Cloak Up For Health

“Cloak Up For Health”

Cloaking Up is more important than what it is you’re protecting yourself against. Wear a Cloak to protect & serve. Attributes of Cloaks are the usual Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma.

All other attributes are added by accessories, so the motto is, “Cloak Up & Accessorize”, sort of a magical spiritual variation of “Okay, laddies, lock and load!”, a carryover from the days of flintlocks.

I have here in hand a bunch of “Cloaking for Health” items I’ve made for folks who either want to add to their normal healthcare efforts, or replace them entirely with affordable health care of a different kind, if they have no other resources or benefits.

I’m just now adding a bunch of new departments in my tattoo-fashions shops, and if you know how to find them, you’ll be interested to note perhaps that the emphasis is really very strongly on Cloaking.

Cloaks are very basic equipment. You can’t possibly want to walk out onto the street stark naked, and so you want to “Cloak Up”, which means wear some clothing, which can be anything from pajamas to chain-mail, then modulate and moderate the effects with accessories, such as charms, rings, helm or hat, gloves or mitts, shoes or boots, belt or suspenders, badge, bracelets, wallet, watch and a variety of add-ons for the home, office or workspace, and even on the sports field.

I offer “unmissable” golf balls, which means if they land in the rough, you’ll never miss them. They’re cheap, only $18 for three, which is more than enough to get me through a game — I can shoot my own age, which is 75, almost 76, and that’s considered not bad for an old duffer.

Heck, I don’t even play golf, and I’m not that great, but once in a while, like I say, I can drive a good score. I did even better on the second hole.

All my Cloaks do essential the same thing, but on different levels. You will be able to wear a stronger Cloak with more Experience Points — there are a total of 7 levels of Cloaking that you can attain on Planet Earth while in a human incarnation, and it pays to remember that fact.

Sure, those bastards in Washington are raping the country, so of course you should “Get Mad”, but to REALLY get even, STAY HEALTHY and IGNORE THE BUMS!

If you have no medical coverage, no medical plan, zero health benefits, zero help with medicines and health issues, YOUR ONLY ALTERNATIVE IS MAGIC.

Hey, that’s where I come in. I have powerful shamanic magic at my disposal.

I can show you how the universe actually works, not just how it seems to work. Magic is merely the science of the SIM applied from in-game sources. No biggie, it’s basic sorcery, and you can do it, too. Just don’t use it for bad things, like revenge.

There’s no money in revenge. Get power. You want some power, to be able to rise above the misery created by Trump and his minions.

“Magic” means “The Power of Prayer”.

Power Prayer is what it’s all about, and that’s what I came here to teach. You need to know how to Transcend and Overcome and Ignore the World’s Miseries, and you can learn how — it’s made a lot easier by my armor system, which we call “Cloaking”.

You can add to the cloaking power with a variety of accessories — charms, amulets, runes, pendants and more.

These are MY healthcare items — I have no other healthcare in my future.

I never would have offered anything related to healthcare — my entire Medical Plan is “I Plan Not To Get Sick”. That’s all I’ll be able to afford, if I lose Medicare and Social Security, which looks to be part of the Republican Healthcare Bill — but some folks, including me, are now without any medical coverage whatsoever, and we will be permanently unable to afford or obtain healthcare coverage, so we are doomed, just plain doomed to die under Trumpcare.

If anything catastrophic happens, there’s nothing I can do about it.

It appears that the frigging Republicans in Congress plus an insane president, a greedy and nasty set of “upper class” advisors and a very vicious racist group is firmly placed in the White House, and they have decided that us poor old folks with existing conditions are really quite “Obsolete”, and therefore not worth bothering about, except perhaps to elimite us, not by shooting, but by merely standing aside and watching us die for lack of medical help.

They know full well that we poor elderly folks with pre-existing conditions really don’t have the TIME to fight this battle. They’re counting on that. They hope YOU DIE before you can protest, or write your Congressperson, OR VOTE.

