What is a “Geronimo” Amulet?

We had such fun our last season in Atlantis, too bad about the little accident, eh?

I thought it’d be nice to explore something besides the constant news from the White House, but it’s impossible to ignore the very clear and very present danger from many sides — North Korea, Russia, Syria, Iran, Washington D.C., and of course the UFO Menace, to mention only a few.

Easiest way out?

There’s only one answer. The original Atlantean Bug-Out Amulet, which I call the “Geronimo” Ammy, because that’s what you’ll yell when it operates. It works only the once, and only when activated by radiation. I’ll tell you more at the end of this little dissertation.

There is no local safety net, nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide, and even if you succeed in escaping Trump Amerika, being an Amerikan Refugee will not earn you a gold star in the years to come, when you’ve landed elsewhere where “Amerika” is just a myth out of the long-lost distant past, as it is in the 37th century, where I have to present this as a term paper, and they’re gonna think I made all this shit up, but nobody could.

I’m bringing some proof in the form of selfies, and I’ve left stuff at various locations to dig up later when I get back to the 37th century and out of this Mickey-Mouse Sim.

Selfie at the controls of an Atlantean Stealth Bomber, circa 42,000 B.C.

The same exact thing happened to what is now called “Atlantis”, where I once had a very successful import-export business and later, a very well-respected art gallery on the Via Apta, near Castle Shadow-Gard in Megatho, the weekend resort city just east and south of the capital city of Kar-Zhakh.

Most people assume “Atlantis” was a city located on a “lost” continent or island that sank into the sea as a result of a giant earthquake, but Atlantis the EMPIRE was actually a network of tribute kingdoms and a central government at Kar-Zhakh, a port city on a wide basin of what was then dry ground. It had a unique circular harbor that had several defensive levees set up around several concentric perimeters.

Atlantis as an Empire was never at war after the Second Period of the Middle Kingdom, about 24,883 B.C. and contrary to Plato’s second-hand report garnered from later Egyptian sources, did not embark on a war against Athens, which did not exist as more than a tiny and remote colonial coastal town at the time.

On the Eve of its Destruction, Atlantis had many remote settlements and entire countries that were under its dominion, actually colonies rather than tributaries, in much the same way that England had its Empire and Commonwealth, and Japan had its Co-Prosperity Sphere and Russia assembled by conquest its version, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, a wild misnomer if ever there was one

Selfie at the scene of mass destruction during the second flood.


So with a deft twist of a dial on a cellphone, you will someday be able to find out your main Family and Clan in the ancient world during the Atlantean Period.

The Atlantean Period was from about 42,000 B.C. up to about 8400 B.C. — predating all known generally accepted historic records.

Atlantis started as a small sea-faring community somewhere off the present coast of Spain, but well within the coastline of the ancient world, when the sea-level was much lower. The ancient seaports are today sunken under many fathoms of water, but are quite accessible to divers.

The raising of the water level at the time of the Great Glacial Meltdowns left the ancient port cities about 270 feet underwater at this present time.

Hundreds of ancient cities now lie underwater due to the rise in sea-level at the melting of the glaciers and polar cap ice floes. More ancient cities lie underwater than on dry land. Over 240 ancient cities have been recorded and mapped in the Aegean alone, and more are due to be discovered in the Black Sea, which did not exist until after the flood, along with other major bodies of water.

Many islands were once part of a much larger mainland. This is true all over the globe — in Asia, Africa, South, Central and North America, Europe and most profoundly Antarctica.

With a Student Pass, you could go from Bartha Romo all the way to Khora City.

The railway systems were much better than they are now. For one thing, you didn’t have that hard ride on metal tracks, because all the trains were suspension drives, which is how you build a monolithic building, of course, but the technology winds its way all the way through Atlantean Society.

I have a cosmetic set that uses suspension drive technology but I don’t dare use it.

If you could find a map of the coastlines of the world before the great glacial meltdown someetime in 12,443 B.C., you could note the easy targets for populations — the natural harbors, bays, inlets and natural barrier reefs and other refuges from crashing surf that were at that time right on the edge of the waterline. In short, look for the ports and harbors that were at sea-level at that time, and that’s where you’ll find the evidence of lost civilizations, plus tons of gold, more than you could believe possible.

