I Have No Voice

Wouldn’t you love to work in an ancient Egyptian temple of your very own?

I have no voice. It doesn’t bother me, but it’s quite noticeable. when I speak, write, sing, act, paint, draw, sketch or sculpt, there’s no measurable impact on anything or anyone. I’m not a tweeter, but if I were a tweeter, I could literally tweet my ass off, but nobody will read it, and that’s just fine by me, or it was fine, until Donald Trump’s name became a household word, like “slopbucket”.

Whatever it looks like, however it seems to you today, Donald Trump is NOT an obstruction on the Path to Liberation, not if you know the secret.

What is the secret?

I’ll tell you right off. Live the good life. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted. Relax, stay calm, it will all work out just the way it should.

The universe is a sim. There’s a script. If you keep that in mind, you won’t fall off the horsie. Donald Trump is not alive — there’s nobody inside that thing, behind those cold, icy eyes.

He plays his “overwhelm” game and seems to be winning. His friends in Congress have their own nasty games and merely use him to gain advantages on their own ground.

You don’t need to know any of that. Just remember that ALL POLITICIANS ARE CROOKS and that ALL GOVERNMENT PEOPLE ARE MEAN AND NASTY,  and that ALL POLITICIANS AND MEDIA PEOPLE LIE ALL THE TIME, and you won’t be knocked out of your socks the next time you find yourself shoved into the ditch at the side of the road.

When Donald Trump tweets, billions of people are affected by every careless word. The difference between me and Donald Trump is our choice of weapons. I selected “voice” and “guitar” and he chose “nuclear holocaust” and “gas chamber”.

Trump is a hero among his worshipers and followers. They like Strongmen and Dictators who will step in, clean up the mess, restore them to their former glory, and give them personal favors and benefits, and that’s Donald Trump in a nutshell, at least on paper.

He knows he doesn’t have to actually KEEP his promises, just make them and blast right along claiming “victory” at every punchdown. Just keep insisting you won, and eventually that becomes the truth, at least to the general public. They have no memory and no discernment whatever.

As a matter of fact, they don’t really care about the details, just what’s in it for them.

Each faction of politics, news media and science has its own direction to pull the chain, and the general effect is one of chaos and mayhem, exactly what Putin and Trump both had in mind.

If the U.S. government can be shut down permanently, Trump can rule, and that is “Plan A”. Plan B involves an actual invasion of the homeland by Russian airborne troops, and that’s already in the works, as soon as the defense department can be unraveled.

How do I know all this?

Actually, I know a LOT more, but won’t say, for fear that it will be abused, misused and misconstrued, which is the usual bill of fare on this particular “pre-war” menu.

There HAS to be a war, a shooting war. Why? Because boys will be boys, and human beings have NEVER failed to use a weapon that they had, no matter how horrible, and evidently the rule is, the horribler the better.

Like I said, I have no voice. Maybe a dozen people will even read this, and out of that dozen, eleven will forget what they read the minute the next sentence pops up.

I have a blog. Most folks don’t have a blog. Some are on facebook, and that gives them some voice in a small circle.

Some have a BIG voice in the social media. The biggest and loudest and screechiest and most needful voice right now is Donald Trump on twitter.

Sure, everybody’s on twitter, but Americans aren’t used to watching their President wipe his ass on public television every single day, sometimes three or four times a day.

He has to be in the news, even if the news is negative. This guy has NEEDS. It all goes to feed a massive ego.

Have you ever heard Hitler’s speeches? Trump just had a “power mike” installed on his speaker stand, so he now can sound EVEN MORE LIKE ADOLPH HITLER than he had before this new technological miracle with its very own voice conditioner built in, simulating the actual voice of Adolph Hitler, but with the accents and modulation of Donald Trump.

What a boon to science.

Oh, not the modulation mike, that’s been around a couple of years already — no, I’m talking about Donald Trump being a boon to science. He’s the only surviving unmodified Neanderthal.

Study his shape a moment. His face. His shuffling walk, and grunting speech patterns, and you’ll see unveiled before you the original form of the Neanderthal. What an opportunity for study for some brilliant anthropologist who needs to publish or perish!