That’s what this Administration is all about — VOTER SUPPRESSION. The Healthcare Bill is just one way to eliminate the voters they don’t want alive and voting when it comes time to drain the swamp THEY made, and to make Amerika Great once again, after the sheep-dipping that Trump and Friends have given it.

Are you ashamed to admit that you’re an Amerikan?

If so, you understand what has happened to our Democracy, and that it will never ever fully recover from what Trump has done to bastardize and destroy the office.

The future of Amerika is what is happening in Turkey right now, at this very second — all “non-state” journalists have been imprisoned, comedians murdered for comedy skits about the leadership of Turkey, poets and writers have been jailed and killed for protesting, and marchers are now being photographed for persecution by the Turkish government, the same people who beat up our journalists in Washington, D.C. — which technically is an Act of War, but never mind, the Turks are friends of ours because they let us put air bases in their country.

Forget about the world conflicts — North Korea is just a silly kid playing with his nuclear toys. Turkey is far away from here. Forget that the President is literally giving the country away to the Russians. Forget all those things.

It’s really about you and healthcare.

You wonder why the congenital defect people are being “left out” of the Trumpcare Healthcare Bill?

Who wants those people to breed? … And besides, “Democrats aren’t even people”, to quote our First Family’s views on the subject? If this sound familiar but you can’t quite place it, just remember how the miners were de-humanized when they struck back in the 1930s during the previous Depression.

I HAVE EVIDENCE that the First Family and the White House Advisors are very interested in, and I quote, “The elimination of undesirables”, and that’s an undeniable, published and thoroughly vetted fact.

I use the same vetting methods for gathering my UnFake News as is used by the President himself — the Left-Wing Media.

Actually, that’s all I watch is the Left-Wing Media.

Not because it’s more true, or conforms more to my beliefs and preferences, but because the other news stations are so — well, boring, and the religious right is so — wrong about things, particularly Mr. Jesus and the Christian Heaven.

Jesus was a Jew.

Oops, I forgot, that’s a forbidden subject. Of course Jesus was a Christian, we all know that, don’t we, folks? Sure, we do, and it’s certain death to disagree. Jesus was the First Christian, and Christianity had nothing to do with Constantine’s Vision, or the Second Council of Nicea, at which all the disagreeing texts were burned.

It’s so hard to watch FOX News, although I like to get a balance, because they are so God-Damn Mean. You can see it in the tight, twisted mouths, the squinty eyes when they repeat something they KNOW to be a lie, and when they spout the Party Line, it all sounds like Radio Berlin and Radio Tokyo used to sound back in the days of WW II, which Trump thinks was “World War Eleven”, he is SO dumb.

By the reasoning of Mitch McConnell and his Master Trump and HIS Master Putin, and by their actual words recorded in public, “There’s really no reason to keep those people alive”, and the new healthcare bill will certainly see to that.

Is what I’m saying true?

As I’ve said so many times before, “In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true is true OR BECOMES TRUE within certain limits to be found experimentally and experientially. These limits ARE FURTHER BELIEFS to be Transcended”, and you can quote me on that.

Of course, as most of you know, that’s a quote from my longtime friend and associate John Cunningham Lilly, M.D., who also said, “You must forget that you are Omniscient and Omnipotent and take the game seriously, so you’ll engage in sex, have children and participate in the whole Human Scenario.”

When you “come back” from a SuperBeacon Session there’s always this “extra-terrestrial” feeling of not being quite integrated into the body and the body-mind consciousness limitations, which John and I were quick to point out at our joint workshops back in the 1960s and 1970s, and in the books we co-authored on the subject of consciousness and exploration of the Deep Self.

Our publishing house has these books still in print, if you’re interested in the science of higher consciousness. John was an intrepid explorer and scientist in the field of transcendent psychology, which is the workings of the Higher Mind, not the organic.

You have to more or less “read the instruction manual” in the glove-compartment every time you come back into the body after a Soul Voyage on the SuperBeacon.

