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Cloaking — How it Works

Prosperity Path Vineyards #1 by ProsperityPath

The idea of “CLOAKING” goes all the way back to when people wore animal skins to hunt animals on the plains, and if you want to count previous incarnations and cosmic cycles, it goes back all the way to the Blueline Game Map of the Universe itself.

Yeah, that far back.

The Blueline Map of the Game is real, it really exists, and it’s really, really simple. You wouldn’t believe how simple it is to program in the MoveAct Code, to make it appear as if the entities are intelligent and self-aware, but in reality, they’re just chat-bots, like your friends and neighbors.

There are a very few responses that living creatures have available on encounters:

  • Run Away.
  • Kill It.
  • Eat It.
  • Have Sex With It.
  • Ignore It.

It doesn’t sound like much to work with, and it isn’t, but believe me, most human beings have no need for more than the dial-tone level of consciousness in order to seem very human, with all the human values that endear humans to not very many Higher Intelligences.

If you penetrate the SIM successfully, you can easily see the workings, all exposed and revealed before you, as it were. It’s easy to see the strings, the connections, and if you can see them, you know exactly which strings to pull. Continue reading

Your Customer Designs This Tribal Copper Drop Earring Set for only $4.95!!!


Ken Paulson built our West Hollywood  copper shop in 1974.
Ken Paulson built our West Hollywood copper shop in 1974 where we sold jewelry.

Selling jewelry is easy. All you have to do is find a heavily trafficked location at which to conduct your business, and engage everyone in the creative process; get them involved. Continue reading

Genuine Tibetan Beads & Sterling Silver Earring Set for only $17.50 a Pair!!!

EJ Gold & Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche at Buddhist Meditation Center.

TIBETAN MAGIC BEADS have long been valued by Westerners for many centuries. So many occult powers can be attributed to Tibetan Magical Beads that merely listing them would take up the entire instruction sheet. Look on the internet for more information about Tibetan Buddhism, and experience the power of Tibetan Magic yourself, by wearing your very own Jewels of Ancient Lands Tibetan Magic Earrings! Continue reading

Build This Sterling Silver Black Tourmaline Psychic Self-Defense Earring Kit For Only $19.95 a Pair!!!


BLACK TOURMALINE has long been valued as the most powerful Psychic Self-Defense Gemstone that can be found on Planet Earth. There are so many occult powers attributed to Black Tourmaline that merely listing them would take up the entire instruction sheet. Look on the internet for more information about Black Tourmaline, and experience the power of Tourmaline by wearing your Jewels of Ancient Lands Black Tourmaline creations! Continue reading

JAL Chapter 9 — How to Make Spoons & Paddles

This is the basic idea — several independent elements hanging on a main frame.

You can leave a large loop at the bottom of your earring element, so you can hang some dangling bits, called “spoons” and “paddles”, depending upon whether they are beaten or hammered with the ball part of your ballpein hammer, or the pein — flat — part.

A flat dangly bit is a paddle. A curved dangly bit is a spoon. I prefer paddles, because they’re easier and quicker to make and they run little risk of ending up sharp. Spoons must be hand-polished, paddles need no polish if made correctly.

I will run you through the drill for making paddles. Don’t forget that the only different between paddles and spoons is which end of the hammer-head you employ for the hammering.

Here’s what you do: Continue reading

JAL Chapter 4 — Get Paid to Work on Yourself!!! Cash Now For Your High Attention!!!

Copper Earrings with Gold-Flashed French-Style Surgical Steel Ear Wires.

To begin with, an unorganized and messy studio will have a powerful impact on your ability to produce items for the marketplace. If you don’t care what you make or how it turns out orĀ  whether it ever gets actually worn, you have no problem working in a junkpile, but if you want to know what resources you have, and you want those resources to be findable, you’ll have to make some decisions about how your workbench will be arranged and what places on the workbench will do what jobs. Continue reading

JAL Chapter 1 — Psychometry & Time Travel with Ancient Beads

Mill Street Gallery featured thousands of ancient and medieval beads back in the day.

If you’ve ever wanted to contact a past life, ancient beads are a great and inexpensive way to make solid and powerful quantum connections. Since I acquired my ancient beads, which was from 1960-1989, I’ve been salting them away for psychometric use.

Many of the more expensive beads went into Jewels of Ancient Lands productions, sold many years ago in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, New York & Atlanta jewelry boutiques for many thousands of dollars.

Those fabulous ancient and medieval glass and stone beads are long-gone, and cannot be repeated. The bead market that came out of Mali, Africa, has vanished forever — all you’ll find at that once-great international bead market are beads coming out of other places, notably Pakistan, China and Ethiopia. Continue reading