Trump’s Presidential Reality Show

Portals are everywhere, if you need to leave Earth rather unexpectedly.

Why do I endanger myself by speaking out? Believe me, it’s far more dangerous to remain silent in the face of tyranny than it is to stand up and be counted, and that’s what you should be doing today, marching in Washington.

My whole family decided to march with the pro-environment people today. They’re planning to join the Peoples Climate Movement’s March on Washington and even now, as I write this, they’re only four miles out of Seattle!

If you think back on it, there hasn’t been a single day — actually, not a single HOUR — during which Donald Trump dominated the news and created breaking news his own self. His whole purpose seems to be to stay at the top of the news, and he manages to do just that, if with nothing else, his zanier and stupider tweets.

There’s nothing like a puffed-up bigot making more complaining noises than a garbage truck on a formerly quiet suburban street, at five o’clock in the morning.

In Russia, the sentiment is “Enough Trump!”

Even THEY are tired of seeing his little squinty eyes and puckered mouth shouting stupidities and struggling with real and imaginary enemies on all sides, plus top & bottom.

Poor Donald says he “misses his old life” and finds being President “harder than he expected.” He in fact thought it would be as easy as his reality show, and frequently returns to his campaign mode in a pathetic attempt to gain “ratings”, the only means by which he measures his success.

The real problem is not with Trump — he’s a victim of his own chat-bot programming and can’t help what he says, does, thinks or feels.

If you’re looking for something other than a chat-bot in Donald Trump, you’ll be wasting your time and effort. The little red switch on the back of his head tells the story.

The virtual Black Falcon can actually trigger a real-world transdimensional effect.

Frankly, a conscious being could never do that job. It calls for a certain brand of insanity to even WANT to be President of anything, much less the Untied Snakes of Arnica — not an enviable position, and I’ll tell you why.

When you’re in public service, your time is not your own, not even for a minute. There’s someone wanting something from you every single minute of every single day, and there’s a long line of people waiting their turn to have a chance to get to you for one thing or another.

You don’t even decide what to eat. Political rectitude demands that you conform, and conform you will. If you haven’t been raised in the royal manner, you won’t find this very comfortable, and may resent having people dangling all over you and groping and grasping at you from a circle of followers and media people that seems to follow you everywhere, like the “Peanuts” cartoon character “Pigpen’s”perpetual cloud of flies around his head.

Real Portals and Gateways are nothing like what you see in Hollywood films.

Your daily routine consists of an endless parade of minor administrative and public relations duties — a chore you share with the British Royals and many other heads and shoulders of state.

“You don’t feel well? Take this pill, Mr. President. It’s time to shake the hand and pin on the medal of several veterans over at Walter Reed Hospital. Right after that, we’ll be receiving the Ambassador from Bosnia-Herzogovina, then on to the White House Lawn Luncheon with the Auxilliary Ancillary League of Illegal Young Republican Voters, then we have a news conference. You’ll be dining with the French diplomatic corps tonight. There’s no news coverage unless you tweet about an hour ahead of time.”

And that’s just a rough idea. It’s actually dozens of vital everyday encounters and handshakes and camera nods and smiles and handshakes and group shots and personal mementos and “sign this, sign that and that’s so-and-so the French diplomat, that’s Fred Wilson, a lobbyist for the estate of Genghis Khan…”

Grab a seat at the counter of Grampa Henry’s Diner, if you want to really get away.

Like all jobs, from the outside it looks glamorous, but I’ve been around every block in this and every other universe, and you can take it from me as gospel truth that it isn’t glamorous at all.

It’s downright boring, and intrusive and demanding and in the end, everything you do is upset and overturned by the next administration.

Politics is like building a modern city in the midst of a jungle. Good luck. Given time — and there’s plenty of it without humans — the jungle will take back its own.

Nothing will remain, not even the slightest trace, of YOUR passage through time and space, even if you reached the pinnacle of success & power, such as becoming the dictator of North Korea.

This virtual shrine awaits the voyager who wishes to attain enlightenment.

