Escape From Planet Trump

Tired of the old runaround? Don’t want to be directly under the nukes when they go off in your hometown? Have an aversion to being roasted alive by a mob of fear-crazed zombies? Maybe it’s time to take another look at your escape route off of Planet Trump.

I know, I know — I said “no more Trump shit”, and I meant it then and mean it now, but…you have to have some idea of what to do while you’re waiting to be taken away to the nearest labor camp “to save your life, and give you food, medicine, shelter and protection”.

From then on, you work until you die.

Watch as one by one, your freedoms are taken away. Coins and dollar bills will be the first to go, as all currency is controlled through the cloud, through computers that first determine your exact present location and identity, then pass the transaction through.

There will be many blocks, many obstacles, many obstructions on the path to liberation, but there always are, and sometimes they are so in-your-face that they can’t be ignored.

I can afford to ignore Donald Trump forever, but you can’t, and in all conscience, I can’t remain silent, much as I would preferĀ  to.

Taking stock of the situation, the likelihood of a North Korean nuclear warhead missile dropping on this particular farm is very slim. Possible, sure, but real slim, unless Kim Jong Un gets hold of some of my remarks, which some wiseguy is just bound to deliver sooner or later.

You might be safest under the umbrella of peace around the Ashram, but nobody can afford healthcare, much less YOU-CARE — the care and feeding and housing of you and your family.

North Korea is a real threat, and you can bet your bottom dollar (that means “your last dollar”) that Kim Jong Un will use his pretty new weapons and sharply aggressive troops to achieve his ultimate aim, “To make North Korea Great Again”. Sound familiar?

Do you have any sense at all of “deja-vu”???

How can I predict that Kim Jong Un will use nuclear weapons and provoke a nuclear war?

It’s not all that mystical, although I’d sure like to pretend it is. No, sorry — no major telepathic skills employed here, just a vague memory of a 37th century history textbook that I barely cracked open and can’t remember very much of, quite frankly, because 21st century history is not that exciting to me.

North Korea.

Gosh, can you imagine having this huge marching army, slavishly obeying your every command, just waiting to get a chance to show their military skills and courage, and NOT using it?

It’s especially tempting if you come to believe that you can somehow win a war against the entire world, and that describes the situation in a nutshell — “nut” being the operant word here.

So eliminating the airburst over the farm, there’s still the bright flash in the sky from over San Francisco way, over yonder. Don’t look at the flash, if you want to keep your eyesight.

Then there’s the economics — who wants to buy arts and crafts when the world is ready to blow apart?

Just about everyone I know — and that runs into the high thousands — is waiting for the bomb to drop and the stormtroopers to be knocking at their front door, because they’re Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Something-Americans and “other”.

The politicians are too greedy for power to listen to the sounds outside their vaulted chambers, but the people are starting to growl, to do more than just clench their fists. They’re starting to look around for some way to express their rage and fear.

Politicians tend to ignore them until they’re right there on the steps, bearing pitchforks, torches, hot tar and feathers.

What’s more, they never seem to learn. They do it over and over again, with unremitting greed and arrogance, never for a moment noticing the harm they’re doing.

So, what are we left with?

I don’t know about you, but if you’re in the same boat I’m in, you’re in a real pickle. Should the impossible happen, like Donald Trump being elected President, and the medical bill passes the Senate more or less unchanged, it means for me the following:

  • Should I become seriously ill again, I will not be covered.
  • I have no solution for the impact of this bill on me and my family.
  • I will have zero income — my social security is presently wiped out by medicals.
  • I have no plan to seek medical aid.
  • I will probably not make it through long enough for the repair bill to pass.

If I don’t have a medical catastrophe and instead, I’m taken away for singing my protest songs, I will return, but not in this body.

The NUMBER ONE RULE of medicine is, “Do No Harm”.

That rule is inflexible, and is the very heart of the Hippocratic Oath, the Oath of Hippocrates, the ancient founder of Western medicine. Do no harm. The medical bill passed by the House yesterday does plenty of harm, and some of that harm it does to me, so I figure it’s time to push back.

For 75 years, I’ve managed to stay neutral, never said a political word, and still, today, I care nothing for politics and even less for politicians, whom I consider liars as a class, roughly equivalent to lawyers, but without the deep ethical considerations you’d expect from a barracuda or a shark.

A research lab in this area recently stopped using rats and started using lawyers for their medical experiments. I asked them why, and they explained, “You get so attached to rats”.

Should the present bill pass in the Senate, it takes roughly $530 Billion out of the public benefit and puts it directly into the pockets of the small group of billionaires with whom Trump loves to pose for the camera.