Sometimes it’s a little more vague than other times, depending on the length and distance of the Voyage on which you’ve just embarked, and from which you have reluctantly returned.

Life on Planet Earth. Yuck.

Yes, reluctantly. It’s hard to climb back into that messy organic thing and engage once more in that struggle of life vs life in the material world and all that that entails.

At the Highest Level of Consciousness FROM WHICH PEOPLE CAN RETURN, the Point of Consciousness blends into a Planarity, a Membrane of Consciousness which forms the apparency of a universe. John and I both used this formulation to describe the process of “reintegration” after a journey out of body.

This Flat-Plane Super-Cosmic feeling of dissociation with the physical self is often called “Cosmic Consciousness” and is the goal of many schools of meditation, but it is really only one small step along the way.

There’s more, much more, and it’s big, really big, at least from here, it is.

You can easily step outside the Human Realm into higher levels of consciousness, and one way to easily handle this operation is to CLOAK UP.

We’ll be WORKSHOPPING how to Cloak Up for Trump World today at the ICW!

Cloaking Up will help you to IGNORE & TRANSCEND what’s happening to you at the healthcare level, what’s happening to your family at the economic level, and what’s happening to your personal freedoms as they’re being eroded away by the First Family and Friends.

Any Remote Viewer can find the conversations and emails between several members of the Trump White House where they’re talking with Steve Bannon and others about “… Getting rid of the congenital defect people, who shouldn’t be allowed to breed and add to the support problem we already have,” as stated by a member of our First Family, Eric Trump, clearly new to fascism but eager to learn.

It’s true. They want you dead. The First Family and Congress want you DEAD!

Heck, most people would prefer to be out of the game, but YOU owe it to the game to stay in it and play it to the end, but all the while, NEVER FORGET THAT THEY WANT YOU DEAD!

Dead, you can’t organize a voter’s revolt. Dead, you have no voice against the tyranny. Dead, you have no vote, AND THAT’S THE POINT, to deny you your vote!

Voter Fraud? You want Voter Fraud? It’s going to happen when THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES orders the votes changed to elect Trump for a second term, and believe me, that IS the plan, along with the planned release — some would say “UNMASKING” of every U.S. citizen, so the Russians can close the trap!

THEY’RE ALL IN ON IT! The present administration IS the Shadow Government, IS the Deep State — they’re pointing in every direction except their own, to distract us from realizing that THEY ARE CONSPIRING AGAINST THEMSELVES!


Saying “Democrats aren’t even people” de-humanizes Democrats and makes them easier to kill, especially when the murder is offhand and secondary, such as “lack of healthcare benefits”, which will soon happen to all of us.

At some point, someone is bound to say, “Republican’s aren’t even people”, and that’s when the Second Amerikan Revolution will begin, if it ever does. You are definitely on the government “Kill List” if you are not a Republican and if you are on Medicaid or Medicare.

I’m included in that “Kill List” that Congress has in mind.

What if YOU were in their “Kill List”??? Fact is, if you’re not one of THEM, you ARE on their “Kill List”, and sooner or later, you’ll find yourself marching slowly in step with other inmates at the Infrastructure Labor Camps, because you need food and shelter and medicine.

Medicine they’ll give you, to get you back to work, but not to breed and certainly not to survive long if you’re a “defect”. Yes, that old World War II word is coming back into popular usage. Popular, at least, with the intolerant bastards who are currently running things.

The Shadow Government is here. It’s in Congress, voting us out of existence. Where the hell have you been all these five and a half months?

So instead of sitting on your ass, watching your freedoms erode right before your eyes, watching Senators rip off the Amerikan public right out there in front of God and everybody, watching FOX News incite the ignorant to riot, why not get out of the rut and actually DO something about it?

“Like what?” You ask.

Okay, first of all, if anyone’s going to riot, it will be the folks who are left stranded on the shore when those bastards in Washington get through with them, and as I mentioned a few moments ago, I’m a “them”.