High-Power High-Speed water sports were all the rage in the Pre-Flood world.

Atlantis in the beginning was a city-state, and for a long time, from about 44,000 B.C. until about 24,000 B.C. it remained a city-state among other similar city-states with a very large human population worldwide, with many colonies and tributaries around the globe, including the pre-ice continent of Antarctica, a state into which it is again due to return.

You will find more and more Atlantean Civilization tablets and stones as divers are able and willing and motivated to dive down into the ocean to explore these ancient ruins.

Imagine building such ruins deep in the ocean on the ocean floor, hauling 150-ton blocks of neatly dressed stones underwater, placing them and doing all the things you do with buildings, all underwater. Can you imagine doing that, even with modern diving gear?

Sure, maybe one such underwater town, it’s possible, maybe even a few, but not hundreds of underwater monolithic structures, some of which are actually entire towns. So there’s your “proof” if you need it, that the water level was once lower than it is now.

How large were the cities of Atlantis? Very large. Seeing the crowds in New Delhi, New York, London, Tokyo and Chicago, with a little practice, I’ll bet that you could estimate the size of the town’s population, with just a momentary glance at the compression and pressure of the crowd. My best guess for the major cities is about 50,000 to 300,000 for the biggest, the Empire’s Capital City, Kar-Zhak, located at its major port.

Estimating the entire population of Atlantis Empire, with all its tributaries and colonies and hegemonies would be a wild guess, but I’ll say that it was a total of several million people worldwide, about the same as the citizen-population of first-century ancient Rome, if you didn’t count the slaves and freemen, which I never did, and still don’t, and neither should you, if the Word of God is anything to go by.

I stayed at the Mu Motel, just to be able to say later that I’d been there.


Early Period:

  • Adamu Period — 400,000 B.C. – 43,874 B.C. — High Civilization of City-States powered by very high technology culminates in Nuclear Wars about 43,874, measurable by radiation testing of several areas worldwide, such as Mohenjo-Daro and Puma Punka, among many other nuked ancient cities and centers of civilization. Many of the ancient aircraft mistakenly identified as “Nazi Wartime Propaganda” and “WunderWaffe” weapons are from this period of lost history and civilization.
  • Assur-Pad-Em Dynasty — 43,874 – 43,545 B.C. — Clan Wars following the Atomic Wars of the Adamu Nations, many returned to cave-dwelling and underground tunnel cities. Long period of darkness and atmospheric disturbances.
  • Assur Bani Dynasty — 43,545 – 38,864 B.C. — Bronze Age Settlements, beginning of large monolithic building projects, many of which were lost during the Warring States Period that followed the destruction of the harbors at Kharzhum on the Mainland, now underwater. The breakwaters are still visible in some spots.
  • WARRING STATES — Interregnum — Collapse of trade routes, Warring States.
  • Assur Enko Bani-Pan — 38,854 B.C. – 24,104 B.C. – 24,036 B.C. — “Great Pacification”.
Air travel was easy and cheap in the very ancient world before the second flood.

Middle Period:

  • Kar-Dash-Mem Dynasty — 24,036 – 22,877 B.C. — Southern Expansion into Antarctica, which was ice-free at that time.
  • Tuti-Moseh Dynasty — 22,877 – 22,574 B.C. — Expansion into Indonesia and Asia.
  • Ankha-Mose-Shem Dynasty — 22,574 – 22,224 B.C. — Restoration of the Crown.
  • Ut (Regent) unknown dates, Second Warring States Period, loss of some Atlantean colonies in the Shaggat Wars, later regained during the Second Colonization.
This fabulous palace was built by Kar-Dash-Mem, the founder of the dynasty.

