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Using a Gaming Orb to Trigger Magical Effects

Gorby’s Place is a feature on my quantum version of Nikolskaya Street in Moscow.

One of the most unusual of times is that in which computers exist and games are tolerated, which happens all too seldom, what with the wide variety of repressive governments in place all over the galaxy, but at least for the moment, we can make Orbs and you’re allowed to download and install them, although for how long that will be is anybody’s guess.

Of course, “approved” games will always be available, but you won’t want to play them, and besides, my “games” are not really games at all — they merely rely on a gaming engine to deliver them and make them useful to you. Continue reading

I Fart in Your General Direction

Spook watches a fireball manifest in Norton Street demonstration, 1969. All the props courtesy of Universal Studios, except the Mayan Glass Knife from my collection.


You can: paint, draw, sing, act, dance, sculpt, make jewelry, all with the singular purpose of producing balance and harmony between Centrums, Chakras and Meridians, and a profound sense of peace and harmony between yourself and your environment.

It’s NEVER about talent. It’s ALWAYS about giving yourself permission

“I can’t give myself permission,” you tell me.

Well, do you ever give yourself permission to act out negatively? To be angry, sad, depressed, for more than a few seconds? That’s all the time it takes to have an emotional reaction. The rest is reverberation and decay time, and that could, for some unfortunates, take hours, days, weeks, years, maybe never.

La Balance – The Tarot card “BALANCE” illustrates the concept and method of harmonic resonance. The goal of harmonic therapy is to restore the natural balance of sounds inherent in a blended whole, to restore the whole note from the resultant fragmentaries.

It’s easy to manifest thought-forms and prayer-forms if you can concentrate AND FOCUS your Higher-Being Attention.


Invite a group of friends to gather in order to experiment with the TC-Helicon H1 Intelligent Harmonizer, working to creating notes and harmonies along the TONE SCALE of OBJECTIVE WAVELENGTHS with the object of obtaining harmonization and defining the range of each individual’s voice at this time, before stretching and flexing the vocal muscles.

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What Ring Shall I Make or Buy???

First of all, “to make” or “to buy” — let us consider the facts in the case, Watson:

  • You might find a ring already-made in my collection, in which case, you can decide whether you want to pay my price or make your own for far less, with materials that I can provide, giving you every single piece you need to assemble the finished article.
  • You might have found an already-made ring in my collection and the stone can’t be duplicated. In this case, you’re stuck with one of only two options — buy it or don’t.
  • You might have found a stone in my large collection of ancient stones, one that’s perfect for your work-needs. In this case, you need only the ring-shank, the .20 gauge wrapping wire, the spacer side-beads and the stone itself to make your very own magical tool.

Here are some of the uses to which the various types of stones can  be put:

ATLANTIS — Stones designated as “Atlantis” or “Atlantean” are thus described regarding their approximate date of manufacture, but in this case dating back to at least 8,400 B.C.E., which is to say, before the Second Great Flood, the one recorded as the story of Noah in the Old Testament.

Many of my most ancient man-made beads date from around 12,600 B.C.E. and can be used to access the following:

  • Atlantean Lifetimes Access
  • Akashic Records Access & Recovery
  • Atlantean Healing Stone Access
  • Afterlife Access
  • Between-Lives World Access
  • Interdimensional Access
  • Underworld Access
  • Deep Levels of Subconscious Access
  • MetaProgramming Access
  • Gods & Goddesses
  • Osiris Orion Sirius B Connection
  • StarGates, Portals & Shrine Access Points

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What is a Healing Mandala?

Selfie at Atlantis Central Zoo & Observatory, 2016.
Selfie at Atlantis Central Zoo & Observatory, Friday, July 8, 2016, 3:46 A.M.

Before I discuss the Healing Mandala, I’d like to point out that, if you’re planning on entering the spiritual game-field of metal embossing sigils, talismans, pendants, rings, pins, headbands, belts, bolo ties and pocket medallions, you will definitely appreciate knowing the following little factoid:

The 24k solid gold disk at 1.4 grams — which is the ideal weight for the small piece, to allow a reasonable retail price-point — when hammered out with a bit of body still left on it, won’t typically fit on the pin-vise without serious compensation and special mountings.

It’s a total pain in the bazonga to try to carve, even if you do manage somehow to put it into a metal harness, because the retaining pins will block your engraving tool and your fingers, making it nearly impossible to complete any cut into the top surface.

However, a 24k solid gold FOIL disk, which is rolled out, not hammered out, can be easily embossed without mounting on a vise — no vise needed for the foil, and the foil could well be an aluminum craft foil, or solid gold foil. Use your fingers to hold onto it.

Your embossing tool can be controlled with one hand, while the engraving tool simply can’t be. You need your other hand to stop the forward movement of the tool, and to guide it onto the target curve or line or gouge.

