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Ready to Give Up???

That beautiful pre-war Leica iii-C was the best 35mm camera I ever used, and I still have it, courtesy Army Security Agency, Fort Devens, Mass.

On Tax Day, April 15, 2017 many tens of thousands of angry taxpayers took to the streets in protest. They pay taxes every year, Donald Trump has never paid a penny of tax in his entire life, and he uses up taxpayer money like water, as you’ve seen.

Did Emperor Donald take this seriously? Did he see the handwriting on the wall?

Of course not.

I told you before, with all due respect, Donald Trump is clinically insane which, if he didn’t have his finger on the nuclear trigger, would be no big deal.

As I’ve said before, he’s an NPD, a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which doesn’t listen and doesn’t respect or trust others, and there’s no cure for NPD, none whatsoever.

Trump tweeted — of course he tweeted, what else would you expect??? — that ALL the demonstrators who marched on Tax Day were paid actors.

Oh, yeah? Nobody paid ME to protest, and I’m protesting plenty, while I still can, because I KNOW that within days or weeks, my ability to do could be seriously reduced by the Gestapo or worse, an Agency Setup.

As a graduate of two Unnamed Agencies and one that appears in my service records, the Army Security Agency, I know what their mindset is, and my continued survival and ability to publish is not among their top concerns.

In short, I’m expendable as hell.

I take a hell of a chance singing songs of protest, writing poems, blogs and video game levels that make fun of Donald Trump, but I’ve always said, if I’m to be hanged as a horse-thief, I’ll at least have the horse. Continue reading



Take a heroic pose and take a stand against tyranny!

Please keep in mind that I haven’t written a protest song in well over half a century, and I wouldn’t do it now, except that we now have sitting in the White House a real louse, who insists on robbing us of our freedoms, and setting back the Civil Rights clock over a century into the past.

I don’t care about Trump personally, or politically. I’m just taking this opportunity to show my guitar and folksong writing classes how to write a protest song — that’s my entire agenda.

Is Trump traumatic? Is he intolerable? You bet he is, but I really don’t care. I’ve lived under worse dictators, and they always get theirs, in the end. Usually, the people who put them in power become disgusted and they take matters into their own hands — not a good plan, these days.

De-stabilizing Amerika is what both Putin AND Trump have in mind. Trump is looking for ANY excuse to call in the National Guard and declare a State of Emergency in which he assumes full dictatorial powers.

Think it can’t happen here? It already did, in the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who served a THIRD TERM and would have remained in office for LIFE had he been given the opportunity.

An NPD does not easily let go of power, equity or fame. Continue reading

1 out of 1,000 — 2 out of 10,000 — What are the Odds???

Some dude back in the day told us the numbers — “One out of a thousand, two out of ten thousand.”

Take the time to click onto this “10,000 baal runs” video and look at the number of views that have accumulated on this now-famous youtube video of mine — at this date, it reads: “258,478”. More than a quarter-million hits.

Think about it. That means that A QUARTER MILLION viewers stopped by one of my channels, “gorebagdotcom”, to see this video, and most of them laughed at the punchline, just as you did or will do when you see it, and most of them forgot about it less than a second after the video ended and another one popped up. Out of a quarter of a million viewers, 350 liked it, 350 hated it. The other 258,000 were indifferent, or didn’t notice. Continue reading


did you read this blog?

This is a test, to see whether or not you’ve read this blog today or not.

Some folks don’t yet know about this blog site, some don’t know its significance; I spend hours on it every day, making sure there’s something instructive and/or Work useful on there…I’ve missed maybe three days out of 80, when the internet was down or my computer went down or the electric went out, which is fairly frequent in winters here.

The third reason would be “too busy to bother” or “not interested”. Those are okay reasons not to read my blog, but I’d like to know that if you do decide to attend a workshop or take a course or class with me, exactly how far you’ll have to run to catch up with the rest. At the moment, you need to thoroughly examine about 80 blogs, if you’ve missed the past three months. Good luck.


What is Heaven Really Like???

Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die first. Here are a few visions of what it’s like day-to-day in the Big Place. Don’t forget that the real question of how well you did with the life you were given within which to do your Work will come the day after you die; “How well did I do with what I had to work with???” — if you did your Work, you’ll be happy with the answer. Everyone has their own opinion of Daily Life in Heaven. I’ll give you mine at the end of this blog.

Continue reading