Napoleon’s dying words were “Tete d’Armee”, meaning “Head of the Army”. Wow, swell. Gives you real bragging rights when you hit the Apres-Vie, eh?

Head of the Army. Makes you wonder, don’t it? But maybe not as much wonder generated as with the last words of Queen Elizabeth the First — “Another minute, please. I have forgotten my Last Words.” And sure enough, she had.

In those days, people memorized what were to be their last words. Frankly, from the viewpoint of the collision of the Andromeda Galaxy and the explosion of the Sun while the Andromeda Galaxy is ripping through the Milky Way Galaxy, even YOUR last words lose significance somewhat.

It might be time to examine what DOES survive the complete and total destruction of this and every other universe?

I use this transmitter at the Bardo Station in the Ashram to influence Donald Trump.

I mean other than black holes and gravity. Those manage to survive in much the same way that rats, cockroaches and ants seem to make it through every major meltdown I can throw into the mix.

Creative destruction? Sure, it can be so.

We watch with fascination and horror — and if you’re on my side of the Veil, some amusement — Trump’s march toward total war and mayhem. It takes the pressure off of him, and creates an illusion of success to have military strikes.

It shows strength.

Telepathic transmission is just like Remote Viewing — it’s easy, once you know how.

Strength, yes, but it also shows stupidity. The chat-bot has no clue, no big picture, just a series of knee-jerk reactions and automatic verbal expulsions and internal logic confusions. In short, sooner or later, someone will order his troops to start shooting — maybe a pre-emptive strike.

It’s always based on the wrong idea that anyone can truly win a war.

It can’t be done, but you’ll never convince a warlord of that. Negotiations may continue over decades and even centuries, but eventually both sides must come to terms, so long as both sides persist.

Of course, with total annihilation comes total agreement.

It goes without saying that humans have always chosen the path of total annihilation — the totaler the annihilation effect, the better, according to my very objective observations.

I’m planning to redecorate this restaurant to look like a gigantic hamburger.

What that translates to on a practical level is genocide.

I won’t go into details, which you already know quite well, but you start by making the men watch you kill the children, then it gets worse from there.

The end result is that the earth around the conquered city-state is then thoroughly salted so that nothing will ever grow there again, and every single occupant is slaughtered without mercy. Thousands of years later, the place will still be a ruined desert.

And this is the magnificent race that expects to be admitted to the Federation so they can spread their poison throughout the galaxy.

Frankly, I voted against disclosure, and I’d do it again.

It’s not just that humans would freak out if they learned the truth about off-world alien presences on their little mudball, although that is a powerful consideration. It’s even worse than that.

What could be worse?

Agrippa built this temple for me back in the day, and I still use it in virtual today.

I’ll explain. Human beings regard ANY new genuine scientific breakthrough — such as the sun is the center of the solar system, there are exo-planets out there and humans share a large percentage of their DNA with pigs and chimps — as a potential threat to their religious beliefs.

What that translates to is that if the Earth is not the center of the Universe, there can’t be a God.

Another equation seems to be that if Jesus died on the cross, and there was no resurrection, Christianity is void and useless.

Nonsense. That’s all based on organic life, physical reality, mass and energy stuff. You need to transcend. Can you fucking hear this? You need to transcend, and now. Do it.

Transcend the organic with the new SuperBeacon Pineal Popper Plug-In!

Get out of the box just a little, and you can see that nothing physical will survive the end of the Universe, nothing.

If you lived to be a billion billion billion years old, you’d still die at the end. You need a better plan than surviving through building hotels, motels and supermarkets that bear your family name.

You need to transcend, and in the present situation, rather quickly, or you may not get a chance to transcend at all.

Meanwhile, the radical right, radical left and radical middle want to pull it all down and press the nuclear button and make it all go away, and what the hell can you say in the face of that deep level of organic superstition?

Most of the barriers to science are put in place and kept in place by a variety of religions. State religions are in general organized to keep the population under control without the use of force.

You can use your SuperBeacon Hands-Free Plug-In with SB Orbs — try it today!

It works pretty goddam well, if you ask me.

2,000 years of total control of the Western World’s population and half the Eastern World’s population too — that certainly tells the tale, and up until recently, it was DEATH to mention that the Earth is round.

