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WTF Is Charisma???

I dig what you mean. What is charisma? What use is charisma? Why have any charisma at all? Who really cares? Who knows? Where are we? Is this where we came in?

Oh, sorry, I thought for a moment that you were on the Rebirth Carousel.

Well, the Magic Theater and Home can ding-dongy wait a while — we’re busy fighting for our very lives against our government’s intrusions and extensions. In short, they’re ripping us off to give the wealthiest our healthcare money, while we watch helplessly.

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If It’s Fun & Productive, You’ll Do It


With my longtime friend and neighbor, Jose Ferrer, explaining the principles of Prosperity Path

If something is fun and productive, you’re more likely to do it than if it feels like a chore. In a nutshell, that’s the principle behind video gaming your way to Perfected Liberation.

Playing my Prosperity Path levels is fun by anyone’s standards. There’s no killing, no maiming, no deathwish or blasting at all, yet you’ll be plenty busy and challenged.

There are easy, medium and hellish levels of difficulty; you can choose your own path amongs and between them.

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How Do Achievements Work in Prosperity?

Achievements are merely instruments that help us note our place in a chain of achievement toward a specific goal.

How it works is that we drill and drill and drill the simulations in a specific level in Prosperity. We can find out which specific level to download, install and run, for any goal we might have; goal-oriented downloads are clickable on the Goals Page of the Prosperity website.

We start as a Class 1 // Level 1 after we have qualified ourselves by running through Class Zero from CZero//1 up through CZero//7. I’ll translate that for you:

Class Zero has seven classes: C0//1 C0//2 C0//3 up through C0//7, see? All the other classes and levels work the same way, so if you were about halfway through Class 3, you might describe yourself as a Class 3 Level 4.

A Simulation is The Thing Itself, if you got the Name Right.

The whole secret is in getting the Name Right.

Did you do your sims today???


Go-Go Gone Ga-Ga

There’s a certain “look” to dancing these days that disallows one to stray from the path of the Orthodox Dance of the Day, but actually, it’s always been that way. These girls have to work very hard at their craft, which clearly, from the moves used in the dance, involves attracting sex partners, object… possible relationship. Continue reading