So I’m going to do more than merely demonstrate how to write a protest song. I’m planning on taking the creative writing course all the way through “how to apply protest songs” and “how to publicize protest songs” and more, at the upcoming workshops and clinics.

How to write a song? My personal choice is to write about something worthwhile, something lasting, something spiritual and in the realm of perfection.

Problem is, some of my friends in our spirit circle are now living in fear.

Those who live in other countries won’t know or feel or sense what I’m saying here, but we’re not used to feeling like a target when we go out onto the street, into a mall or to a popular restaurant or concert space.

If you’re dark-skinned, you’ll feel very different about walking through a crowded street now than you did before Donald Trump became the dictator of Trump Amerika.

There’s a sense in the air that you dare not question or ridicule the President. This is the first tiny step toward a military dictatorship that can actually happen here, and probably will, if nobody stops it.

Fear, fear, fear, permeates the atmosphere, far below the radar of Trump and his power-mad cronies. They won’t feel or notice the upsurge of outrage until it’s right there in the face of Trump, Congress and the world.

I’m not predicting! I’m remembering my 21st century history lessons, and so far, I’ve been right every single time. Want proof? Look at the publication date of SlimeWars, and realize that it had been in private printing for 20 years prior to that, and there it is, all outlined nice and neat, all coming true, bit by bit and piece by piece, just like it says in the book.

I always prefer to sing songs about consciousness and self-realization, but I will continue to sing the protest songs for as long as Donald Trump pushes me and my friends around and threatens our lives for the sake of more tax benefit money for he and his billionaire friends, as pictured in the now-infamous photo of the people responsible for the rise of the American Resistance, which I’m here to observe — some would say “watch” — to determine the causes of the movement for my next semester’s new course, “Ancient Civilizations of Human Origin”.

Don’t even think the thought — I’ve already published that post-graduate thesis, back in the 37th century, and in this climate, you wouldn’t stand a chance to get a grant on a project as speculative as that might seem.

I’m very sad to say that many of my overseas friends really can’t understand why I lean on Trump so heavily, why I’m doing all this stuff.


It’s not about the President, or about Congress, or about anything specific. I’m trying to demonstrate the basics of creating a protest songbook, protest video game, protest poem, and protest play or musical, among other peaceful protest tools.

My whole intention is to make sure you have and can use the peaceful and constructive magical and shamanic tools that are available to you, and I want to make absolutely certain without a doubt that you are aware of those tools and have access to them.

It is so important that you NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN THE MOB. I know it’s tempting to grab up a placard on a two-by-four and get out there on the street and march, but it’s always the same — it always ends up in violence, and nothing is gained.

As a matter of fact, you hurt your own cause.

It’s a notable fact that, whenever poeple riot, it’s not against the rich and powerful — they tend to burn down their own small businesses, to destroy their own homes, and to lay waste their own neighborhoods, are you aware of that???

Every action has an equal and opposite action.

Take out Archduke Ferdinand so Serbs will be treated fairly? Good plan, but it resulted in the mass wipeout of tens of thousands of Serbs, then some 75 million people in the First World War, then many millions more in the plague that followed the war, carried by the troops, same as what happened in the Black Plague, carried by the Mongol warriors into Europe.

Don’t go marching with the mob. Don’t give in to the Dark Side. By peaceful means, everything can be settled. No need to be mean, no need for aggression. There’s enough for everyone, if nobody gets greedy.

So what magical tools can you use to survive the Trump Years???

First of all, my original intent was to demonstrate some easily mastered and applied magical technologies for handling bad situations without violence or anger.

The first thing I demonstrated was that YOU could personally telepathically direct healing and Enlightenment Waves into the White House through the Oval Office and throughout the building.

This has nothing to do with specific occupants. Anyone in the Oval Office is in dire need of Enlightenment, wouldn’t you agree?

Okay, then we explored other ways to use the situation for your spiritual development, and I was quick to point out that at the very least, Trump’s policies and temperament and dangerous psychological disorders should prompt you to do your spiritual evolutionary work pronto, and stop diddling around.

As of right now, you haven’t time for that.

So the second usage would certainly classify as “lighting a candle under the ass of the spiritual candidate for initiation”. It makes it REAL that your time is limited, and who wants to live under a dictatorship, anyway?

I have a number of very important technologies, such as Crystal Technology and Portal Technology and Radio Wave Technology and of course Telepathic Technology which includes Remote Viewing and Astral Projection.

Those are just a few of the otherworldly technologies that I’ll be making available to you as a direct result of the emergency status of the planet at this time. I would not otherwise be able to introduce those technologies, so I suppose that’s one positive result.

Stay in touch. Telepathic communication is best. Learn Telepathy from the very best telepaths in the universe. I’ll tell you how to do it, at the very next workshop.

See You At The Top!!!