In some places, it still carries the death penalty to discuss nature, science or medicine. Actually, in the United States of America, you can get the death penalty for bringing up the subject of Donald Trump in a public forum.

Yeah, it’s dangerous to speak your mind in Trump Amerika, downright dangerous, and you could actually be killed for speaking your mind at a political rally, and believe me, it WILL happen, although it hasn’t yet, not in this time-frame, but like I said, I’ve seen this all before, and even YOU will start to feel the Deja-Vu of it all pretty soon.

Forget all about the stupid psychology, politics and intrigue, and just TRANSCEND.

You see, the crux of the problem is that Donald Trump thinks that the tricks he learned running a reality show on television will work pretty much the same in the office of President of the United States, but boy, was he wrong, and he knows it now. It ain’t a pretty sight, and 100 days into his sentence, he’s already feeling trapped.

Yep, I said “sentence”. He’s serving time for karmic deeds done in the ancient past. Almost every former citizen of Atlantis is here today in America, waiting for the same result.

Well, my resources are somewhat limited. I have four basic characters from which to design what looks like a lot of different kinds of people, but isn’t really — it can’t be, so I use skins, many different skins, over the same models.

I have limited the number of animations in humans because they were too laggy, so you’ll notice a certain absence of — well, of stuff you used to do but don’t anymore, for no obvious reason.

How much is enough? I own an 18 hole golf course, but just the one. Who needs more?


It should be the same in politics as it is in business, but it isn’t, and can’t be, for a variety of reasons that you could learn if you must through the nearest socio-anthro night course at your local city college, but it’s the kind of thing I leave alone.

Like psychology, once you start digging in the mud, you never run out of hole.

President. Like I said before, it looks real glam from outside, but it’s gritty political shit from day one until you walk out of that office for the last time, your hair a lot grayer or whiter than it had been when you walked in.

The Oval Office ages you about five years for every year you spend there.

One of the most miserable things about public service is that you’re serving the public. If you think you understand what I meant by that, hang on.

Conquer the universe. So what have you got — going forward at the end of the day?

If you’ve ever worked in a retail shop, food shop, restaurant, bar, department store or run messages as a courier, done bicycle repair or watch repair or handled a car-wash, you’ll know what I mean.

“The Public” is a general term, a slurry kind of blending of nameless faces and waving hands and self-important revelations.

“The Public” is avaricious, capricious and deceitful, and in general has no idea what those words might mean.

A few paragraphs ago, I mentioned that the problem is not with Donald Trump, and I’m quite prepared to prove that thesis.

To begin with, he has no agenda, which makes him an automatic candidate for the next election, doesn’t it? With no agenda, he can make sudden changes, turn on a dime, switch allegiances and swap ideologies with his other personalities, right?

So how do you Transcend the organic world, anyway???

It makes things so much easier when you have nothing in mind, and he certainly fits that description.

And Trump misses his old life. I’ll say he does. Ever live in a public library? That’s what it’s like in the White House. If you’ve ever been there, you’ll recall the echoing hallways, the cold, brittle feel of the place, the hotel-like atmosphere.

Well, upstairs it’s even worse. The only relief is on the back stairs to the private kitchen, but that’s out for Trump — he’s used to Room Service.

In fact, Trump’s whole life is lived as if he’s permanently between airplanes, and as President, with his very own toy airplane, it’s even worse.

Don’t forget that this is a kid who was KNOWN for his passion — playing with toy soldiers. Actually, he has something in common there with Vlad “The Impaler” Putin, and his other friend and playmate, Kim Jong Un.

Between those three, you can expect at LEAST one or two nuclear explosions over helpless civilians, and it could go either way, north or south or both.

You can use your Amulets together with SuperBeacon & Matrix to Transcend!

Gosh, won’t the Great Mother be pleased?

I think so, and I’m fully prepared to take the credit for this coming conflagration, but as much as I’d like to, I can’t. I owe it all to Chaotic Science.

Chaotic Science is something I introduced a number of gaming seasons ago, to create a sense of impartial randomity to the game of life.