Wow, I’d write the paper myself, if I were a few years younger — say, fifty-five years younger, or so. At 75, I’m not looking forward to much, and living in Trump Amerika is not my idea of how I want to spend my Golden Years.

Ah, but my revenge is sweet. Do the math with me:

Trump is 70 years old, going on 71. Sure, 60 is the new 50, but 70 is NOT the new 60, nor is it anything like the new 40. 70 is 70, and 75 is 75. My revenge? I’m living on a beautiful farm, with wonderful people all around me, and we’re celebrating the universe with higher entities and higher consciousness.

That’s how I’m spending MY Golden Years.

Trump is living in the White House, which he hates. It’s a poor estate when compared to the lavish life-style he had before, and he has said that he sorely misses his old life.

He used to be the boss. Now, he’s a salaried, elected public servant, and he doesn’t like it much. He says publicly that the job is harder than he thought it would be. Poor baby, if you can’t take the heat, stay out of kitchen.

He used to wench and take all sorts of medications. Now, as President, he can’t do that anymore. Too many people watching him all the time.

But that suits him fine on a psychological level, because he’s deathly afraid of being alone, being in the dark — the rule at the White House is, all the lights on, all the time — and he’s mortally afraid of dying.

As rich and powerful as he is, the Grim Reaper favors no one, and he’s close enough to the natural finish line to realize that he hasn’t much time to do whatever it is he’s going to do.

His drive was to obtain power. He has it. His total drive now is to hold onto that power forever, and you can expect every and any dirty trick he can muster to that end, because this guy USES dirty tricks.

Yep, Trump cheats.

He’s actually proud of it. He’ll pull out the Electoral College map and show you how and why he won, even though Hillary Clinton received 3,000,000 — that’s three MILLION — more popular votes than he did.

“Popular Vote” means the vote of the people, the actual vote of the people. They threw out the Popular Vote in favor of the Electoral College Vote, which threw out the real result and substituted the one that the powers that be wanted to put there, and the Amerikan public just rolled over and died, like they always do.

Like I said, Donald Trump is 70 years old. He doesn’t look as if he’s taken good care of himself — sorta looks like the roast beef and beer kinda guy with gout and a touch of egomania.

He has to live in what amounts to a public library, meet dozens and sometimes hundreds of people every day, he has to perform public duties every single day, most of which are horrible little slices of emotional appeal for the news media.

He has to eat food that at best rivals that of the lunch counter in your local gas station, and is forced to meet people he’d have crossed the street to avoid as a private citizen.

He is NOT a private citizen, and does NOT have some of the rights of a private citizen. He is a public servant, an elected official, and he is NOT above the law, nor is he above the law of social dynamics.

He does NOT have the right to toss something into a crowd of diplomats and then duck out the door, but that’s how he has conducted himself on the international scene every single day so far.

Like I said, I have my revenge. I’ll gladly take my Golden Years on a quiet farm in the country, raising chickens and cucumbers and performing my spiritual practices in stunningly beautiful natural settings, sharing my days with folks on spiritual retreat or healing circles, eating wondrous foods that have no sugar, no salt, no red meats, no harmful fats — well, you get the idea. Good, clean healthful food that tastes super good.

My days are quiet. I listen to the birds, to the insects, to the hum of daily farm life, to the sounds of the Cosmos under the Cosmic Vortex within which we live, and my Golden Years are, indeed, Golden, even under the dictatorship of Donald Trump.

His wild antics are amusing. Do they affect me? Not at ANY age, but particularly now, they don’t. Sure, I have no medical coverage, no income, no retirement fund, nothing. But I am far richer than Donald Trump could ever be, in his chat-bot world of phony handshakes and poison smiles.

Let him live there until he finally freaks out. Would it surprise you to see him resign because he didn’t like the job, or have to be carried offstage ranting and screaming? It could happen. With a disjointed complex personality disorder of that magnitude, you can’t rule out anything.

It shouldn’t affect you. There are a few things you can do, maybe not on the magnitude that you’d like or that we can do here, but something can be done on every level.

I’m assigned to a Vortex. I’m stuck with that job, but it’s a good one. If you like your job, it’s not work, it’s fun, and that’s what my job is, it’s ALWAYS fun.