Funny thing is, once the gold foil or heavier gold slab is inside the bezel and the protective quartz-glass crystals are in place, you can’t tell whether it’s foil or a thicker beaten-out gold disk. Unless you take the locket apart, the foil gold and the heavier “token” weight gold disk, when viewed inside the locket, look exactly the same. Continue reading

Brains in Giant Glassite Domes as Helpers

Angelic Healing Contact Glassite Dome.
Open up the channels with this Angelic Healing Contact Glassite Dome.

ANGELIC HEALING CONTACT DOME — Ever think of employing a couple of Living Stones as interdimensional contact helpers? Care & Feeding are minimal and the rewards are great and lasting. Here’s a partial list of Angelic Contact Living Stones in Glassite Domes, starting with the one pictured above, the Angelic HEALING Contact Dome, which features black tourmaline and tuned frequency Atlantean Sigil Waveform, plus the pass-through knob glassite dome on a router-grooved solid hardwood walnut base, for $450.00. Continue reading

What Secrets Did the Ancients Possess?

Clay Seal Stamp dated 1354 B.C. mentions the Triad in Register III — “MEM TA NEF”.

What Secrets did the Ancients possess? Quite a few that have yet to be rediscovered, but people are always rediscovering things they have forgotten how to do, how to make and how to use.

CULTURAL AMNESIA happens every time a large and imposing empire collapses from its own massive weight. Cultural Amnesia is the result of a Dark Age, an age of darkness, when the advances of the previous civilization have worn off and are no longer part of daily life.

Was there an Atlantis?

Yes, of course there was, although “Atlantis” in the Platonic sense is a combination of at least three civilizations from the long-distant past, in human reckoning. I have items from about 30,000 B.C. and they show clearly that technology was very much a part of ancient life as far back as 100,000 B.C. when they flew airplanes and dropped hydrogen bombs on each other, just as they do today.

People before Homo Sap were pretty smart, too, and then there were a surviving race of lizard men, Sauroman, that were encountered infrequently by humanoids. Also on Earth are a new breed of robot that’s being tested by the Grey II researchers on Mount … oops, almost threw that one away, but I’m careful to not violate the Prime Directive. I can give hints, but not actual data.

What I mean is, “somewhere at some undisclosed location”, don’t I??? Yes, of course. Let’s start that over … Somewhere, at some undisclosed location, there’s a Grey II research lab that uses human enzymes for various purposes. Hybrids are easier to make than metals, plastics are organic science, and flesh is so damned vulnerable to accident and illness.

Robots are the dominant higher life form just about everywhere. It takes several thousand years of civilization past the warring states stage to develop anything like Distortion Bubble InterSpace and InterDimensional Travel, as have so many civilizations before and after humans. Continue reading

When is the Release Date for “The Portal Game”???


Cover illio for The Portal Game, which teaches how to use Ancient Triads.

Portal Keys are the main use of Triads in the game, although Healing and Higher Contact are the actual intentional uses of this ancient instrument that was introduced into the life of humans of Planet Earth sometime around 30,000 B.C. during one of the earlier civilizations, which has been long submerged under the sea.

Atlantis? Possibly, but there were thousands of city-states that were destroyed in several massive catastrophic sea-level risings, a repetitive event on Earth that is soon to be repeated in our time. What happens is that the seacoast disappears underwater when the ice caps melt, which they’ve been doing for the past 65,000 years, by my clock.

Don’t let that divert you from your Essence Quest, to find and learn to use the ten Triads of the Ancients, somewhere in the wilderness — that’s the first Triad, but there are nine more, and you’ll have to explore and traverse ten different worlds to find all the Triads you’ll be carrying and using from now on. Continue reading

Portals, Gateways & Stargates, a Holiday Workshop

Third Eye Empowerment makes it easy to receive Higher Spirit Communications.

One of the primary uses of any ancient ceremony or ritual item was to provide direct contact with a higher intelligence, celestial being, star-being, angelic power, diety or intercessor between them and God for the purpose of getting what they wanted. The list included:

