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When All Else Fails, Use Magic!!!`

You can see pickups as I’m starting to build the wall boxes on the main floor base.

Feeling helpless and in despair? Is Trump too much for you? Would you like to shut him up, or at least get him to stop lying, cheating and back-stabbing the public?

Great idea, but hard to actually accomplish, especially face-to-face. Trying to reason with madness and deep paranoiac insanity is a fruitless task. All you can hope to do is to contain it and make it harmless.

No matter what you say OR DO, Trump will not listen to you. He is famous for being unable to accept answers he doesn’t want to believe.

Sure, you can engage him on Twitter, duel with him in the media and try to get a phone call through to the Oval Office before he presses that Nuke Button on the side of his desk, but no amount of pleading will have an effect, no matter how compelling and convincing. Continue reading


you can use the larger images in this blog as screen-savers.


You can place a “TRUMP-FREE ZONE” Medallion at each door and window, and ward off the bad smell, enjoying a new-found freedom from the stench of Trump. Gosh, and he’s the one calling people names like pig-face. Has he ever looked in a mirror?

But NEW FREEDOM is not enough. You need to also STAY FREE!

Unfortunately, if you’re not both white AND Christian, your days are numbered and your life of personal freedom is over forever, even after this administration has gone down the drain, like they do.

Once the Constitution is overturned, we have crossed the Rubicon and there is no going back. If you allow that to happen, you deserve what you get.

In this world of distrust and superstition, racial hatred and religious radicals, there is nowhere to run to, no place to hide, no refuge from the chaotic storm of rage and zombie apocalypse that is coming to this planet. Continue reading

What is the Nature of a Game?

Faces of War original pastel by ej gold

Try to imagine what it’s like to be in the Void. There is no passage of time, no way to mark the passage of time. There is no space. No objects, no particles of matter, no energy, no nothing. It’s not necessary to imagine the state of the Void; you can enter it any time you wish to delve into the Void.

The Void has no properties. No height, no width, no depth, no color, no form, no shape, and in fact anything you can think of, just put a “no” in front of it, and that’s a good description of the indescribable Void.

In the Relative World, there is Life, and Life is Pain.

Sure, life hurts, and it hurts bad. It has its ups and downs, its good times, and its bad times, and life is pain, so it’s no wonder that anyone would want to crawl out of there, get off the wheel, and have a pain-free eternal existence in the Land of Pure Bliss.

So you spend thousands of lifetimes fighting, clawing your way out of Samsaric Illusion, and finally, you find yourself “Off the Wheel”, free at last, free at last!

You have achieved the Eternal Bliss of the Void. Wow. What a relief, like taking a huge dump after hours and hours of sweat, anxiety, and discomfort. Here it is, The Void.

Continue reading

Death, Spirit, Remembering, Awakening, Enlightenment

Why my coins are not hobo nickels:

Simply put, I have a fine-art approach to the coin carving, not a numismatic one. I don’t care much for hard-edge art and care even less for literalism and so-called “realism”, which isn’t anywhere close to realness. I use a free-form line, more drawing and sketching than the tightly repressed world of gravure you generally see, although there are more artists discovering coin engraving every day, and more artistic renderings are available.

Look on eBay to see many examples of recent hobo nickel art and other coin carvings.

The story of the hobo nickel arising out of the hobo jungles of the 1929-1939 Great Depression is simply that when you got hold of a spare nickel, you could carve it into a dollar’s worth of food and lodging. I like to use the same spirit in carving my coins as the hobos enjoyed in their day, meaning that I scratch at it — I don’t slice and cut the way a modern engraver would and should do. My approach is more “Paleo”, more basic, more street-wise and less technological, less dependent on civilization to maintain it.

Most hoboes used an ordinary 6-penny nail or a broken file to scratch their carvings into the nickel, and it’s those moves I’m trying to duplicate. Continue reading

Essence Comedy in Theory & Practice


Comedy is a serious business. As in Magic in the Mirror, Comedy Laughs are provoked, but beneath the obvious chatter and trivial pursuits, Great Truths prevail, and the audience is open to the Uplifting Force, an as-yet unknown major player in the Quantum Dimensions.

Comedy is a great way to penetrate past the defenses and get to the core, and can be used to slide up the scale of Being to the God State. As you climb the dimensions, the nature of your problems will change, but the problems will never completely go away.

