WTF Is Charisma???

I dig what you mean. What is charisma? What use is charisma? Why have any charisma at all? Who really cares? Who knows? Where are we? Is this where we came in?

Oh, sorry, I thought for a moment that you were on the Rebirth Carousel.

Well, the Magic Theater and Home can ding-dongy wait a while — we’re busy fighting for our very lives against our government’s intrusions and extensions. In short, they’re ripping us off to give the wealthiest our healthcare money, while we watch helplessly.

Cloak Up.

There isn’t any other answer. Get your stats up and get the hell out of the poverty mentality and poverty levels. There isn’t anything “rude” about going after a few gold coins in any game, so feel free to pick up some coin.

Don’t get attached to the coin, just have plenty on hand, so the bastards can’t grind you down. Poverty in the Age of Trump can and will get you “exterminated by lack of medical attention”.

Get some cash. Don’t let them do it to you.

There isn’t anything else you can do right now. Reason and calmness are not helpful. Rational thought is out of the question when tribalism and political partisanship are in control, and in control they are for the duration, meaning for the rest of your life, however long or short that may be by your count.

So how do these Attributes of a Cloak affect your RL Avatar? Let’s look at each of the six basic character attributes, just to get a glimpse of where we stand.

Each Level of Cloaking is achieved by Experience Points, Merit, Karma and other measurable spiritual levels of attainment. Cloaks adjust your attributes upward and you can only wear a Cloak that is YOUR Character Level. Most of these ideas are in common usage today, following the lead of many gamers and contributors. Thanks to all of them for forging the path and making the levels clear. I translate as best I can into our own Urthgame language.

The significances and increase of ability of each of the Levels are very clear:

STRENGTH — The ability to carry, walk, run, jump and leap, etc. by actual measure.

  • Level 1 — Sleeping pills don’t work — you keep waking up every few days.
  • Level 2 — A powerful fart could knock you right over.
  • Level 3 — Swinging a baseball bat can throw you off-balance.
  • Level 4 — Can’t push your way through a subway turnstile.
  • Level 5 — Able to lift heavy things.
  • Level 6 — Able to bear an 80 pound backpack 40 miles a day.
  • Level 7 — Can toss a grenade farther than 30 yards.
  • Level 8 — Able to bear a heavy shield and wear plate armor.
  • Level 9 — Can tear a phone book in half.
  • Level 10 — Can take down a roomful of Ninjas.

DEXTERITY — Your ability to stay on target, basically hand-eye coordination & balance.

  • Level 1 — Totally paralyzed by life, frozen into immobility by fear and uncertainty.
  • Level 2 — Can’t move without extreme effort to overcome inertia — inertness.
  • Level 3 — Visible difficulty moving, walking or balancing on two feet.
  • Level 4 — Klutzy, shoots an arrow into the air and misses.
  • Level 5 — Slow reactions, stumbles and fumbles a lot.
  • Level 6 — Can almost catch a ball.
  • Level 7 — Can hit the side of a barn, but nothing smaller.
  • Level 8 — Able to dodge incoming projectiles, barbs of wit and anger.
  • Level 9 — Grace in movement, going easily with the flow.
  • Level 10 — Moves like fog across a landscape.

CONSTITUTION — This is the equivalent of “Healthcare & Benefits”.

  • Level 1 — What immune system?
  • Level 2 — Frail enough to collapse at the sight of an oncoming punch.
  • Level 3 — Has every disease known to Man.
  • Level 4 — Comes down with something every single flu season.
  • Level 5 — Occasionally gets sick.
  • Level 6 — Shrugs off most illnesses.
  • Level 7 — Able to stay awake and alert for days on end.
  • Level 8 — Immune to most diseases.
  • Level 9 — Never fatigued, never worn-down.
  • Level 10 — Unstoppable, Godlike health.

INTELLIGENCE — This relates to smartness relative to the environment, cleverness.

  • Level 1 — Animal logic, savage self-interest and minimal “other” awareness.
  • Level 2 — Limited ability to put words together, speak in sentences, Trump-like.
  • Level 3 — Uses wild gesture and charades to express very basic thoughts.
  • Level 4 — Prefers to use slogans and mottos, mispronounces words.
  • Level 5 — Follows logical trains of thought, sees patterns in ideas.
  • Level 6 — Can solve puzzles easily, invents new processes, seeks knowledge.
  • Level 7 — Can make leaps of logic beyond the senses and the mind.
  • Level 8 — Definitely the smartest person most people have ever met.
  • Level 9 — Known as a genius.
  • Level 10 — Considered an unknowable enigma.

WISDOM — The art of knowing how to know.

  • Level 1 — Just your basic human “dialtone” consciousness.
  • Level 2 — Never wonders, what is “others”???
  • Level 3 — Doesn’t seem to notice that there is world news every day.
  • Level 4 — Common sense seems to elude one.
  • Level 5 — Never considers the consequences of an action taken in haste.
  • Level 6 — Can make reasonable decisions most of the time.
  • Level 7 — Can sense when someone is in pain and help them.
  • Level 8 — Responds well to “hunches”, won’t go where it doesn’t feel right.
  • Level 9 — Able to see very small differences in reality-streams.
  • Level 10 — Can see far and reason well, make excellent decisions.

CHARISMA — Not domination, but real compassionate leadership.

  • Level 1 — Unaware of anyone including self.
  • Level 2 — Depends on others to give orders and direct actions and thoughts.
  • Level 3 — People are objects, not real, have no feelings.
  • Level 4 — Rude, just downright plain rude! Influences through Twitter & facebook.
  • Level 5 — Boring, uncomfortable in public, like Woody Allen.
  • Level 6 — Chatbot, able to make pleasant as-if smart conversation.
  • Level 7 — Interesting to others.
  • Level 8 — Life of the party.
  • Level 9 — Respected by everyone.
  • Level 10 — Known for compassionate command.

Those are the basic, most fundamental, characteristics of ANY player, regardless of the specific incarnation or life-form, anything from animal to human to robot to absolutely any manifestation of The One.

Don’t forget who you are — and it isn’t who you know, it’s whom.

See You At The Top!!!