Ready to Give Up???

That beautiful pre-war Leica iii-C was the best 35mm camera I ever used, and I still have it, courtesy Army Security Agency, Fort Devens, Mass.

On Tax Day, April 15, 2017 many tens of thousands of angry taxpayers took to the streets in protest. They pay taxes every year, Donald Trump has never paid a penny of tax in his entire life, and he uses up taxpayer money like water, as you’ve seen.

Did Emperor Donald take this seriously? Did he see the handwriting on the wall?

Of course not.

I told you before, with all due respect, Donald Trump is clinically insane which, if he didn’t have his finger on the nuclear trigger, would be no big deal.

As I’ve said before, he’s an NPD, a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which doesn’t listen and doesn’t respect or trust others, and there’s no cure for NPD, none whatsoever.

Trump tweeted — of course he tweeted, what else would you expect??? — that ALL the demonstrators who marched on Tax Day were paid actors.

Oh, yeah? Nobody paid ME to protest, and I’m protesting plenty, while I still can, because I KNOW that within days or weeks, my ability to do could be seriously reduced by the Gestapo or worse, an Agency Setup.

As a graduate of two Unnamed Agencies and one that appears in my service records, the Army Security Agency, I know what their mindset is, and my continued survival and ability to publish is not among their top concerns.

In short, I’m expendable as hell.

I take a hell of a chance singing songs of protest, writing poems, blogs and video game levels that make fun of Donald Trump, but I’ve always said, if I’m to be hanged as a horse-thief, I’ll at least have the horse.

My friend Gene Barry was an expert at Third Eye Meditation and no, I’m not kidding.

Gosh, I might hold it against him, but I don’t — that Trump has cost me my goddam Golden Years, the years they promised me I’d enjoy after my retirement, but who the hell can afford to retire, and who planned for NO MEDICAL COVERAGE, NO RETIREMENT FUND, NO DENTAL PLAN, and NO SOCIAL SECURITY???

Did you count on having a retirement, or were you just figuring to die young? If I’m lucky, nothing more will happen to me for the rest of my life, but that’s not very likely.

I have no retirement fund, no medical coverage, and a small stipend allowance — just $50 a week — to handle my incidentals such as toothpaste and soap, and I’m fighting against the richest bastard to ever take public office and get away with it.

Sure, he’ll “get away with it”, but on the Other Side, it’s KARMIC law that rules, and everyone will — and must — pay their karmic debts before moving on. Jack Burton’s truck is not cheap to replace. Karmic debts must be cleared.

No pay, gotta stay.

Actor Jose Ferrer was a lifelong friend and good student of Third Eye Meditation.

There are faster ways to clear your Karmic debt. I highly recommend you do it quickly.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d give you some hints of things you might do to avoid the coming crunch and the nightmare of Trump Amerika and the zombie apocalypse that’s headed for YOUR neighborhood as soon as the surface control cracks.

I don’t plan to win. I’m fighting a losing battle to give you the time to get out from under if you can. Don’t worry about me, get yourself into a safe place — I always do well, in spite of horrendous local conditions, because I transcend them all, and so can you.

Escape from Planet Trump will seem especially important when the riots start happening and you can no longer go out to get food and supplies.

Riots always happen when food runs short, and riots always spell even worse trouble, because they offer an excuse for “The Powers That Be” to call out the National Guard, and when that happens, you get a Kent State all over again.

A what?

Kent State. Jesus. There was a First World War, called “The War to End All Wars” and a Second World War, followed by a Korean War, a Vietnam War, a Gulf War and more, but maybe you haven’t been following the headlines. Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.

You need help, and fast.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche and I marched in this Buddhist Temple parade.

So every day, I write a new protest song — not to make my own protest, but to show you how to make your own songs of protest.

Every day I sing my protest songs on my morning prayer show, and I’ll continue to do that until they come to take me away.

Every day I release new videogames that might lead to the enlightenment of the Executive Branch, and maybe even more widespread than that, if we get our prayer-power stoked up high enough, but you need more than that.