Is Trump going to get caught?

Sure he is, if the Word of God is anything to go by, but it won’t help YOU, and it won’t help your family to escape the miseries that he’s going to cause.

Not to worry, there’s so much work to be done, you can’t afford to concern yourself about that sort of thing, and believe me, nobody in Amerika is going to miss the Four Freedoms or the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, just as long as they’ve got their jobs and their healthcare benefits.

But what about those who fall through the cracks, those who have “pre-existing conditions”, which would definitely include me? Well, we are not part of the calculation. They expect us to be dead before we can vote them out of office.

The sweeter revenge here is to outlive them and watch them slowly crumble with time. Everything does, you know, including you and everything you know and love.

It’s all going down for sure on the morning of April 3, 4.6 Million A.D. when the sun explodes while the Andromeda Galaxy goes ripping through the Milky Way, forming a new double galaxy with a super-large black hole at the center, more or less.

At least, that’s what happened last time.

So as I said, the sweetest revenge is to outlast them, and the best way to do that is to STOP BEING POOR.

I’m intentionally poor, took a Vow of Poverty which I take seriously, even if the government doesn’t agree with my right to be intentionally poor, and they don’t. They punished me seriously and egregiously for maintaining my Vow of Poverty and put me under torturous grilling to find out why I insist on being poor.

I’m going to maintain my poverty regardless of the punishments meted out by government officials. I won’t let their greed ruin my work life. Of course, they’ll continue to complain, but there’s so much going on that they’ll have a lot to do just to keep THEIR heads above water, in a few months, when all that crummy legislation comes down the pike.

I’m going to maintain my intentional poverty, but I can’t afford to leave the cost of my healthcare problems to my friends and family, so I’m forced by an ACT OF CONGRESS to create wealth for myself, my friends and my family, just to protect ourselves from our government and mostly from Trump the Grump.

Ridicule is the Key.

No NPD can take Ridicule. It slices right through their defenses and cuts deep into the Ego, which is all they’ve got.

Keep up the Ridicule.

After a while, he won’t be able to tolerate it anymore, and then you win and he loses, abruptly and unexpectedly.

IGNORE ALL THE PRECEDING! There is no elephant in the room. I am serious when I recommend that you ignore the whole goddam thing, and just get out from under, using magic.

Forget the Ordinary Means to achieve goals, they don’t work in this universe, and certainly no ordinary effort will have an effect in Trump World, which is just next door to Wonderland and LaLa Land, both of which are just as insane and one-sided as Planet Trump.

You’ll never get out of here alive, and the most they can do is kill you. They’ve done it before, and here you are to tell the tale.

Don’t blame a game character for being mechanical. It’s written to imitate intelligence, not to BE intelligent.

You’re a visitor here in the SIM, and they’re not. They can’t ever leave. You can come and go as you please. You’re ultimately free, but when you suck into the game, you FEEL trapped.

You aren’t trapped at all, and I’m here to prove it to you.

The first thing you need to do is to get out from under. Stop being poor. I can maintain my poverty and remain personally poor, but be part of a larger group that has several power points, one of which is “influence” and another is “connection”, both of which outweigh any money levels, even billions of dollars.

Actually, billions of dollars is a hinderance, because you’re so goddam big and heavy. I lik to travel light and fast, not in a jumbo jet with a hundred people in tow.

All this stuff is just shadow-show.

Honest, it’s all a distraction, to keep you here on Earth as a low being, because that’s how it’s set up.

Why are you here?

Do you even know? In case you don’t know or can’t remember, YOU’RE HERE TO LEARN ETHICS and SENSITIVITY.

Kindness, Courtesy, Respect, Consideration, Empathy are all part of that training for a higher life. You can’t go onto a higher realm as you are now, all wrapped up in human life and the struggle for domination and control. You don’t need to control anything. My message is simple.


