Higher Help From Higher Helpers

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If you’re in trouble or you know someone who’s in trouble, this is a surefire answer — Angelic Helpers are standing by, ready to help YOU out of a jam!

Is there a catch?


Here are some samples of just A FEW of the varieties of Higher Help you can get from Higher Helpers. It all works by Harmonic Resonance.

These items are RESONATORS, not GENERATORS. There has to be an “original” thing with which these personal, household and office products resonate and connect in a form of quantum entanglement called “Binding”, a term and technique which is today echoed in the quantum physics labs all over the planet.

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Harmonic Resonance is the Key to many subtle quantum-world operations, but remember that it isn’t the Apparency, it’s the Reality.

Oftentimes what we THINK we see seems to be the cause, seems to explain things quite well, but when you try to MOVE those things around with Apparencies, you get caught up in no-contact, no collision experiences.

In short, all your attempts to influence reality seems to fail.

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This is because you cannot exercise effort on an Apparency — sure, you can change the animation, alter the movement and rotate the axis, but nothing happens, because you are not reaching the Reality, just the screenshot image, and that has no effect on the Real World.

What DOES have an effect on the Real World is action in the GRID — “Shaking the Cage” is literally what you do, causing a ripple all the way up and down the line, instantaneously transmitted far faster than the speed of light, which is why telepathy and quantum entanglement work.

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Frankly, I couldn’t do any of this without quantum entanglement. It allows so many subtle operations, things that look perfectly ordinary, but aren’t, and that’d be something like YOU winning the lottery or suddenly finding a box or bag of treasures.

That’s the kind of thing you need in times like this.

Ordinary hard work doesn’t pay more than enough to barely keep you and your family alive, and the weekends and short vacation in your backyard are no compensation for the other 52 weeks of total misery.

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There are literally a host of angels up there waiting to help, and all you have to do is ask.

There’s even a way to use these items in your Bodhisattva Project. Look CAREFULLY, item by item, without hurrying to “get through it”, with the idea in mind that you might send something easily affordable to someone interesting.

What I mean is, I can imagine Rachel Maddow sitting there with a “Crime Pays” Trump mug on her broadcast desk at CSNBC.

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I could care less if she mentions it on the air or promotes it in any way. That’s not the point. The point magically is that it’s sitting there DOING ITS JOB.

These items are manifestations of the One.

Get them out there and let them do their subtle work among humans of Planet Earth. They carry powerful Peace and Harmony Vibes, and enough of them around the world could actually bring about some semblance of World Peace, at least temporarily, until my UFO fleet arrives to save the planet from these biped lemmings.

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The whole idea of these “Items of Daily Use” is that they ARE “of daily use”, meaning that they are items that you could well use during any given day or night, and thus they are easy reminders of work, and “helpers” in the sense that they provide quantum contact with the origins of the higher forces engendered by these “Higher Helper” products I’m offering on CafePress and other sites.

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There are so many different ways to utilize these items that you’ll be all day figuring out the ways in which they can work for you, but the more important question is, “what can they do for OTHERS???”.

This is the kind of question you have to be asking in order to gain the Merit you need to pass to the Next Level.

How can these items be used for the benefit of all beings everywhere?

Good question. Let’s examine a few more items here, and perhaps in their consideration, you will find an obvious answer. In general, you’ll find the answer to any well-formulated question right there — in the question itself.

Just try to tell that to a robot.

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Maybe it’s too obvious, but the potholder is part of any daily tasking around just about any non-city dweller’s house, and can serve as a close ally in the fight to maintain the integrity of your home.

Potholders don’t typically find their way into the office environment unless you’re really into that hot coffee in the morning, but other things do. I could pick any of a dozen items, but here’s just one:

Sky Angel Drinking Glass ONLY $21.99 — actual glass, not plastic!

I don’t know what kind of office YOU work in, but in my office, I have glass drinking glasses out of which I happily can remain hydrated, and you can, too, with this great protective angelic help right there on your workspace desk.

Of course, if it’s filled with Glenfiddich Scotch Whisky or some other gateway drug, you’re on your own, going forward at the end of the day.

You might not give it a second thought, but here are some factoids that might throw it over the top in favor of ordering one or two for yourself and a friend —


  • Made of durable lead free glass, this drinking glass has a classic feel, holds 16 US fluid ounces & is a staple pint glass for your barware or man cave
  • Beer glass designs are professionally printed & appear semi-translucent on the glass, so your design will make anyone smile with funny, vintage, or expressive artwork
  • Make this glassware the perfect party favor or gift for housewarming, Father’s Day, Christmas, or birthday
  • Dishwasher safe for convenient use, optional hand wash to preserve design
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Oh, there are LOTS of ways to interact with Higher Help, and these are just a very few of them.

You can apply these items to all manner of situations and circumstances, and you will surely find new and exciting and inventive ways to use them in your daily life, and in the daily lives of others, because ultimately, it’s the lives of others that you can influence toward the good, just by sending out a few of these items to friends, family and business associates.

I’ll leave it to you to inquire further, to seek out more information and a deeper understanding of the process indicated herein.

Sure, it’s “magic”, pure & simple, but today’s magic is tomorrow’s science.

See You At The Top!!!