You need to escape from Planet Trump, and I’m working day and nigh to help you to use a technology that is available to you to assist you in altering your lifestream, to cross over to other safer dimensions and alternative worlds, and there most definitely is an effective way to do that, but first, let’s talk about Enlightenment Vibes that YOU can help to send to the White House.

It’s not about getting rid of Donald Trump — he’ll do his own dirty work, and every tyrant contains the seeds of his or her own destruction, according to Shakespeare, and he’s usually right.

The whole point of my Active Actions is to bring WAVES of ENLIGHTENMENT into the White House that we work, bringing something positive and higher into the environment, hopefully opening Trump’s eyes to the suffering he could easily reduce with a wave of his hand.

Without the Enlighenment Vibes, he’s very unlikely to do anything but rip the fabric of the United States completely apart, as his Russian friends would like to see him do.

Donald Trump has the unique quality of seeming to fail, yet if you understand that his entire purpose is to bring chaos to Amerika, then you understand his strategy — well, to be fair, the strategy outlined by Putin in his PUBLISHED plan to destroy the West.

Why do I care? Frankly, I don’t.

director Joe Pevney and I worked on the Third Eye Meditations back in 1969.

I’m 75 years out of port and headed for home. What happens on Earth in your pathetic century has frankly never been of interest to me. I have bigger fish to fry than local politicians and politics, and at a place where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel of life, I’m doubly disinterested in anything you can do to try to stop me.

Actually, my actions are all good for Donald Trump, because I offer the possibility of salvation for him. He otherwise would have no chance whatever at Enlightenment, and he knows it.

Donald Trump enjoys my game. I seldom birdie.

And hey, Donald Trump is GOOD for my business — which is admittedly obscure and obsolete, due to a total disinterest in Enlightenment in the local area — and over the past several zillion years of your time,  I’ve seen racists and bigots and woman-haters and cheats and even killers take high public office and nobody seems to notice or care, and Fox News even praises them.

So why mention the elephant in the room, if the only thing it will earn me is a thorough sheep-dipping, a common Agency practice which has the intention of reducing the effect or impact of anything I might reveal under pressure or torture?

Sure, the Agencies use force to obtain information, in spite of anything you’ve heard to the contrary. They can’t afford to fail.

It’s okay, I’ve survived it before, and in the end, it serves no purpose, but they have fun doing it, and who am I to spoil their fun?

I have nothing against Donald Trump. I assure you with every fibre of my Being that this is true. He’s just another turkey passing through — he’s just a great comedy subject, and that’s how I see him.

Donald Trump is not the cause of the unrest, he merely takes advantage of it for his own momentary purposes. He has no contact with his other selves, so every moment is as much a surprise to him as it is to us out here watching his wacky, quirky dance.

You can rail against the injustices, shake your fist at the machine, but the steamroller will just keep coming toward you until you’re part of the asphalt, and if you stand in front of a tank, the treads will mash you right into the ground.

The tanks won’t stop. There won’t be any CNN, Fox News or CNBC to cover the news, and give you some media protection. There won’t be any media, and there certainly won’t be any protection. Big Brother will get you sooner or later.

My buddy Dick Dawson (left photo) was a powerful and instinctive Remote Viewer.

All protestors will be rounded up and taken away to the Labor Camps, where they will survive on the average about three months. The basic diet is potato-peel soup. Don’t believe me? No problem, you’ll soon find out for yourself when you end up in one of those camps, and you will, if you live through the zombie apocalypse after the nuclear strikes.

The biggest problem facing the new Lords of the West is what to do with all those millions — and possibly billions — of bodies???

It makes no difference. The end result is the same. There’s a big swirl of human interaction, a series of escalating events, and then nature takes over where humans left off.

I know what’s going to happen. I’ve predicted it step by step and point by point in “SlimeWars” and “My Life as a Boy”, and if you haven’t read those books, you’re probably still quite in the dark, and frankly, there may not be enough time left to read them cover-to-cover.

Is there a way around this mess? Is there anything we can do to escape the horrors of Trump Amerika and the world at war?

Sure, there is.

The thing is, you can’t go anywhere on Earth where it’s safe, free from the mobs, the gangs, the unpaid soldiers, the incoming foreign troops, the pandemics and general deadly viruses that sweep the globe, carried by millions of infected troops.