Maybe that’s a little TOO simple. Okay, let’s try this: how about getting your act together, instead of just coasting toward your certain inevitable personal end.

In short, get into the groove, work hard, get the job done.

Most of the job on yourself, the work on yourself that you’re supposed to be doing instead of grunting like a pig and groveling in the dirt and sweating and straining like a howling slave, consists of calming yourself down and letting go. Letting go IS the method.

How to let go?

Let go now! But wait! If you act now, we’ll include this incredible new key-ring. Can’t be bought in stores!

The reason it can’t be bought in any store is that no buyer would buy that product. Most folks don’t get that calculation, and you can’t blame them. It’s based on the fact that advertising is now, in the Age of Trump, allowed to lie.

We all are Licensed to Lie, given to us by Trump and Associates, all of whom are PROVEN to lie, right on television and everything, and even though it’s a matter of PUBLIC RECORD and the lie is obvious, THEY GET AWAY WITH IT.


Because the Republican Congresspeople are more partisan than patriot, simple as that, but as I said, FORGET WHAT THEY’RE DOING TO YOU, and just get to work transcending.

How to Transcend?

Different situations call for different transcendings. In this case, the obvious problem is that you soon will no longer have healthcare, if indeed, you ever did have it. No government is benign, and all politicians are ripoffs and crooks, ALL OF THEM.

To properly TRANSCEND TRUMP you have to grow ORGANIZATIONALLY rich, which means “start pumping the dollars” as you’d do in any Diablo 2 videogame.

As in the game, don’t bother with cash itself, the gold coins lying about on the ground — they amount to nothing.

Go after the BIG MONEY.

Any experienced gamer knows how to do that. Go after the ARMOR. No matter what any other gear sells for, ARMOR always sells well. Never bother picking up gold coins on the ground, that’s a stupid waste of time and energy.

Effective, efficient, that’s the ticket. Go after the ARMOR, always go after the ARMOR, and you won’t go wrong. Armor has two uses — protection and money.

In this case, you’ll be selling MY armor from my CLOAK ROOM & ARMORY, mostly at shows and conventions, shops and malls, supermarkets and grocery outlets.

You can sell my ARMOR from POP-UP SHOPS, about which you can learn from Paula & Garrett at their workshops.

It’s easy to sell my ARMOR.

Anyone who is threatened by the healthcare crisis will  want my ARMOR and will benefit greatly from wearing it for their protection against a thoroughly evil government intrusion on their personal freedoms.

New Freedom is not enough. Stay Free!

My armor will protect anyone from Trump and Trumpies and Trumpism.

Actually, my armor was originally formulated to keep away zombies, but as it happens … well, you see my point.

Armor consists of the Cloak itself, plus any “moderators” that are added in through the Process of Accessorization.

Accessories are what it’s all about, but the Cloak must be mastered before all else. It’s the Primary or Fundamental Curve along which all the rest must follow.

In short, choose the dress before you decide on shoes, gloves, hat, purse and jewelry, or the suit before the tie.

Never wag the dog.

I can show you how to TRANSCEND IT ALL, by using the simple expedient of MARKETING. I know it sounds absurd, but we’re living in Wonderland, and in this world, everything, absolutely everything, is turned upside-down.

Right is wrong, wrong is right. This is the message of Trump.

Lie, and if you’re caught, keep lying and “double down” on the lie. This is what the folks in Washington are all doing, and they are telling us  by their actions that we ought to be doing the same.

That means lying, cheating  and doing bad things to others in order to “get ahead” and dominate the landscape.

We don’t do that.

We won’t go there, even under dire provocation. We won’t fight against it, rail against it, raise a fist against it, but we are NOT going to give up, roll over and die.

We will overcome.

That’s what it means to Transcend. Get back to being an Immortal Being, Omniscient and Omnipotent.

I could intervene, but I won’t, because this is a story, and the story runs on, must run on, and the plot must roll out, the characters must stay “in character”, and that’s the reality.

