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KIss My Butt, Donaldo!

Okay, if you’re wondering why I’m taking sides, I’m not. Believe me, if Hillary had gotten in and pulled the stunts this media-whoring pigheaded creep is pulling, I’d be right on her case, just as heavily, you have my word on that.

Donald Trump is walking all over the Constitution. Hey, I’m not permitted to interfere with local politics here on Earth, and I don’t.

That’s not why I’m writing People’s Songs of Protest, not at all. Donald Trump is just another cog in the wheel that is Washington, and he’s now discovering the painful truth, that unless he invites Russian troops in, he has no real power.

I couldn’t care less if we DO live through a “Red Dawn” scenario. I have bigger fish to fry.

In point of fact, you probably haven’t a clue why I’m really doing it, and couldn’t care less, if you’re in the mainstream with most humankind, but I have a very high and celestial reason to do what I’m doing, and I’ll be only too happy to explain just why:

Donald Trump is not the center of the universe, but right now, he’s making himself pretty much the center of attention, worldwide. People are absolutely terrified, quite rightly, that he might go off the deep end any moment now, and press the nuclear button, or worse. Continue reading

Prosperity Path Songbook Now Available

I gotta be able to play the guitar parts, so I hadda rewrite the songs.

As you know, I don’t have a regular guitar player in the band, so I’m forced to learn more guitar than I ever wanted to know, and in accordance with that aim, I also need my own songbook with our own songs and arrangements in some sort of usable order, and with the songs playable and singable by me.

I am therefore announcing the imminent publication of my Prosperity Path Songbook, which has in it songs we wrote as a group, at Meadow Vista, Grass Valley and Penn Valley, over the past 45 years or so. I want to especially thank all the folks who made it possible. All the credits I know of are listed on each song sheet. I tried to limit the size of the songs to a single page, except in the case of the Government Meltdown Blues, so it’d be easy to use at a gig, recording session, or at band practice.

These songs are licensed for busking where a tip jar is used. If you charge admission or want to record these songs, you MUST have permission, but we’re easy — just ask. We want to know where our songs are going and who is covering them, wouldn’t you???

NOTICE: I have rewritten these songs, to make them easier for me to play.

I have more than 50% rewritten these songs, for which I take full responsibility.  If I’ve lost the feel or sense of a song, you can blame me for it. I’ll listen to complaints, but my musical skills are limited to standard open chords, so take it easy on me — a lot of those songs were unplayable by anyone except Parker, Meg, or Jimmi, and that’s a fact.

I’ve made them easy FOR ME to play and sing. If you want the original formats, the original meters, timing and chords as they were, and the original songs as they were sung by Parker more than 35 years ago, you can send for a xerox copy of the Angel Songbook from Iven at, I believe, $35. It does not contain about half the songs my new songbook features.

Myself, I can’t sing them or play them EXACTLY as Parker or Meg or Jimmi or Menlo did — not even remotely like what they did. I just don’t have the guitar and singing skills that they do, so I reworked the songs for my own use, put them in keys that I can easily play, worked out rhythm, meter, rhyme, sense and chord progression changes that are easy, easy, easy  for me to play —  so easy that even YOU might be able to play them!

I’ve put a solid two months of work into getting this song book together, having already worked on the songs off and on over the past decades, and today, I’m sharing the results of this effort with you. You’ll be able to buy my signed songbook as of today, with our projected shipping date only two weeks away.

I hope you’ll enjoy my collected songs in this new wirebound spiral edition, at only $35 a copy on regular copy paper, and you can make that $45, if you want it printed on heavy card stock. I’ll keep that price as long as I can hold the costs down — printing and paper costs are going up again, and I can’t promise that costs will ever go down to where they were 50 years ago. Things don’t tend to get cheaper and cheaper. Inflation eats everything. Continue reading

My Old Straw Hat Has Seen Hundreds of Fairs & Festivals.

If you want to do a gig like the one we’re doing, and you want a crowd around your performance venue, you have merely to organize your song list from the Beatles tunes that are the longest-lasting pop music in history — in our booth, we got a half-and-half mix of young and old, all asking for Beatles tunes, the tunes with which they are most familiar and that they find the most singable. Here’s the song list I would use: Continue reading

How to Order Medicine Wheel Choker Necklaces


Museum Reconstruction of a 4500 B.C. Sumerian Lapis necklace.

The necklace in the photo above looks deceptively easy to acquire, but it isn’t. You can’t buy this necklace at any price. It is a “School Artifact”. Relics like these can be reconstructed from ancient materials. In this case, note that the maker of all the lapis beads is the same, from the same workshop. This is not the case with beads acquired through the ordinary marketplace. Matched sets of ancient beads is exceedingly rare.

