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JAL Chapter 9 — How to Make Spoons & Paddles

This is the basic idea — several independent elements hanging on a main frame.

You can leave a large loop at the bottom of your earring element, so you can hang some dangling bits, called “spoons” and “paddles”, depending upon whether they are beaten or hammered with the ball part of your ballpein hammer, or the pein — flat — part.

A flat dangly bit is a paddle. A curved dangly bit is a spoon. I prefer paddles, because they’re easier and quicker to make and they run little risk of ending up sharp. Spoons must be hand-polished, paddles need no polish if made correctly.

I will run you through the drill for making paddles. Don’t forget that the only different between paddles and spoons is which end of the hammer-head you employ for the hammering.

Here’s what you do: Continue reading

Hair, Nails, Body & Face

Hair, Nails, Body & Face. Those are the main attractions women have for men; most women are only too aware that men are attracted to body parts, not the whole woman, and they work hard to maintain those vital areas. Nowhere on this planet can you get a non-surgical wrinkle-remover, cleavage enhancer, butt firmer and age-reducer that works from inside out — so I made one and offer it to you as a sheer fun item. It’s a Remedy Orb that helps the Essential Self reveal itself and its radiance. True Beauty comes from within. You can feel it. If you subscribe to that truth — and I certainly do — then my newest creations,  Inner Beauty Refresher, Inner Beauty Radiant Goddess and Inner Beauty Instant Makeover will appeal to you, and you will appeal even more, to your rave fave boy toy. Watch for the Inner Beauty Orbs, coming soon to a download page near you!!! Don’t expect results, expect miracles!!!

See You At The Top!!!


Go-Go Gone Ga-Ga

There’s a certain “look” to dancing these days that disallows one to stray from the path of the Orthodox Dance of the Day, but actually, it’s always been that way. These girls have to work very hard at their craft, which clearly, from the moves used in the dance, involves attracting sex partners, object… possible relationship. Continue reading