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Grab a Guitar & Join the War!!!

LeslieAnn ripping into Trump at a recent comedy performance in Reno.

Feeling helpless? Is Trump too much in your face all the time? Are you sick of hearing his voice and seeing his stupid wig flapping around in the breeze? Do you wish you had a photo of the bald Donald Trump to post on your facebook page?

Well, despair no longer, bunkie. Your days of frustration are over, and Donald Trump’s are just beginning. The Power of Song is greater than you think. It’s more than reason, more than persuasion, much more than mere influence.

Song is the basis of shamanic magic, did you know that?

In ALL spiritual practices, song is used to convey prayer, to build thought-forms, to open portals, gateways, doorways and StarGates.

Sound has power, but you already knew that. Okay, so how to harness it for a specific purpose?

Well, first, you have to have a purpose, and that means some sort of target effect, so you can measure your success. There can be no greater purpose than to regain your country and your freedoms and to help others who are too helpless to help themselves do this by teaching them HOW TO RESIST TYRANNY. Continue reading

Essence Comedy in Theory & Practice


Comedy is a serious business. As in Magic in the Mirror, Comedy Laughs are provoked, but beneath the obvious chatter and trivial pursuits, Great Truths prevail, and the audience is open to the Uplifting Force, an as-yet unknown major player in the Quantum Dimensions.

Comedy is a great way to penetrate past the defenses and get to the core, and can be used to slide up the scale of Being to the God State. As you climb the dimensions, the nature of your problems will change, but the problems will never completely go away.

Here are a few of the subjects we’ll be covering in next week’s upcoming Comedy Workshop, to be held both in-person and online (both are available) on Memorial Day Weekend, May 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th: Continue reading

Hitman Hilarious

Couldn’t resist posting this piece of hysterically hilarious nonsense from several of the best. Note please the timing, simultaneity and in some cases precognition that takes place in this stunningly effective exercise. I’ve used it in workshops, and if you have instinctives doing the thing, it works amazingly well to reveal the spontaneous and the ingenious — in the old “genie” sense of the word. It takes a tremendous amount of combined skills to do what they’re doing — language, history, music, styles and a never-ending well of rhyming combinations, not to mention a staggering supply of energy and supple muscles. Enjoy. I’m going back to staging and shooting my latest, the Norton St. Tarot Deck, screenshot entirely in Norton Street Orb, coming soon to your local grocer!

See You At The Top!!!


Flanders & Swann, an Introduction

If you’ve no idea how the great theatrical music came to be written, this will interest you greatly:

Do you properly cherish your steaming hot relaxing bath? A bath is composed of many important elements, just as you’d expect from any alchemical preparation … Click on “continue reading” down below, to see the rest of this blog … discover what a hot bath is really all about.

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Beautiful Black & Blue Danube Waltz

Yep, I just couldn’t resist taking a few moments from my HAPI drumming class live on www.//justin.tv/gorebaggtv to post this extra-funny Spike Jones sendup of the famous Blue Danube, which most folks today associate with the Earth to Moon travel in 2001 A Space Odyssey. Here it is…get a good grip on the arms of your favorite chair before you press the “play” button:


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It Don’t Take Much

Here you have it; proof positive that intelligent life does not yet exist on Earth. This stunningly pretty ditherhead — on some pharmaceutical that tends to slur speech and scramble the brains like three jumbo eggs in heavily buttered frying pan — made a video that garnered 1.3 million views, and rising … I’ll bet you can’t sit through the whole thing without laughing at least once. I tend to stare at the whole Vampira-like effect with awe and admiration at this plucky youngster, with nothing more to worry about than the cost of a peroxide rinse.