The wonderful Hand-Crafted Bali Style Copper Beads available to me now makes an authentic reconstruction of ancient pieces more possible than ever before, although how long those handmades will be available is anybody’s guess in this mechanized world.

Copper and bronze were the Metals of Choice in antiquity, but they, along with silver, tend to corrode rapidly, oxidizing into oblivion in the wet soils of time-soaked earth. Gold doesn’t oxidize, at least pure or nearly pure gold doesn’t, so it tends to survive where the silver, bronze or copper items of daily use don’t.

I prefer to use copper in the reconstruction process for two reasons. Firstly, it is more like the ancient piece than the occasional royal piece produced for the ruling class. Secondly, it is less likely to get melted down for the metal than pure gold.

Reconstructed ancient necklaces are not as expensive as you might think, starting at a very affordable $450 for a Roman Glass Necklace powered by EMO beads, to $35,000 for a stunning Egyptian Broadcollar, up to $350,000 (how much I need to buy my 70-homesite  Ashram, fully licensed for community living and ready for occupancy now) for the incredible Ancient Eye Bead Necklace of Protection & Power, reconstructed with some of the very first glass beads ever made, dating to around 1200 B.C. in Western Asia, making it unique in the field of privately-held ancient magical devices. Continue reading

What Ever Became of Harry’s REAL Last Album???

EJ Gold & Harry Nilsson singing in studio, 1993

I have seventeen hours of video of Harry and myself, recording a “next album” as far as Harry was concerned, putting down basic tracks for Harry, with guest musicians Jimmi Accardi, Menlo Macfarlane, Bob Bachtold and more, and the engineering talent of world-famous audio engie Oz Fritz. Some of the songs we sang at those sessions were a few of my new songs that Harry and I talk about before recording them, some of them were Jimmi’s songs, and some were just blues from Kansas City & thereabouts. Continue reading

Garbage Guitar Cheats

Couldn’t resist posting this; not only is it a terrific method for taking it easy on the guitar, but the instructions contain the most basic secret of guitar I know — don’t bust yer chops where you don’t have to! Uncle Raggy expresses perfectly the most fundamental guitar principles I hold dear — where we differ is in the area of regret. He says he made a mistake in not mastering the guitar correctly. I always had a clear choice and carefully and consciously selected the path of “what sounds good to me” and what doesn’t bust my chops to make happen. Like Uncle Raggy, I never play the same song twice, even though I know it well enough to do so, because I follow the Navajo Rule of Music: “Listen to the whole, and adjust yourself accordingly.”. You would do well to watch Uncle Raggy’s videos — there’s more wisdom there than meets the eye directly. Somebody asked Uncle Raggy if he was familiar with a 60s song, and his reply echoes mine: “Does it look as if I missed the sixties???” Join us at the ICW, where we’ll explore some of the ideas behind the song. You can catch me at Club Leger from time to time the next few days — breaking in a new routine.

See You At The Top!!!


Elvis Sighting at Prosperity Ashram


Elvis was at Club Oz last night; he sang several songs from the Angel Songbook, with which he is now very familiar. You can get his autograph most any night at Club Oz, but it’s not just Elvis — there are so many famous people here. You know, on This Side of the Veil, we get our pick of FDPs — Formerly Dead Performers. They appear here most every night, and respond well to audience requests, and at Gorby’s Place, you can hear Yma Sumac and Dave van Ronk on today’s performing schedule. You can find out more about the performances at the Ashram by living here. Meditation Pagodas are available with a $30 per month support pledge, but not many are left, the space is limited — we can only accommodate 100 avatars in each of the sims — we have two full sims atm — and work-space, healing space, meditation space, darshan space and population space are going fast. Be sure to ask about our upcoming “Come As You Were” Reincarnation Party. If you’ve never been reincarnated, you’re the only one so far. All the rest of us Bohdisattvas are on the Recycle Cycle, where all the Work is!!!

See You At The Top!!!


Earning Merit


Here’s a fun way to earn Work Merit, aka “Baraka” or “Grace“. Hard work, but really rewarding, to use music to create a more or less circular angelic convocation, a landing pad for XTs. Circles are best, hence the advantage of busking or in-the-round theatres. It’s bone-simple to create a Sacred Space — the MoveAct Code gives you all the Keys! Of course, a Good Heart and Fervent Prayers for the Benefit of ALL Beings Everywhere helps a lot. The word “ALL” is the operant word, for those who are paying attention. Oh, I should mention, attention is a kind of money in the Real World. Prayer is a way of spending it.

See You At The Top!!!