My secret? It’s not what you’re doing, it’s the company you keep.

That goes double on the higher levels right up to the Causal Plane. It’s the company you keep. That really IS the Great Secret.

As Above, So Below is only half the Key. As Below, So Above is the corollary, and it’s something you need to keep in mind if you’re to operate the Emerald Tablet Keys, ever.

Your retirement time, your so-called “Golden Years”, are your LAST CHANCE to enjoy the fruits of whatever labors you’ve been doing to survive all these years. Remember that Donald Trump does NOT care about you, just your money and your vote.

Don’t let Donald Trump steal YOUR Golden Years. IGNORE THE ASSHOLE. Carry on, keep moving, just go about your business. If necessary, STOP WATCHING CNN and all the other news channels.

Just forget that there IS a Washington, D.C., and forget that there are people there who are on a daily basis PLAYING WITH YOUR LIFE, for the singular purpose of getting elected or re-elected.

In the case of a lobbyist, it’s even worse. They WANT YOU DEAD, where your vote can be controlled. Lobbyists are the bloodsuckers of government. If Jesus were around today, he’d kick over their tables and drive them from the temple.

Forget about the government. Forget about Donald “Asshole” Trump. Don’t even listen to Stephen Colbert’s oral sex jokes about Donald Trump.

Pay no attention to the uproar and the fire and brimstone with North Korea, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Russia, China, the United Nations and Alabama.

Believe me, in 4.3 billion years or less, nobody will know, nobody will care.

YOU will still be in the game, but you won’t be on the Earth. Just do your work, focus clearly and cleanly on your higher spiritual work, your daily practices, among which might be:

  • Folk Guitar
  • Angelic Chorus
  • Embossed Copper Protective Medallions
  • Telepathic Enlightenment Prayer
  • SuperBeacon Contact
  • Healing Circle
  • Ashram Work
  • Art Project
  • Pineal Ping Exercises
  • Past Life Survey
  • Virtual Temple Building
  • Sharing, Commenting, Chatting

Don’t get sucked into the daily circus. Stop watching the deadly snake as if you were a helpless bird. Get out of the loop NOW. Just turn it all off and walk away.


Use your Golden Years well. You’re NOT in the White House. You DON’T have power, you don’t have a voice, nobody follows you, nobody listens to you, nobody cares and there’s nobody out there who gives a damn about you and your personal freedoms, and that’s a fact.

So what? Big deal.

I personally own my own virtual Taj Mahal, Great Pyramid of Giza and the Brooklyn Bridge, and I can build an entire city, even an entire planet, if I want to, with the GODD® Engine. You can’t measure my wealth, but it doesn’t stop in the virtual.

I live a conscious life, a clean life, a virtuous life of service. Can Donald Trump say that?

Of course he can. He can work his mouth at full speed, without ever engaging the attention. Actually, watch him, and you’ll notice that he can’t remember what he just said a moment ago. He’s exhibiting early onset, and nobody seems to notice.

Forget about Trump. Let him live his Golden Years in a building that feels like a public library without the warmth of the marble floor and tiled ceilings.

Take a good look around at what you actually have, how you actually live, what you actually do from hour to hour. You’ll eventually realize that you never needed any more than you had to get where you are right now, at this very moment in this very spot.

You always have everything you need to be where you are now.

Live a conscious life in the higher realms, spend your days in the Ashram and in meditation, give your life to the Teaching. The alternative could be horrible — endless wealth, power and fame. If you like MacDonald’s burgers and fries, that might appeal to you.

Ignore Trump. That’s the best revenge you could ever have. Be unaware of Trump. Live your life. Do your work. Trumps will come and Trumps will go.

One thing that will come from your PLS — Past Life Survey — work is that you will have the definite impression that this has all happened before, many, many times before, and it’s always the same, with the same outcome.

Pay no attention to the ruckus in the world. Stay focused and do your spiritual work while the world erupts in violence around you.

Of course, it helps if you’re in a circle of protection directly on the site of a vortex. I always like to have an Ace in the Hole, don’t you?

See You At The Top!!!