Here are a few of the subjects we’ll be covering in next week’s upcoming Comedy Workshop, to be held both in-person and online (both are available) on Memorial Day Weekend, May 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th: Continue reading

Character Class Rundown for the GODD Engine

laugh your ass off playing fartbomb, the latest wild and crazy game from goddgames.
laugh your ass off playing fartbomb, the result of years of gorbyscience.

OSELCHAR controls the size and appearance of the Avatar, plus the speed of movement on X, Y & Z vectors, the height and width of the actual object, the weight — more properly, the mass, which is independent of gravity as a relative measure — the rate of turn, and a whole lot more character detail.

The OSELCHAR (Object Select Character) can be triggered by any TAG issued by a variety of possible contact points, such as an OTAGSW, WTAGSW or RTAGSW and more triggering agents abound.

The OSELCHAR can bring about many changes in the character. We can upgrade armor, weapons, hats, you name it, but each upgrade requires a lot of hidden behind-the-scenes programming. Continue reading

Portals, Gateways & Stargates, a Holiday Workshop

Third Eye Empowerment makes it easy to receive Higher Spirit Communications.

One of the primary uses of any ancient ceremony or ritual item was to provide direct contact with a higher intelligence, celestial being, star-being, angelic power, diety or intercessor between them and God for the purpose of getting what they wanted. The list included:

  • WATER — All civilizations are centered on water. Anywhere that people settle has to have some source of water, some source of salt, and a feeling of general safety and good security from invasion or tribal raids.
  • FOOD — Good harvest, fine crops, plentiful and bountiful, lots of good things to eat, drink and savor, including the occasional treat, the nature of which varies from civilization to civilization and from culture to culture.
  • DRINK — Birds and small furry woodland creatures will flock to a crop of fermented fruits and other vegetable matter, because fermentation means alcohol, and alcohol means drunk. The sight of predators gobbling up drunken pigeons comes immediately to mind. Any ancient or medieval person who was able to make a pint of beer that didn’t cause immediate organic rejection and expulsion could become very rich, very famous and very powerful, the vague and impotent wish of almost all humans.
  • SHELTER — Having a roof over your head wasn’t always considered a fait accompli. Homeless meant something far more deadly and far more dangerous than it is today, and today it’s deadly enough. Caves were fine if you didn’t want to eat and had an affinity for silence and the great outdoors. A house means something in which to find refuge from the violence of the outside world, but it also means a place to defend, because in the ancient and recent past, there were no civilian police, only soldiers and, under those circumstances, you couldn’t expect your home to be defended by anyone else not in your direct pay or a member of your family. Leaving home for any length of time and expecting to return to an intact structure upon returning was dependent upon the guards you left in the house.
  • SECURITY — Every settlement had to have its own army, and quite often a small army was composed of nothing but cousins, brothers, sisters and other family members. As a matter of fact, family groups were the government of the time for most people in the ancient world. You could expect to wake up in the middle of the night anytime during your life, to discover that your settlement or encampment was under attack.
  • SEX — Actually, sex is a major driving force in all civilizations, but it’s used differently and viewed differently from one culture to the next. Sex is considered quite apart from childbearing and family, for reasons that anyone reading the Kinsey Report can easily determine.
  • FAMILY — Every human has the idea of achieving immortality through progeny, and for a few years, it does seem to work, but given the enormity of history, even a few dozen years are enough to wipe out the memory of even the most important human beings, with the exception of the insane criminals who occasionally decide to rule the Earth by conquest. Fertility and Fecundity are the essential ingredients here — does the female have the stamina to produce many healthy children? Does the male have the stamina to provide for them and protect them?
  • SPIRITUAL CONTACT — Without Spiritual Contact, people would be lost little robots. They need contact to reaffirm the spiritual path, to reassure themselves that they are connected to the Higher Powers.
  • ENLIGHTENMENT — Not a popular goal, but one worthy of mentioning in brief. It helps to get a better spiritual perspective if you clearly understand how the universe was made, what it really is about, and what it’s designed to accomplish.
  • WELLNESS — Without health, what have you got? Imagine yourself to be the King or Queen of the Planet, with all the riches and fame and glory and thousands of workers all dedicated to your comfort and safety, and then in the end, you die in spite of all that stuff. Wellness is important and can be achieved or improved by the use of powered prayer.

All of these important human goals match the goals set by the Universal Constant, Blessed Be Her Name, but there are other less clear goals, and all of this is predicated upon the understanding that direct contact with the Higher is not only possible, but the method by which DIRECT contact can be made is well-known and easily mastered, once begun. Continue reading

THE ART OF BELIEVING — “Magic For Healing” — Script #4


NOTE: The double slash marks // indicate a FULL PAUSE.