There’s nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide.

“Stop the World, I want to get off!” you scream at the driver.

Swami Devananda and I enjoy a relaxing break from a Grass Valley workshop.

Yep, it’s all in my published books, written over half a century ago, and every point is coming true, exactly as predicted.

Chemical warfare, germ warfare, psychological warfare are all part of the history of the 21st century.

And in the end, of course, the Big Payoff, where everybody gets to see what happens when you launch 35,944 nuclear warheads at an average payload of 50 MEGAtons of explosive power in umbrella patterns.

It’s pretty, especially from the perspective of outer space. If you’re handy at Astral Projecting, you can zoom out through a fast Crown Exit and take up a position above the airblast to see the whole thing.

Sometimes I think it’d almost be worthwhile to instigate a nuclear war just to see those beautiful mushroom-shaped clouds. I don’t want to admit it, but I LIKE nuclear war.

My friend Bill Shatner had a deep abiding interest in Jewish Mysticism.

You get the rough equivalent of a giant asteroidal impact, and it will change a LOT of things, including the climate and angle of axis, and it will do so rather permanently.

You’ll then want an escape route that involves another dimension, and that’s hard to build, expensive to build, and time-consuming if you want to make a passage of more than one individual through the gateway.

For about $3 million, we could build one here, and for about the same money, we could get to a Portal that already exists and is working, although we’d need a way to get there from here, which might not be so easy, and frankly, nobody would have the time to make it there before the stuff went blooey.

That’s why I decided to create a series of so-called “Third Eye” triggers that could help you activate the StarGate Within You.

That’s right. Deep inside the brain, at the very center of the brain, is the tiny little Pineal Gland, which is a light-sensitive organ that can see outside the brain without using optical fibers and an external eyeball.

This “Third Eye” is an actual eye, a light-sensitive organ, that can actually be “turned on”, and is capable of seeing into other dimensions quite easily, and of functioning as a Personal Portal or StarGate that allows you to slip through dimensional barriers and membranes.

In the “On” mode, The Third Eye will open a small gateway that can be used to travel to any dimension or reality stream.

In short, you have a Portable Portal inside your own head, which gives you the power to move from one dimension to another under your direct control.

So why hasn’t anyone mentioned it before?

Actress Bethel Leslie learned and mastered many Secrets of the Tarot.

Frankly, they have. They’ve been telling you this all along, but you’ve been too busy getting on with your life to listen, and normally, it takes a LOT of work to open the Third Eye and get it to function in this way.

So, now that we’re on the Eve of Destruction, you decide maybe you’d better do something about this?

Okay, but realize that turning on the Third Eye doesn’t just happen by itself, or by wishing it worked.

It’s not like a light-switch, at least not at first. You have to work at it to get the thing to open at all, then work even harder to manage and get control of the Third Eye, then you have to work even harder to learn to use it SAFELY as a miniature Portal, without ending up in the middle of a sun.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it easy to slip from one dimension to another.

Getting the hang of it can involve decades if you use the common spiritual technology that’s out there, but you haven’t got the time for that, which is why I’ve cut a few corners.

Thanks to the GODD 3D Engine and the SuperBeacon, you don’t have to learn Creative Visualization. That takes a lot of years, and you don’t have years.

I’ve crafted up some Orbs that will help you to open the Third Eye, and I’ve designed an Ammy that will help you there as well.

In addition, I’m working now on a Third Eye Portal essential oil, powder, incense, and an add-on unit for your SuperBeacon, which can be used for sidereal voyaging and trans-dimensional jaunting.

Claudio Naranjo and I took this break from a workshop to share a few secrets.

Sound can help to open the Third Eye as well, and I’ll work on getting some Third Eye Portal chanting, prayers and exercises ready for you to use.

There really is no choice. You must find a way to escape from Planet Trump, and a trans-dimensional Portal is the only solution at this late date, and the Pineal Portal might be your last chance to get out before the zombies hit your neighborhood.

Building a giant super-portal is a great idea, but it would take millions of dollars and lots of time to get it up and working for a large group of people, so the Personal Portal seems to be the best answer at the moment, and that means using the one already inside your head.

