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Free Trump Comedy Roast!!!

VGA Open 1st Hole par 3. The “19th Hole” Pro Shop is visible on the horizon.


Here’s a FREE comedy roast I put together just for you. It will help with the pain, believe me. Laughter is the Best Medicine, so they say. That’s fortunate, because it’s the only medical procedure covered by my current healthcare plan. I kept the gags pretty tame — I have the ability to make slashingly biting comments, but choose not to go there.

Keep in mind that you’re gonna have to use these gags really soon. Trump won’t last the year, I’m guessing, so book your comedy gigs early and work up an act featuring Pence, or you won’t be working standup comedy gigs next year, is my prediction.

Today, Trump. Tomorrow, Steve “Suckass” Bannon — he’s a private citizen now, so we can truly go to town on him! He thinks HE has weapons in the keyboard? What a maroon. He never came up against me, or anything remotely like me, but he’s in my radar now.

In the Bardos, he’s hamburger. Without further ado, here is the FREE comedy routine, which took me the better part of two days to whittle down to this size.

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Incredible New Discovery — Radio Crystal EMO WaveForm Charms

Plowing a field into furrows, waveforms on the surface of a coherent polyhedron.

Yes, you read it right — radio crystal EMO WaveForm charms — and furthermore, I meant every word of it. I’ve been on the jewelry bench from about midnight, trying to work out the frequencies of my new radio crystal EMO charms, and damned if they don’t come out right on the money, at a high harmonic of the long low wave at 7.6 hz frequency.

Standing Waves are important to you, even if you never heard of them before, and what’s more, propelling and mutating waveforms and passing waves and waveforms in general are also vital for your work life. Waveforms are easy to understand, and there are plenty of experiments you can conduct personally for your own edification, so that you can finally understand what they are and how they can be used for your work on self. Continue reading

Inner Peace, Harmony & Wisdom Can Be Yours

Personal Spiritual Entrainment Class forming outside Cosmo Street Center, 1975.

Do you really, really want inner peace? How about total harmony of the higher and lower selves? What about wisdom, is that something you’d be interested in having when you make your next decision?

Meditation does not automatically lead to anything in particular. You can use a period of mediation to work out something or to merely connect and zone.

You want inner peace, happiness, sublime transcendence, intense livingness, connection with the All-One??? No problem, here’s how it’s done, but #1 observation you MUST see first is that it won’t typically just come around on the guitar by itself. You need to be playing a guitar for that to happen.

  • SELF-TRAINING — You are the only one who can really train yourself to be at peace with tranquility and harmony always at your hand.
  • UNDERSTANDING — Your coach will indicate the exercises necessary to develop the specific level of spiritual skill desired.
  • SPECIFIC SKILLS — Harmony and tranquility are slightly different and require very different exercises to get them to work together without interruption.