Many people believe // that laughter // is the best medicine.

Reader’s Digest Magazine // has run a department // for more than half a century // titled // laughter // is the best medicine.

It is a well-known fact // that laughter // is caused by // rejection.

Laughter causes release // of pain. Continue reading

THE ART OF BELIEVING — “Golden Buddha Ball” — SCRIPT #1

Golden Buddha Ball Floats all by itself, just mix in the patter.

FRENCH DROP — $39.95

In deep space, Hydrogen atoms mysteriously & spontaneously appear out of nothingness. Space expands and contracts and can be twisted and distorted by gravity. Electrons vanish and reappear in a laboratory experiment. Battleships travel through time and vanish without a trace.

Things have a way of not being there one moment, and the next moment, there they are, where they should have been all the time. Wallets, keys, pens & pencils, cufflinks and paper clips — all have a way of vanishing mysteriously, with no explanation, literally in a split second, while you turned your head momentarily, but then when you look again, where you just looked, the thing that wasn’t there before, is there now.

We’ve all experienced this mystery, so let’s make an experiment together, and see if we can make some small object vanish into another dimension and then come back to us again.

Here’s a large round crystal ball. It’s easy to see, right? Let’s watch as it vanishes into thin air. (PERFORMS FRENCH DROP, SHOWS HAND TO BE EMPTY.) That was easy, wasn’t it?

Science tells us that electrons do this all the time. They vanish into another dimension, then pop back out again into ours, like this. (PRODUCES OBJECT FROM OTHER HAND.)

What if we knew how to put enough atoms together in a single stable coherent form, would we be able to travel from one dimension to another?

Science tells us yes. It’s just a matter of time before a human can travel comfortably to another dimension. The real question will be, not “do you have a passport, travel visa, mastercard or cash”, but “do you have a reservation?” because everybody everywhere wants to be somewhere else.

Continue reading

Here’s the Magic Show:

The Golden Buddha Floating Ball Effect

Here’s the breakdown of the effects that are available for a performance. This is not the complete act, as there are about a dozen and a half CLOSEUP effects as well. After you’ve shown mastery of the French Drop by posting a selfie video on youtube or by showing me in person at a workshop that you’ve arrived on the shores of Buddha’s Magic Land, you can learn any of the following effects in whatever order you’d like. The list is ordered according to the difficulty level.


  1. FRENCH DROP — $39.95

… And these effects are reserved for the time when you decide to go pro:



Those are the routines I typically will use in my Magic of Believing Act. Note that each “trick” comes as a routine, with an instructional and performance DVD to help you learn. Under NO circumstances will you need to develop special handling skills, so no worries.

There are cheaper versions of all these effects, but mine is top quality, and you get a solid class on how to perform the effect for work purposes, not merely entertainment, so there’s a whole world of professionalism here. You get what you pay for, and must pay for what you get.

Can you earn a livelihood from this? Just look at all the folks who have done it successfully, and you’ll be amazed, astounded and encouraged!!!

The Club Style Effects are best for large groups and some distance from the audience, as in a Birthday Party, End of Life Celebration, Wedding Reception, Post-Burial Wake, and indeed any social occasion, magic fits in and makes things wonder-ful.

You’ll find so many applications for your magical skills, but the best feature of all is that SOMETIMES THE MAGIC ACTUALLY WORKS.

This is the Holy Grail of Performance Magic, and happens for most folks only once, twice or never. For you, this can be a CONSTANT SUCCESS, because you’ll know the secret, how to make the magic actually work.

Of course it won’t work every single time, nor probably the first time you try, which is the American Dream — that you won’t ever need skills and don’t even have to actually try, because it’s all free, it’s all instant and it’s all yours, for only $99 down, $99 a month for the next seven generations.

Don’t be fooled by that zombie dream. It takes hard work to find The World of Magic, which is called, in the New Testament, “The Kingdom”, that world right in front of your eyes that you can’t see.

But when you learn to see it, it’s the only world worth living in.

I highly recommend living in a Higher Plane, and this is definitely THE way to do it. Performance Magic will literally LIFT YOU OUT OF THIS WORLD. You WILL experience a Higher Plane from time to time, and when you learn and master the Secret, you WILL EXPERIENCE LIFE ON A HIGHER PLANE ALL DAY LONG. Continue reading