In An Age of Crisis

student protest staged by our comedy group, 1969

3 Questions:

  1. Honestly, have you ever seen ANY President in the news every single day for the first 100 days of office? Have you EVER???
  2. Have you ever seen BREAKING NEWS come in right on top of BREAKING NEWS???
  3. Is this your first world war?

If you answered 2 out of 3 correctly, you should be observing the first of many mushroom-shaped clouds rising on the horizon or just above where you used to be a second ago.

Had you read “SlimeWars” and “My Life as a Boy”, you’d know what happened to you when they ask you in the Afterlife how you died.

You won’t have to admit that you stepped on a rake.

What Can I Do Now That I See The Shit On The Wall???

Exactly. You find yourself utterly powerless, helpless to stop the insanity, the hate-mongering, the racialism and sexism and anti-semitism and anti-whateverism and fascism and creeping socialism and all the horrific right and left wing “isms” erupting all around us.

The world is breaking up, dividing into little circles of bristling spears and shaking shields, and you’re watching in fascination, as a bird watches the snake working its way closer and closer.

The result is always the same.

The people who voted for Trump are happy with Trump, which means that there are a lot more out there just as egotistic and unable to admit they they are wrong than you would perhaps like to believe.

There are far more hate-filled zombies than there are those who cherish the spirit of all beings everywhere.

In short, get ready for war.

While we’re waiting for the very first asshole to press the nuclear button, why not use the time we have left to us to do as much as possible to spark the Pineal Third Eye to life?

It’s not hard. It’s done by “pinging”.

Pinging is known today for its role in internet and internal logic system communications. Typically, you send out a coded or identified signal to a specific location or receiver or set of receivers, all of whom may or may not respond to the inquiry with a “ping” or return signal meaning “I got your message, whatever it was”.

The ping is like a return sound on radar or sonar, indicating that something is there and that it’s interacting in some way with the pinging inquiry signal.

If it’s invisible to the ping, it doesn’t respond or indicate presence. If it is interactive, it signifies that it is open to further communication on the same channel or frequency.

Telepathic societies don’t typically develop radio and television. What need is there? Telepathic societies also don’t favor commercials, and politicians can’t run for public office without full immediate disclosure, which happens whether they want it or not.

You can’t hide anything in a fully telepathic society, and that’s a good thing. Human Western culture currently discourages and even prohibits telepathy, and you can see the result, and to anticipate your question, I use the word “culture” more in the bacterial sense than the “civilization” meaning.

By repeatedly pinging the Pineal Third Eye, you bring it slowly but surely to life, and when fully awakened, this gives you full access to the Akashic Records and opens up a voyaging channel that can help you transcend the grittier levels of organic life such as you’re experiencing now in Trump Amerika.

The Age of Trump — in his second term and, yes, he’s destined for a lifetime as “President” and then “Leader” and finally, “Emperor” or “Lord Trump”, depending on which lifeline you follow.

I don’t care for any of them, myself, so I stay strictly away from the whole mess. That’s easy to do, unless you’re trying to survive the ordeal.

If you’re prepared to suffer unspeakable horrors, you’re probably going to enjoy the 21st century, but I give it a “pass” and prefer to cut right to chase, meaning “let about 600 years go by before returning to Earth”, which is my recommendation for any voyagers with travel plans that include the Trump Years.

If I didn’t have to turn in a Term Report on Trump Amerika, believe me, I wouldn’t step into this pile of bull-puckey for the world, but I do, so I did and will again, even if I have to possess myself.

Possessing yourself is certainly something I would not recommend to the beginner time traveler.

Of course, if you’re a spiritual voyager, you can’t help but be fascinated by the proceedings here in the 21st century of Earth History 101 with Professor Hrudang, back in the 37th century.

One of the fun things about this time-frame is that you don’t have to hide your origins — people are trained to not believe you.

Fake news has always been part of the human condition. The First Great Betrayal a child feels is when they discover that their parents lie to them.

Whether you want it or not, your child or children will grow up admiring ANY President of the United States — it’s automatic in the culture, and that President will be famous in future history as the most despised of all U.S. Presidents, but he’d be the first to tell you that history is fake news.

While you’re waiting for the nukes to go off, why not send for these fabulous items?


All prices are net. Prices are good for the duration of the war, which will certainly last for at least 20 minutes or so — wing it, do you best. If currency is an issue, send meteoritic H6 Martian or Lunar samples. All Registered Jellyfish, Any Federation Workers or Observers, and Off-Worlder Watchers are entitled to place their off-track bets through the nearest Portal. I’m giving 32:1 odds that the humans will fuck it up within a year. Any takers?

  • Pineal Pinger Embossed Copper DOLLAR SIZED Medallion — $89.95
  • Pineal Pinger Embossed Copper HALF-DOLLAR SIZED Medallion — $69.95
  • Pineal Pinger Embossed Copper QUARTER SIZED Medallion — $59.95
  • Pineal Pinger Embossed Copper NICKEL-SIZED Medallion — $49.95
  • Pineal Pinger Sterling Silver Crystal Radio Amulet — $225.00
  • Pineal Pinger Household SuperBeacon Plug-In Add-On — $375.00

that’s it for the moment, gotta run for breakfast and morning show.

See You At The Top!!!