Problem is, it really DOES generate randomity, and I can’t seem to turn it off, so I suppose that, according to the Rule of Gates, it’s a feature.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay extra for it. This kind of feature we include free.

One thing that might occur to you in these “horrible times”, as Trump so poignantly indicates in his latest tweet, is that although you might personally suffer greatly from all the miseries imposed by ruthless politicians, bankers, industrialists and other chaotic evil characters, I’m having a ball.

What’s more, the ball is perfectly round.

In the Real World, everything you know is illusion, just a sparkling atom in mid-air.

What I mean is, why not use this horrifying opportunity to benefit all beings everywhere?

Okay, but how?

First of all, download Oval Office. Then learn to direct its energies to influence the Oval Office toward Enlightenment and Right Action through powerfully directed telepathic prayer.

You have the experience of directly contacting the Oval Office. You’ll never get through on the telephone, and your tweets will be ignored, but your telepathic influence will be felt and will eventually have an effect on Trump’s actions, attitudes and understanding.

Of course, the more folks who take part in this spiritual experiment, the more powerfully and rapidly the effect will occur.

Transcending doesn’t include solving the world’s problems. It’s built to be worrisome.

You should be seeing changes in Trump’s attitude and behavior toward minorities, and a profoundly changed Trump in relation to the intelligence community and the diplomatic services.

Frankly, even though I introduced the magical shamanic tool by which a permanent peace can be achieved, I hope it doesn’t happen, because if it does, I lose my dollar bet that the humans will blow themselves to kingdom come before the aliens can complete their harvest.

Yes, harvest. What, you thought they were your friends? Well, they are. They need a wide variety of effluvia for their experiments.

You assumed they were adults? Humanoid? Vaguely like yourself?

Give up.

You have very little chance of solving the Great Puzzle, but you do have the opportunity in human incarnation to try to assimilate and transcend the material world.

It isn’t impossible, but you do have to actually START.

Virtual & Actual Realities are easily linked with Quantum Entanglement.

It’s sort of compulsory to be “in motion” before you can be helped. Did you know that?

One way of getting in motion is to help others to find the Path to Liberation. All it takes is a gentle indication, and while you’re online, perhaps a “share” or “subscribe” or “log in” will do the trick.

In order to have greater power, you need to assume greater responsibility. The response part comes first, then the power, don’t you see???

You can expand your work circle by the simple expedient of sharing, and you now have a whole social network, actually thousands of networks, on which to do it.

You needn’t do anything strange, unusual or out of the ordinary.

Just as you go about your business, notice opportunities to “share” and “comment”, and DO IT.

Passing through the Dark Hours of the Night is easy with a SuperBeacon & Plugins.

Actually do it.

If you mis-type something into the computer, although they’re building them to do exactly that, right now the computer can’t anticipate what you might have meant, except in very strictured patterns of likeness/unlikeness.

What they do is “get in the general neighbhorhood” of what you might have meant, then they ask you, “did you mean ….???”, allowing you to click or not click, as you choose.

Well, not actual choice. Choice dominated by and determined entirely by your DNA, right down to the language you use, regardless of what language you speak, human, animal or divine.

In short, you are what you are, but you CAN Transcend.

I’ll be giving you some hints on how to Transcend, so you’ll be able to use this historic period, this wonderfully dangerous slice of time-space, for your spiritual attainment.

Transcending Tools are available, but you have to actually USE and APPLY them.

What is spiritual attainment?

To me, it’s the ability to perform angelic tasks without complaint, failure to perform or expectation of reward.

How’s that for motivation?

Try “no expectation of reward” on your chat-bot humanoids and see what you get.

“Are you crazy?” they’ll shout, “Work without expectation of reward? What kind of payoff is that???”

And that’s where you can quietly Transcend the whole mess.

Don’t go Hollywood on me here. “Transcend” doesn’t mean to walk through a misty glowing glob of super-imposed graphics, nor does it mean to take the easy way out.

Transcendence is, well, Transcendence. Ask any passing Buddha for help if you get stuck.

See You At The Top!!!