this very moment. These are all “Gorby’s Choice”, meaning that they are filled with packaged goods that I’d actually have in my own home and on my own table. All the foods are prepared by internationally respected makers, and of course everything is organic and gluten-free and GMO free, sustainable and fair-traded. These items average about $7-$20 apiece, and add up fast in a basket. Name your budget, and I’ll find a way to fill it.

These are all BLESSED KITCHEN ITEMS that came through our Cloister Kitchen just for you. Every single item is handled by me and every basket is packed & sealed by me in our Cloister Kitchen. I do NOT open any of the items. EVERY ITEM COMES TO ME SEALED & PACKAGED. I do not handle or touch any of the foods directly — these are foods of which I approve for our Work Diet, subject to change if the recipe changes. I’ll give notice and bring in a substitution as necessary, but at the moment, all manufacturers on my “great” list are doing a great job of producing clean, honest foodstuffs.

THERAPEUTIC TEAS BASKET — $39.95 to $249.95. Can contain any or all of the following:

  • Cellular Detox
  • Stress Therapy
  • Easy Digest
  • Throat Cozy
  • Simply Detox
  • Energy Boost
  • Rest Assured
  • Breathing Space
  • Mental Focus

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Feed the Higher — What’s Available Right Now for Shipping Today???

Baskets abound at Easter time, but what about the rest of the year???

My LIFE-HACK Prosperity Path Bath Balls are one way of receiving Ashram Blessings and absorbing the higher vibrations into your personal atmosphere, of Feeding the Higher. Feeding the Higher means to give the atrophied and weakened Higher Bodies the nourishment they need. Continue reading

THEY Are Here. Are You Ready For THEM???

All Trail Mixes come in this 11″ long crystal-clear food-safe tube.

If you’re like most humans of Planet Earth, you’ll be waiting currently for news that a UFO has landed on the lawn of the White House, and you’d be right, you don’t have long to wait. The past 100 years has brought us from the Wright Brothers and Alexander Graham Bell and Watt and Edison all the way to outer space and beyond.

There are so many exo-planets outside the Solar System in the star catalog that you’d be hooted off the stage if you insisted that the Earth was the center of the Universe and that God would NEVER make another planet around any other star, and those are NOT suns, nothing LIKE suns — they’re little sparkly lights that Mr. God has placed around the night sky.

They spent trillions of dollars to find the God Particle, and now that they’ve found it, they’re trying to reverse time and create life in the laboratory. Sure, I know it’s already been done back in the 1950s, but what I mean is an actual living body, and soon someone will do it. Continue reading

Fall Lineup for Marketing Ashram Products

Here are the preliminary labels for some of the Ashram products I have in mind for public circulation:


These are just the beginning — I intend to release as much from our Magic Kitchen as I can possibly arrange and figure out how to package and ship them safely. Continue reading

Michele de Paris Secret Recipes For Sale Here!!!

mixedmediasalad copy

Here are our Secret Angels Cuisine Recipes — this is the stuff we make here for ourselves and our guests at workshops, seminars, retreats and healing circles! Each one is handmade (at the moment by me) with a genuine color photo on the front and an insert within, describing the techniques for making what you see on the front of the card.

The cards retail at the 2014 industry standard for handmade Kraft-Cards, which is $6.95. I thought it would be around $3 or so, but heck-darn, I’m living back in the Stone Age, strictly Paleo. Anyhow, that makes the wholesale $3.50 per card & matching envelope.

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SongBirds in Asparagus Sauce…

FOOD - Authentic for ancient RP - Garlic roast chicken x 1

Songbirds were a favorite in the Ancient World, and some folks still eat birds even today… We live and work in Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and Planet Ten by way of the 8th Dimension here at the Ashram, so how about a feast dinner with Nefer-Ah and friends at her newly rebuilt Palace of Exile? Jedrik has the food for the feast already in the oven. Here’s the menu:

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My Life as a Chef


Here I am at the Kung-Fu Natural Foods restaurant that I set up along lines decided by David Carradine; he had to drop out when the studio refused to let him take part. The paintings that month were by Schwaderer and Hirschfeld.

Within one month, Kung-Fu was in the black. Cost to set up, including licenses, inspections, equipment and supplies, $9,000 flat. I couldn’t do the same today for under $150,000.

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