Late Period:

  • Tem-Ma-Ah Dynasty — 22,224 – 22,003 B.C. — Airplanes, gliders & hot air balloons.
  • A-Mem-Sah Dynasty — 22,003 – 22,724 B.C. — Age of first Colonies in Central America. First ancient commercial air travel, earliest known state-run gambling casino & hotel.
  • Sheh-Nam-Sah (Vice Regent) — unknown dates, plague years.
  • Kor-Esh Nam-Sah (Vice Regent) — unknown dates, plague years.
I took this Selfie at my palace — the small one — in the coastal resort town of Taru.


  • Teph-Na-Neph-Ra — 21,221 – 20,200 B.C. — Rise of the Triad & Crystal Technology.
  • Em-Na-Sheh — 20,200 – 19,080 B.C. — First Triad Tower used as public Temple.
  • Ka-Mem-Tose — 19,080 – 19,020 B.C. — First use of StarGate Technology, commercial interdimensional travel, personal UFO, robot immortality with Thalamic Transfer.
  • Ep-Nem-Mose — 19,020 – 18,723 B.C. — First Colony established on Mars, mining operations for H3 begin on the moon. Prospectors ignite Gold Rush on Ganymede and Titan.
  • Musa-Na-Ram — 18,723 – 17,874 B.C. — Raxical StarDrive & StarGate Tech, Rule of the Hiborns, introduction of the Atlantean Caste System with 18 separate and distinct castes representing various levels and states of Spiritual Attainment.
I just wish you could see the beautiful, enormous sculpture behind my head.


  • Shura-Mem-Tose — 17,874 – 16,221 B.C. — Robot and Nanotech developed.
  • Akh-Ankh-Sha-Moseh — 16,221 – 15,040 B.C. — Age of Radio & Radio Wave Tech.
  • Ab-Dadur Ank-Ra — 15,040 – 14,974 B.C. — Golden Age of Television. First SitCom.
  • Deb-Neb-Ra-Mekher — 14,974 – 14,884 B.C. — Great Harmonization.
This was my in-laws home 14,224 B.C. — I would never decorate like this, believe me.


  • Sna-Nef Dynasty — 14,884 – 14,224 B.C. — First Telepathic Contact with off-world aliens and time-travelers.
  • Ah-Mosat Dynasty — 14,224 – 14,074 B.C. — Development of Longevity & Immortality.
  • Josad Dynasty — 14,074 – 14,000 B.C. — Great Period of Prosperity & Power.
  • Sirahfah Kingship — 14,000 B.C. Great  StarGate Emigration.
  • Khufud Dynasty — 14,000 – 12,443 SECOND FLOOD, Total Inundation of most coastal and port cities that are now about 300 feet below the present sea-level, and the sea-level is actually continuing to rise even now, which will eventually lead to the loss of cities like New York and Miami in the so-called “modern world”, not so modern from the perspective of the 37th century from the comfort of my access module into the 21st century simulation in which you presently live.
This selfie at the fountain almost cost me my iPhone from the splash.


On the Western Rim of modern Sicily, several colonies, placed on what was then the highlands, survived the flood, and are now on or near the present seacoast, along with several colonies set up in North Africa on the grasslands to the west of the River Nile, under the direction of two colonial governors, Horus and Seth. See “Sons of Horus” for details.

Several colonies survived in the Americas, resulting in the Olmec, Aztec, Maya, Zapotec, Toltec and many other New World civilizations that culminated at around 900-1100 A.D. and represent the most successful of the various efforts to preserve the Atlantean culture into the post-flood period, which is now.

Best way out of the present danger is the ever-popular “Geronimo” Radiation-Sensitive Gold-Foil Ammy that automatically sends you through the nearest shift at the first sign of a nuclear attack — the blast and alpha, beta and gamma radiation.

Up until then, it does nothing but sit and wait for that event. In case you’re thinking it’s ridiculous to suppose such a thing, remember how far-fetched Donald Trump becoming President was, just a few months ago by human reckoning.

Lots of Atlanteans made it out, and you were one of them.

Your job will be to re-start civilization, then get out of the way for a few thousand years, while it re-matures into something hopefully a little less mean and violent.

How to get a “Geronimo” Last-Minute Bug-Out Ammy? You ask for information. I won’t post it publicly.

See You At The Top!!!