You can’t write this shit.

It’s only with the kind of unpredictable randomity that the game produces naturally as it runs through time-frames that you get a sort of “All in the Family” rush of recognition, when you see Archie Bunker’s face overlaid onto Trump’s brutish mug.

Ignore it. Ignore it. Ignore it.

They’ll take away your medical coverage, take away your social security, take away your last dregs of life, but not if you Transcend.


Get above it all, and that starts NOW, with your order for your very first MAGICAL ARMOR CLOAK.

All my Cloaks have the same basic PURPOSES, but some are accented more along certain lines, such as “Protection” or “Clarity” or “Willpower”. You can ask for advice on which cloaking devices would be best for you, or choose the very best way, which is by total instinct — which means “don’t listen to your head-brain”.

Some Cloaks have additional powers and attributes, but don’t let that influence your decision, because it’s all in the accessorization.

The charms, ammies, runes and other accessory items can sharpen the intent and focus the aim of the Cloaking Device by moderation and modulation. It works, therefore it is.

If your vote counts for anything, use it to change the situation, but it doesn’t count for shit — it’s all rigged so you can lose the popular vote and still win the election through trickery with the electoral college.

That can actually be reversed under certain conditions, but nobody seems to have read the law on the subject as yet. You’ll find the key you need under Title 18 Federal Code.

But like I said, you really have no vote, no power, no voice, no money, no healthcare, no social security … why even bother to stay alive, to keep fighting for survival?

You’re quite right, but THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO DO, and that’s how they want you to think — it’s not worth living, might as well just sit here and wait to die.

Well, in the words of one of my favorite Twilight Zone characters, attorney Marc Kasowitz, who has made me ashamed to call myself a fellow Jew, “Watch Your Back, Bitch!”.

He’s rich, he’s powerful and he’s a lawyer. I’m poor, weakened by age and illness, and I know the law better than he, because I frigging wrote it, and I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that I could easily take him down, but I won’t, because he’s too much fun.

This is all about fun.

I know you’ll be happy to learn that this IS fun for all of us up here, watching you guys struggle and live and die and grab for the gold ring and dive deeper and deeper into the illusion.

Haw, haw.

Maybe you don’t appreciate the humor, but if you could pull back away from the organic world for just a second or two, you’d get the irony of it all.

The joke is on you.

It always was. The story goes on, the beat goes on, the stuff happens, and you get all wrapped up in the obsessions and seductions and emergencies and distractions and terror of it all.

As I said, “Haw, haw”, which is the ancient world equivalent of “lols” or “lmfao”, or “SAD!”. Haw, haw, haw!

A President who can’t speak more than 140 characters of a sentence without falling into a stupor.

A Congress that seems hell-bent on provoking 100,000 veterans and wheelchair patients to march on the Hill and “Occupy Congress”, thus providing them with an excuse to “just machine-gun them down in the streets right then and there and get the job over with,” as a prominent politician was recently reported as saying.

Again, I depend on the Fake News Media for all my information, and you should, too.

Do you realize that all the news you’ve been hearing about Washington is not even known by 90% of the Amerikan population? They live their whole lives worrying about jobs and money and retirement — who has time for facts?

Trump has lawyered up. All his staffers have lawyered up. I have no lawyer, can’t afford one, and haven’t done anything to provoke the need for one, but that means nothing, as long as I’m exercising free speech.

There really isn’t any free speech anymore. It’s just like Turkey — all the journalists will die in jail. We’ll all go to prison for speaking our minds.


Just cut it out. Ignore it. Forget it. There is no country. There is no Medicaid. There is no Medicare. There is no Social Security. There is no Freedom. So what? Big Deal. Let it all go, let it go, let it go. Use the battle-cry of Nathan Hale, “Give me Liberty, or give me death!”. Freedom is not outside yourself. Freedom isn’t a gift you get from the government for obedience. Freedom is a way of life.

Transcend or die.

See You At The Top!!!