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What Ring Shall I Make or Buy???

First of all, “to make” or “to buy” — let us consider the facts in the case, Watson:

  • You might find a ring already-made in my collection, in which case, you can decide whether you want to pay my price or make your own for far less, with materials that I can provide, giving you every single piece you need to assemble the finished article.
  • You might have found an already-made ring in my collection and the stone can’t be duplicated. In this case, you’re stuck with one of only two options — buy it or don’t.
  • You might have found a stone in my large collection of ancient stones, one that’s perfect for your work-needs. In this case, you need only the ring-shank, the .20 gauge wrapping wire, the spacer side-beads and the stone itself to make your very own magical tool.

Here are some of the uses to which the various types of stones can  be put:

ATLANTIS — Stones designated as “Atlantis” or “Atlantean” are thus described regarding their approximate date of manufacture, but in this case dating back to at least 8,400 B.C.E., which is to say, before the Second Great Flood, the one recorded as the story of Noah in the Old Testament.

Many of my most ancient man-made beads date from around 12,600 B.C.E. and can be used to access the following:

  • Atlantean Lifetimes Access
  • Akashic Records Access & Recovery
  • Atlantean Healing Stone Access
  • Afterlife Access
  • Between-Lives World Access
  • Interdimensional Access
  • Underworld Access
  • Deep Levels of Subconscious Access
  • MetaProgramming Access
  • Gods & Goddesses
  • Osiris Orion Sirius B Connection
  • StarGates, Portals & Shrine Access Points

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Gorby’s Little Craft Kits

Can you pick me out  in photo? Craft Session at Camp Woodland, August 25, 1955. You can order the book “Downtown Community School” from Gateways Books & Tapes.

Kids had such a transformative experience working with adults in the Craft Classes at Camp Woodland and Downtown Community School under the direction of Norman Studer during the 1950s, and when families worked together on simple craft projects and craft shows, it was like a bunch of gluons had suddenly bonded the family members into a blended and harmonious unity, and that’s exactly what’s needed in this world of pain.

I’m designing an entire LINE of metal-embossing kits, and I’ll tell you why — the new EK cutter is a piece of crap, although it does admittedly do the job, but it does it with four massive crimps in the sides, which eventually will roll out with pressure and persistence, but the additional effort makes the thing too time-expensive for the marketplace.

So I decided to set up a craft supply “factory” where I either make or encourage and teach others to make little circular foil bits for sale to embossers everywhere.

We’re making embossings that can actually be used in jewelry mountings, because our sizes correspond to the mountings without modification. We’re among the very few who make embossings on round foil disks. Continue reading

Incredible New Discovery — Radio Crystal EMO WaveForm Charms

Plowing a field into furrows, waveforms on the surface of a coherent polyhedron.

Yes, you read it right — radio crystal EMO WaveForm charms — and furthermore, I meant every word of it. I’ve been on the jewelry bench from about midnight, trying to work out the frequencies of my new radio crystal EMO charms, and damned if they don’t come out right on the money, at a high harmonic of the long low wave at 7.6 hz frequency.

Standing Waves are important to you, even if you never heard of them before, and what’s more, propelling and mutating waveforms and passing waves and waveforms in general are also vital for your work life. Waveforms are easy to understand, and there are plenty of experiments you can conduct personally for your own edification, so that you can finally understand what they are and how they can be used for your work on self. Continue reading

How to Use Movements for Healing

As outlined in Angel’s Healing Journey, Gateways Books 1997, various angels can be invoked for assistance with the Human Biological Machine. Consult Angel’s Healing Journey for specifics.

Exactly how to invoke the help of those angels is the subject of this little essay.

Make certain your space is clean and clear, then begin as follows: Continue reading

Trained Basilisk For Sale


dragon breeding center sunset boulevard 1967
Dragon, Basilisk, Cockatrice, Familiar & Elemental Spirit Breeding Center, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood circa 1967

“Psst….Wanna buy a trained Basilisk, cheap?” you hear the whispered voice from the darkest part of the already pretty darned dark alley.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” you reply, “where would I keep a trained Basilisk in a two bedroom two and a half bath apartment?”

“How about two for the price of one?” the mysterious seller prompts hopefully.

“Hey, now you’re talking,” you nod happily. “I have only one question… What’s a trained Basilisk?”

Funny you should ask, because that’s the very thing I wanted to blog about today. Trained Basilisks for sale.

Sure, anyone can have a Basilisk — they’re not uncommon. But a TRAINED Basilisk is something else altogether. Hmmmm….. I wonder what it takes to train a Basilisk, whatever the heck a Basilisk is…so what is a Basilisk, anyway?

If we go to the Source of All Human Knowledge, which these days happens to be wikipedia, a collection of opinions expressed as encyclopedic fact, we find that no one seems to know what exactly is a Basilisk, anyway.