In addition, I’ve tried that tactic before, notably on the Eve of Destruction of Akarra, the chief port city of Atlantis, and the power-possessors end up taking it over and destroying it after they’ve gone through.

It’s like any weapon — you don’t want to use a weapon, because it can so easily be turned against you. I always fight open-hand, smiling.

Anything you can do to activate that Third Eye Portal is going to help. I’ll get a PERSONAL PORTAL THIRD-EYE OPENING KIT together for you, with chanting, instrumentals, exercises, readings, “promptings”, Pineal Shocks, and other Pineal Portal Triggers.

As you’d expect, I’ve built some Third Eye Triggers into the ABD and other publications, but you can’t have enough help here.

I’ve built a Third-Eye Stimulator into several new Orbs, and I’ll be putting higher-energy modulators into those specialty Orbs.

All my efforts now will be to try to provide Third Eye Opening Kit to everyone who needs one.

Robert Anton Wilson and I had many secret talks on the subject of the Illuminati.

As I’ve already said, when Trump decides to ignore the protests of the masses and starts calling the angry mob “fake news”, it’s time to think about getting out of the way of the zombie jamboree, and with his denial of the reality of the protestors, the time has definitely come to think seriously about where you’re going to go, and how you’re going to get there.

Trying to cross borders will be very dangerous and difficult, and at some point, Amerikan refugees will be turned back, only to be killed and destroyed as they stand there helplessly at the border walls, starving and suffering from exposure and sickness.

I don’t really want to make such things, or write and sing protest songs or poems. I’d much rather be writing and singing uplifting spiritual songs, as we’ve been doing for many years, but the situation calls for drastic and immediate response, and that’s what I’m doing tonight — working on protective amulets and angelic amulets as usual, but I’ll also be experimenting with Third Eye Portal Stimulators.

I hope to have a working model by morning, but we’ll see.

I’ve already got a desktop DOME model of the Third Eye Stimulator, but it’s too big to carry around, so I’ll be trying to figure out how to miniaturize it to fit into an amulet or medallion.

I might even find the time to compose a new song about Trump’s latest tweet, where he denies that the protestors exist by calling them “paid hirelings”.

Nobody paid ME to protest, and I’m protesting plenty!

As I said before, even though Donald Trump has ruined my retirement, I have no reason to dislike him, and every reason in the world to be thankful that he IS the new President, because it underscores the need for YOU to immediately master several important Being-Skills that will get you out from under Trump’s vicious and relentlessly vindictive thumb.

Is he after YOU personally?

You bet he is.

Orm McGill and I performed a magic show together. He was the greatest.

Is he after me, personally?

You can put THAT on the horses.

I’m old, cantankerous and curmudgeonly, and I don’t scare easily. I’ve died uncountable zillions of times, and here I still am to tell the tale. I’m the last person Trump wants to see persist, but I can’t help it — persistence is in my nature.

I have perfect recollection of past lives and future lives as well, and can easily see YOUR future and the future of everyone here, and unless you manage to master the Third Eye Portal Escape, you’re not going to like what’s coming next.

So how do you enroll in the Third Eye Portal Program?

Well, first you have to SEE THAT THERE IS A PROBLEM.

I organized this protest in 1969, and it made Time & Stern magazines and more.

You’re not very likely to actually get off your ass until you see the smoke,  but by then, it’s far too late.

Would you have done anything before Trump? Ah, too bad. You see, if “Trump Amerika” is your only motivation to use the Third Eye Portal, you won’t go very far.

You need a bigger goal, a much bigger plan, and a real grasp of where you are right now in the course of your karmic journey through organic life on Earth, and that’d be a righteous and intense struggle to get through the PLS — Past Life Survey Course, and the SuperBeacon work.

Your SuperBeacon is going to save your ass in the end. Use it well, and use it often.

Soon, your SuperBeacon will be taken away from you, one of many “forbidden objects” that the Trumpists will not let you keep, but don’t worry, because you won’t remain free for very long under those conditions.

Life is a journey with a series of dangerous and deadly learning curves, and you’re on the wrong side of the road.

Keep tuned for developments.

See You At The Top!!!