  • WATER — All civilizations are centered on water. Anywhere that people settle has to have some source of water, some source of salt, and a feeling of general safety and good security from invasion or tribal raids.
  • FOOD — Good harvest, fine crops, plentiful and bountiful, lots of good things to eat, drink and savor, including the occasional treat, the nature of which varies from civilization to civilization and from culture to culture.
  • DRINK — Birds and small furry woodland creatures will flock to a crop of fermented fruits and other vegetable matter, because fermentation means alcohol, and alcohol means drunk. The sight of predators gobbling up drunken pigeons comes immediately to mind. Any ancient or medieval person who was able to make a pint of beer that didn’t cause immediate organic rejection and expulsion could become very rich, very famous and very powerful, the vague and impotent wish of almost all humans.
  • SHELTER — Having a roof over your head wasn’t always considered a fait accompli. Homeless meant something far more deadly and far more dangerous than it is today, and today it’s deadly enough. Caves were fine if you didn’t want to eat and had an affinity for silence and the great outdoors. A house means something in which to find refuge from the violence of the outside world, but it also means a place to defend, because in the ancient and recent past, there were no civilian police, only soldiers and, under those circumstances, you couldn’t expect your home to be defended by anyone else not in your direct pay or a member of your family. Leaving home for any length of time and expecting to return to an intact structure upon returning was dependent upon the guards you left in the house.
  • SECURITY — Every settlement had to have its own army, and quite often a small army was composed of nothing but cousins, brothers, sisters and other family members. As a matter of fact, family groups were the government of the time for most people in the ancient world. You could expect to wake up in the middle of the night anytime during your life, to discover that your settlement or encampment was under attack.
  • SEX — Actually, sex is a major driving force in all civilizations, but it’s used differently and viewed differently from one culture to the next. Sex is considered quite apart from childbearing and family, for reasons that anyone reading the Kinsey Report can easily determine.
  • FAMILY — Every human has the idea of achieving immortality through progeny, and for a few years, it does seem to work, but given the enormity of history, even a few dozen years are enough to wipe out the memory of even the most important human beings, with the exception of the insane criminals who occasionally decide to rule the Earth by conquest. Fertility and Fecundity are the essential ingredients here — does the female have the stamina to produce many healthy children? Does the male have the stamina to provide for them and protect them?
  • SPIRITUAL CONTACT — Without Spiritual Contact, people would be lost little robots. They need contact to reaffirm the spiritual path, to reassure themselves that they are connected to the Higher Powers.
  • ENLIGHTENMENT — Not a popular goal, but one worthy of mentioning in brief. It helps to get a better spiritual perspective if you clearly understand how the universe was made, what it really is about, and what it’s designed to accomplish.
  • WELLNESS — Without health, what have you got? Imagine yourself to be the King or Queen of the Planet, with all the riches and fame and glory and thousands of workers all dedicated to your comfort and safety, and then in the end, you die in spite of all that stuff. Wellness is important and can be achieved or improved by the use of powered prayer.

All of these important human goals match the goals set by the Universal Constant, Blessed Be Her Name, but there are other less clear goals, and all of this is predicated upon the understanding that direct contact with the Higher is not only possible, but the method by which DIRECT contact can be made is well-known and easily mastered, once begun. Continue reading

Ancient Triad Reconstructions Offers

In response to many requests, I’ve posted the photos that Dokk took of the GENUINE ANCIENT Carnelian and Cobalt GlassTriads that are offered for sale. The Triads listed below are categorically each $450. Some of them, I’m very aware, are worth far more than that, but to save confusion, I’ve priced them all the same and no, I won’t tell you which ones are the more valuable, because it’s not about value, it’s about bonding with a quantum instrument, like bonding with a didge, guitar or harp. It’s a feeling thing, not a calculation.

All the Triad reconstructions below were made using strictly Paleo jewelry crafting techniques — pliers, blowpipe, charcoal block, small hammer, cutter & fingers — those are the tools I use to create these reconstructions of ancient Triads. Everything is made by hand, every move and every technical application is by hand, no machines, except for the drawing of the wire, which was accomplished with draw plates rather than hammering.

I hereby assert and LIFETIME guarantee the utter authenticity of every antiquity listed below, and assure the utmost quality and care in the rebuilding of these incredibly beautiful and useful ancient devices.

Ancient Carnelian Triad rebuilt with modern copper wire & findings.

You’ll note that the copper windings are tight, very tight. The hedgehog spacer beads are very spiky and wonderfully active quantumly speaking. The ends of each core wire are bent into loops, making “Induction Rings”, an important aspect of any quantum device. Continue reading

Ancient Triad Reconstructions & Modern Triad Reproductions of Ancient Triads


CLASSIC Modern Atlantean Machine Triad with solid 24k gold focusing discs come in a beautiful genuine blue velvet gift box.

The CLASSIC Triad is made with Normal Blue Mermaid EMO color-changing beads for the focus points, Floral EMO Tubes and solid handmade pure copper HEDGEHOG beads, formed on a solid .16 gauge pure copper CORE wire, joined at the corners to form a powerful triangular focusing device used by the ancients in almost every early civilization.

This reconstructed Triad features Ancient Cobalt Glass & solid Electrum Gold Beads. Electrum is a natural amalgam of gold with some silver, in this case about .850 fine.

While they were used mostly for healing, the ancients had other purposes to which they put the Triad and other Atlantean Machines. The solid gold discs are hand-artisaned with the Atlantean symbol, and are used in the acrylic capsules for focusing the particle beam from the Triad to the target area.

In ancient times, gold coins were used, and genuine ancient gold coins from about 450 B.C. are available for about $4,000 apiece — you’ll need three of them to begin with. Ancient gold coins are so expensive that it’s just not worth it. The sold 24k gold discs I make are inexpensive and contain enough gold in them to interact with the energy beam. Continue reading