Oy, Another Day of White House Misery!!!

It’s summer workshop time again, and the Labor Day Convention is up ahead!

Forget what’s happening or not happening in Washington. It will all settle out in a horrible way, you can rest assured, as long as the primitives are beating their chests and brandishing their spears at each other.


You will soon see the end of the totally demoralized and splintered Democratic Party in favor of “no party at all”, and soon after that, the Two-Party System will be a thing of the past, along with more than one candidate for “President for Life”, which marks the beginning of the Trump Dynasty in the Age of Trump.

Like I said so many times before –forget about it, the most they can do is kill you.

You’ve been dead before, and here you are to tell the tale. So what? Big deal. Let the bastards have their way, but DON’T LET THEM BASTARDS GRIND YOU DOWN!

In Latin, that comes out: “Illegitimati non-Carborundum”.

The Christian Right is just as violent, just as bloodthirsty, just as crazy, as the Radical Left. They’re both nuts, they’re both equally politically radicalized and both equally rejective of compromise and friendship with opposing ideas.

Frankly, they both belong in the shit-sack together to fight it out like the crazed pendajos that they truly are, until there’s nothing left but the duck-ass feathers that fill their heads.

Sure, they might come to get me for speaking up, but they will DEFINITELY come to get YOU if I DON’T.

Frankly, having lived billions of lifetimes, and that’s just recently, I don’t give a flying fig what happens to me, and with the proper training, you could learn to tell them to screw off without feeling the fear that comes from being ruthlessly exterminated.

Hell, if you’re going to be hanged as a horse-thief, might as well have the horse, so I figure I’ll raise some money for my healing centers while I’m still walking around as if we’re still living in a free country.

If you happen to live in California, the Home of the Jerry Brown Resistance, which I call “The Great California Rebellion”, you have no problem — it will soon have universal health coverage, mostly because it’s the sixth largest economy in the entire world, which is why Jerry Brown was negotiating with President Xi of China and other world leaders, instead of what’s his name.

Hell, people have been trying for decades to get California to secede from the Union, and along with Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Nevada, we may well see that happen as a direct result of Donald J. Trump.

The “J.” stands for “Pendejo”, if you didn’t know. I have all sorts of historical data exactly like that, which I’m bringing back with me to the 37th century. Well, actually, I’m burying it in a secret cache so I can dig it out again when I get out of the SIM.

Meanwhile, I’m hanging out in the History SIM here in the 21st century sector, happily creating new and fun and usable products on CafePress and watching the proceedings with relish — and just a touch of Grey Poupon Mustard.

I don’t drive a Rolls-Royce, so I tend to not carry Grey Poupon Mustard around in the back seat, but I almost always have a pretty good selection of little plastic packets left over from the 128-Piece Bucket O’Chicken or the binge at Starbuck’s.

I, of course, am joking. My diet is very strict, and as a matter of fact, I’m planning to introduce it as a work diet that you might choose to follow — it’s pretty much following the regulations related to “Kosher”, but with some important differences, not the least of which is that it’s not necessary to have two kitchens in your house, which you would have to do if you kept strictly Kosher, like my Aunt Greta.

I happen to do well in a Kosher household, but I do equally well in a Quaker home, in which I lived when I was a member of the Farm Cadets back in the day.

You can find some interesting commentaries on the insane workings of Washington in the writings of Mark Twain back in the 1880s. Nothing has changed.

Trump is by far not the first insane leader to sit in the White House. I could name a few real zingers, not the least of which were Franklin Delano Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and as every student of history knows, Jefferson and Lincoln.

Yeah, they were nuts. But they didn’t disgrace the OFFICE, as Trump has done. That’s gotta hurt, and it’s the kind of thing that will stick in the history books — Trump made fools of his Republican followers.

It’s best you find something constructive to do while the morons in Washington tear down the entire Democratic System and all that that entails.

In short, when they’re finished burning the Constitution in the Rotunda of the Capitol building, and we watch that grim event on live television, the only news and media stations you’ll see are those that can be guaranteed to be “truth”, and of course, that’d be the United States Media, a government department, what else?

Hey, lookit, Trump is “considering firing Mueller”.

Everyone around him is having a meltdown trying to explain to him that not only is that the most self-destructive thing he can do right now, but that it will do no good. The investigation will continue, and eventually, he will be exposed as what he called Hillary — “a crook”.

Crooked Donald? More than crooked — he’s had people killed, and I can prove it.

As a matter of fact, I have enough information to gather evidence enough to convict him several times over, but I don’t use my Remote Viewing skills for that sort of local political nonsense.

Local politics are SOOOO boring.

Like I said, you’d do well to ignore the whole deal, but on the other hand, you can be sure the Great Mother is watching, up there on Norton Street.

She loves the drama, but of course, she’s also into Victorian Novels and Mysteries.

If we can get some new “on the ground” footage, like we had every day in Viet Nam, she’d be just thrilled, and the prospect of a nuclear holocaust drives her into paroxysms of laughter, because all that misery is self-created.

The REASON for the existence of the Universe is quite simple, easily observable if you have a clear understanding and grasp of the events unfolding in Washington and New York City.

You can’t make this shit up.

No, I mean it. You can’t straight-line extrapolate this stuff from anything you might imagine. It can’t be crafted up by the wildest, zaniest comedy mentality in the entire cosmos.

You can’t write stuff like this. It unfolds as a result of the intermixture of zillions of mutually interactive things, like humans, every single one of which has a different and quite unique agenda, mostly comprised of some immediate form of self-gratification.

But I tell you nothing new.

As the drama unfolds, consider the joy that these automatically but quite unpredictably unfolding events bring joy to the Beings on High, who are amused beyond my wildest hopes.

Yes, Virginia, there really is a “Mount Olympus”, if by that you mean a group of kids assembled just outside the History SIM in the History Department of More Science High, here in the 37th century, in actual Real Time, just like it’s happening right now as the clock is ticking in San Dimas.

Never forget that.

Well, if you happen to forget it once in a while, it’s okay. You might try some of the items in the latest offerings I’ve put up on CafePress, notably the items related to the Akashic Records in Prosperity Path and no, I’m not going to furnish a hot link for that today.

As a matter of fact, I have to cut this short — I’m late for breakfast and the morning show, must dash.

See You At The Top!!!