That’s all to the good, because we don’t want a bunch of trained Basilisks running amok and raising Hell everywhere, do we? Especially if we don’t know what they are, what they look like, or what they do, right?

And in point of fact, it doesn’t really matter what they look like. You see one, you’ve seen them all.

Except that they all look different.

When I read this back to myself, it doesn’t sound very educational or informative. Gosh, I really want to try to explain this, so hang on, be patient. That is the essence of Basilisk Training, anyway. Patience is not merely a virtue; it’s the only important one.

I guess the best way to explain the Basilisk is that it serves as a guardian to your Altar Space and/or Work Laboratory, and has two other definitely useful attributes, to wit:

1.   It can serve as a portal or gateway to XDA entities that might be interested in helping you. XDA Entities are Xtra Dimensional Allies, known to shaman as “totems”, to priests as “Holy Guardian Angels” and to many other cultures as “helpers” or “spirits from beyond”. All are accurate descriptions of a local population trying to explain their experiences with Extra-Dimensional Voyagers.

2.   The Basilisk can serve as a teacher/guide, in much the same way that Yoda teaches young Luke how to understand the Force and become a Jedi Knight.

The Basilisk is not the stuff of which movies are made, but there are some important Hollywood references here:

The Raven — Vincent Price version with Jack Nicholson — try to find the restored color and sound DVD release.

Bell, Book & Candle — Kim Novak — excellent for an understanding of the Familiar.

“Catspaw” — Star Trek Episode #30 written by Robert Bloch and directed by my friend Joe Pevney, based on Bob’s short story, “Broomstick Ride”.

I suppose I should mention that something vaguely resembling the concept of the Basilisk was used in Harry Potter films, sigh. Don’t use anything from that fantasy series as a basis for understanding anything actually real. There are plenty of Hollywood references to Basilisks and other Familiars, Allies and Contacts.

What does it take to train a Basilisk?

Years and years of experience handling them and working with the entities that control them and manifest through them, in much the same way that you would manifest through an avatar in the Ashram.

How much is the Basilisk?

The price is irrelevant. You don’t have the knowledge to care for one yet, and you don’t appreciate the training. When you do, you’ll be worthy and capable of caring for and working with a Basilisk. End of Line.

See You At The Top!!!









Michele de Paris Secret Recipes For Sale Here!!!

mixedmediasalad copy

Here are our Secret Angels Cuisine Recipes — this is the stuff we make here for ourselves and our guests at workshops, seminars, retreats and healing circles! Each one is handmade (at the moment by me) with a genuine color photo on the front and an insert within, describing the techniques for making what you see on the front of the card.

The cards retail at the 2014 industry standard for handmade Kraft-Cards, which is $6.95. I thought it would be around $3 or so, but heck-darn, I’m living back in the Stone Age, strictly Paleo. Anyhow, that makes the wholesale $3.50 per card & matching envelope.

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Ultimate Virtual Experience Angelic Guardians


I thought about it a lot…we now have an engine that will allow you to decorate/design your own game level. Well, there are a lot of “building” games out there at the moment, so that wouldn’t make it stand out in any way from the rest, but one thing might; a magical event that takes place in the orb and is activated and brought about by you. I’ll be discussing it on this morning’s ICW, but basically, you carry angels to their niches, thus activating them. Each angel is named. You find the correct niche and place the angel there. There are a few more things to it, but that’s the basic structure of the “game”. Actually, you’re assembling several choirs of angels into a matrix formation within a giant 3D Tree of Life.

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Good Angels, Bad Angels


I’ve installed a PC on Norton Street. It’s equipped with a 17″ monitor and Creative speaker Bass Reflex system, along with a logitech 3 button mouse that will literally last forever. As you see, there’s also a set of crystals plugged into an experimental Model 7 SuperBeacon “Beamer”. You’ll also note a Matrix on the left wing of the desk, a bronze Buddha and ceramic candleholder on the right, and two new bookshelves offering entry into hundreds more Orbs than before, actually 1100 of them, newly made here on Urth this time around.

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Fall Lineup

Here’s the Fall Lineup of Prosperity Path Orbs on my workbench at the moment:

“Bless Me”, which is a romp through the world of Angelic Blessings; “Self-Esteem” is about what you’d think it was about — low self-esteem and what to do to shake it off; “Shame” is about all that shame and blame you took as a youngster and might still be taking now; “Angels” is a carefully constructed series of Angelic Calls and Encounters with Angels; I’m also constructing concepts for “Get Well Soon”, sort of a 3-D greeting card you can send to a friend. For those with no friends, “Friend Me” might prove useful, and for those who not only don’t have many friends but whose home or workplace is a constant battlefield, perhaps “Conflict” might be helpful there. I’m always open to suggestions on goals, purposes and problems that might work as a Remedy Orb. If I use your suggestion, you get a prize — not sure what, perhaps something from our Rewards Page, we’ll see how it works out.