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Escape From Planet Trump

Tired of the old runaround? Don’t want to be directly under the nukes when they go off in your hometown? Have an aversion to being roasted alive by a mob of fear-crazed zombies? Maybe it’s time to take another look at your escape route off of Planet Trump.

I know, I know — I said “no more Trump shit”, and I meant it then and mean it now, but…you have to have some idea of what to do while you’re waiting to be taken away to the nearest labor camp “to save your life, and give you food, medicine, shelter and protection”.

From then on, you work until you die.

Watch as one by one, your freedoms are taken away. Coins and dollar bills will be the first to go, as all currency is controlled through the cloud, through computers that first determine your exact present location and identity, then pass the transaction through.

There will be many blocks, many obstacles, many obstructions on the path to liberation, but there always are, and sometimes they are so in-your-face that they can’t be ignored.

I can afford to ignore Donald Trump forever, but you can’t, and in all conscience, I can’t remain silent, much as I would preferĀ  to. Continue reading

Is Anyone Out There???

This was our windmill back in the Nederlands, about 1645-1655. I built it myself.

Back in the day, we had weekly group meetings in person at Cosmo Street and at dozens of centers all over the world. These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find a group of any kind meeting in person, because this is the Phone Age. Yeah, you don’t go out of the house. You sit on your fat ass and wallow in texting and skype and email and all the other garbage you’ve been fed and, like a good dog, you lap it up and greedily beg for more. Continue reading

What Does it Mean, “Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being”, and why such a long name?


Good question. Please note that the phrase doesn’t read “Institute for the Harmonization and Development of Disagreeable Assholes” or any variant thereof. The name of the Institute should be taken very literally.

Development of the BEING requires that the Human Part and the Being Part be already entirely and spontaneously-extemporaneously harmonious when the candidate shows up at the Gate.

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