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Ready to Give Up???

That beautiful pre-war Leica iii-C was the best 35mm camera I ever used, and I still have it, courtesy Army Security Agency, Fort Devens, Mass.

On Tax Day, April 15, 2017 many tens of thousands of angry taxpayers took to the streets in protest. They pay taxes every year, Donald Trump has never paid a penny of tax in his entire life, and he uses up taxpayer money like water, as you’ve seen.

Did Emperor Donald take this seriously? Did he see the handwriting on the wall?

Of course not.

I told you before, with all due respect, Donald Trump is clinically insane which, if he didn’t have his finger on the nuclear trigger, would be no big deal.

As I’ve said before, he’s an NPD, a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which doesn’t listen and doesn’t respect or trust others, and there’s no cure for NPD, none whatsoever.

Trump tweeted — of course he tweeted, what else would you expect??? — that ALL the demonstrators who marched on Tax Day were paid actors.

Oh, yeah? Nobody paid ME to protest, and I’m protesting plenty, while I still can, because I KNOW that within days or weeks, my ability to do could be seriously reduced by the Gestapo or worse, an Agency Setup.

As a graduate of two Unnamed Agencies and one that appears in my service records, the Army Security Agency, I know what their mindset is, and my continued survival and ability to publish is not among their top concerns.

In short, I’m expendable as hell.

I take a hell of a chance singing songs of protest, writing poems, blogs and video game levels that make fun of Donald Trump, but I’ve always said, if I’m to be hanged as a horse-thief, I’ll at least have the horse. Continue reading

The Word-Processor is Mightier Than the Particle Accelerator

I got one vote in the recent election, but there was massive voter fraud.

I remember Woodie Guthrie’s guitar. It was emblazoned with a clumsy handpainted scrawl that said “this guitar kills fascists”. There’s a video, “Power of Song”, in which Pete Seeger shows how to bring about change, real change, by empowering the people.

I can’t say whether there was voter fraud in the last election — I think it might very well be the last — but I can say with certainty that no one has even considered counting the VOODOO VOTE. Voodoo practitioners are uncounted — just try to take a survey and see what happens to you.

By my rough estimate, there are approximately 259 MILLION people out there who have their backs up against the wall, facing forced exile from friends, family and supportive jobs, which means, there goes the rest of the family right with them.

Have you ever found yourself wondering what to do in order to protect yourself, your family, your home, your business, your social security, your medical benefits and coverage and your personal freedoms FROM YOUR OWN FUCKING PRESIDENT???

Okay, so what’s that got to do with anything?

Well, I’ll tell you. People feel helpless. Just helpless. They’re faced with the biggest, richest bully they’ve ever seen in their lives, and he has banker friends who can help him finance his own “Blackwater” private army if he takes it into his mangled head to overthrow himself, as Nero and Caligula did Back in The Day.

Magic, both black and white, is always popular among the poor and disenfranchised, because what else have you got, to give you enough hope to carry on? All ordinary avenues of expression and family and home and job protection is unavailable to you — you’re just a working stiff, with no real voice. There is no popular vote, just the machine.

The thing is, there are some highly experienced voodoo queens out there, along with a large number of wannabe Harry Potters with the Official Harry Potter Magic Wand & Sorcery Kit — which really does exist, you can find it on eBay — not to mention all the spellcasters from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds, even off-world in a few cases.

There are sorcerers, wizards, shamans, all sorts of magic-users in this world, and there’s no reason to suppose that they won’t use it, when deprived of a voting voice by the Electoral College, whatever the fuck THAT’S supposed to be.

My point is that they are threatened by the Trump Administration. Every weirdo in America is under direct threat from the Fourth Reich.

So, if I were the kind of magic-user that took offense and felt aggrieved and under attack from the New Washington (see SlimeWars for what this really means, forecast with names, dates and places over 45 years ago at its first publication), I’d probably use my most bizarre magical spells to protect myself and my family and friends and lifestyle and freedoms.

I wouldn’t want to see things like these on the Psychic Wizard Market:

  • TRUMPLESTILSKIN MENTAL ITCHING POWDER — This works intermittently, in sporadic randomly timed unguessable and indeterminate time patterns, to make any Trump itch uncontrollably, for just a few seconds at a time.
  • TRUMPLESTILSKIN MENTAL WHOOPEE CUSHION — Whenever you activate this spell, all Trumps will emit an odorless, harmless fart sound from their rear end.
  • TRUMPLESTILSKIN MENTAL HOT-FOOT — Gives any and all Trumps the definite mental sensation of having a hot-foot administered to them. Great for parties and other public gatherings.
  • TRUMPLESTILSKIN MENTAL JOY-BUZZER —  When activated, this paranormal quantum effect gives Trumps the sensation of having their right palm tickled for just a second or two.
  • TRUMPLESTILSKIN MENTAL FLY-IN-PLASTIC-ICECUBE — Not a copy, this is the original mental fly in the plastic ice cube, made even funnier by the fact that it’s strictly mental, and no one else in the room can see it.
  • TRUMPLESTILSKIN FAKE VOMIT — I’ve been asked politely to please not describe this effect in detail.
  • TRUMPLESTILSKIN DOGGIE-DOO — A Plastic Poo Pyramid that emits a foul odor and a smoky, greenish haze that will fool your friends.
  • TRUMPLESTILSKIN HAIRPIECE — Not a copy, this is the Real Thing. Not only is it wearable, it’s alive!
  • TRUMPLESTILSKIN GORILLA MASK — Don’t just bust your seams. Now you can LOOK exactly like the Raging Gorilla that’s inside you, just bursting to get out! Have your way every time! Overwhelm! Break their shit!
  • TRUMPLESTILSKIN BRAIN TEASER — Just joking — there’s no sign of a brain.

THE PLAN Continue reading

Essence Comedy in Theory & Practice


Comedy is a serious business. As in Magic in the Mirror, Comedy Laughs are provoked, but beneath the obvious chatter and trivial pursuits, Great Truths prevail, and the audience is open to the Uplifting Force, an as-yet unknown major player in the Quantum Dimensions.

Comedy is a great way to penetrate past the defenses and get to the core, and can be used to slide up the scale of Being to the God State. As you climb the dimensions, the nature of your problems will change, but the problems will never completely go away.

Here are a few of the subjects we’ll be covering in next week’s upcoming Comedy Workshop, to be held both in-person and online (both are available) on Memorial Day Weekend, May 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th: Continue reading