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Oy, Another Day of White House Misery!!!

It’s summer workshop time again, and the Labor Day Convention is up ahead!

Forget what’s happening or not happening in Washington. It will all settle out in a horrible way, you can rest assured, as long as the primitives are beating their chests and brandishing their spears at each other.


You will soon see the end of the totally demoralized and splintered Democratic Party in favor of “no party at all”, and soon after that, the Two-Party System will be a thing of the past, along with more than one candidate for “President for Life”, which marks the beginning of the Trump Dynasty in the Age of Trump.

Like I said so many times before –forget about it, the most they can do is kill you. Continue reading

Robert Farren’s Birds of Aristophanes


This is just one of the very large etching plates in this exquisitely rare book. The artist drew from life, a presentation of the play from November 27 through December 1, 1883. Farren lived at Cambridge but moved to Scarborough for his health, in 1889. The costumed players were all members of Cambridge University Classic Arts Department. There is no other intact copy known. Most were plundered for these incredible etchings. The price is very reasonable — $1850 cash, no credit. This came originally from Hacker Books in NYC and is among the rarest 19th century books known. Not an easy book to sell, this is very, very esoteric — but someone at Cambridge might be interested in acquiring it, eh?

See You At The Top!!!