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Forget About Trump!

Dimatteo’s Pizza is a very popular pizza spot, and the products are delicious.

Forget about Trump for a few minutes. I know it’s hard to drop the subject — he’s plastered all over the news, and his ugly pig-face is absolutely everywhere, but let’s do try for a few minutes to concentrate on something else.

Oh, are you finding that difficult? Trump IS a major distraction on the Path, but don’t let that throw you off your spiritual stride. What you really need to put in place is a majorly powerful “Keep-Away” of some sort, and I recommend a TRUMPENITE DOME, combined with a TFZ MEDALLION. See my other blogs about those items or call and ask about them.

Even with those “keep-aways” in place, you might find Trump still very much in your face and in your mind, maintaining a constant CLOUD OF WORRY over your head.

That’s how an NPD maintains power, and Donald Trump is an NPD and a half. He actually falls well within the highest scoring nuttos on the planet, and that’s on a definite bell-curve. Continue reading

Easy Steps to Remote Viewing Mastery


Here are the first beginning easy level-by-level steps to Remote Viewing Mastery. Remote Reading will be easy for you if you follow the step by step procedures:

  • PARK THE BODY — Learn how to Park the Body for a Remote Session.
  • READ THE TARGET — Learn the names & descriptions of the Training Targets.
  • DRAW THE TARGET — Learn how to draw each of the Training Targets.
  • PREDICT THE TARGET — Learn to scan for the correct Training Target & Name it.
  • GET THREE HITS IN A ROW TO PASS TO NEXT LEVEL — Self-Explanatory — do it.

This training can be given online, and could possibly be made available as a home study course or kit for the first level.

The placement of the Targets will become more occluded and occult — hidden — as one proceeds up the Levels.

Each “Pass” will require three correct “Remote Hits” in a row.

Once you have complete mastery on Training Targets, you can begin actual Remote Reading Sessions, starting with Atlantis, the easiest to reach and the brightest to see and definitely the most fun to visit.

Okay, it’s also productive on a spiritual level, but fun is definitely part of the picture.

You’ll need a number of personal tools for these experiments in spirit — notably, a bit of drawing skill that’s easy to learn and need not be terribly accurate. You’ll see what I mean when you start generating Remote Reading Sketches.

See You At The Top!!!



Learn to “Park the Body” for Astral Projection & Remote Viewing

Scene from "Seance" production at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, BC Canada.
“Seance” at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, B.C. Canada.

Here’s a breakdown of the exact induction I would use to train someone to Park the Body. It is a professional technique and should not be applied outside the realm of meditation science. It is NOT hypnotism, and should not be used as such.

This is a training induction that teaches how to Park a Body.

We are going to learn to transform this long induction into a simple suggestion, “Park the Body”, after which we merely park the body in a single moment, rather than go through the whole induction process, which means that it has become “instinctive” and no longer requires a step-by-step repetition.

It may take only once to master, or several times, but this induction is intended only as a guide for the meditation, “Park the Body” — the end result is that you will be able to park the body without the detailed induction.

The induction given verbatim below works best when it is part of a personally coached “Guided Meditation”.

Other than general relaxation, this induction has no known medical uses — it is strictly a meditation device which can be used with a beginner to indicate an easy way to relax the body while remaining fully awake and in control. Continue reading

The Magical Mystery Tour is Coming to Take You Away …

the magical mystery tour is coming to take you away...
the magical mystery tour is coming to take you away…

How would you like to take a walking tour of the Between-Lives State and never leave the apparent safety of your desktop computer?

Merely send for “Practical Guide to the Labyrinth” and you’ll have an adventure in sight, sound and text, created just for you from my original 35mm color photos, put together with soundbytes and interactive fun, by computer wizard Wayne Hoyle. Continue reading

Wake Up, Stupid!

Waking Up Is Hard To Do.
Waking Up Is Hard To Do; it’s a constant long-term effort that begins with a shock.

Wake up, stupid. That’s not to be read as “wake up stupid”. Everyone who finds themselves in the Work has come to it after a shock awakens them from robot life. By shock, I mean an electrical one. Sometime in the past, there was a shock, and that shock caused an initial awakening, an awareness of Being.

There are other ways of delivering that shock, not involving a joy-buzzer or a hairpin and an electric socket. We’ll explore one such way in a moment, but first, let’s assume that you did, indeed, receive an Awakening Shock, for some reason and in some way, however odd.

At first, you didn’t know what to do. All you knew was that you felt an empty ache — there was something you should be doing, learning, mastering, but what? Continue reading

How to Actually SELL Your Shit

selling bardo challenge coins at gallery
Selling Hand-Carved Bardo Challenge Coins at the Gallery

How to sell your shit…back in the day, I’d never have used the word “shit” in any context, in any company, “mixed” or not, meaning men and women together in the same room, in which case, there were no “dirty” or “blue” stories, jokes, riddles, puns or gags.

These days, we’ve gone so far across the arc on the pendulum of Robot Life that we’re now in a world in which “shit” is GOOD, in fact, it’s the greatest, so I’m calling your Carved Coins “shit” and hoping that you now have a good plan for their production in your home studio.

What is the “shit” you’re trying to peddle, anyway?

It’s a Spirit Coin, a Bardo Challenge Coin, if you will, and it’s a formerly ordinary copper, silver or gold coin that has been carved to show a skull under the skin, usually by an exaggerated set of teeth, a bold jaw, an open eye-socket and a few upper vertebrae, while the pretty part of the face remains intact. The whole is polished and finished, blessed and packaged to sell or ship, but one fact remains, and this is what you’re really here on planet Earth to do:

At the first moment that you show a Bardo Challenge Coin of any kind to anyone, they will receive and feel a powerful shock.

The coin carries with it not only Shakti-Pat as a result of the Blessing, but also sports a stunning visual reminder of one’s mortality, of everyone’s mortality, in the form of a ruler, king, noble, lord or goddess of liberty.

This shock does not spread through the system. It is quantum, and hits the whole body-mind all at once. The effect is astounding, predictable and certain. The subject’s REACTION to that shock will be one of three possible results:

Continue reading

Spiritual Rehab Clinics

8 and 10 hour gaming sessions work wonders on your Essential Self.

Why do you go to church, synagogue, temple, gathering, circle or group therapy? You go because your spirit is sick, tired, wandering alone, helplessly crumbling under the crushing heel that grinds you down into the mindless tedium, organic pain, mental overwhelm, personal habits, addictions and money worries of daily life.

Want fast, fast, fast relief?

Nothing could be simpler, but you don’t heal the body, you heal the spirit. Spiritual Healing can be achieved through a number of different ways, one of which is intensive video gaming in the right environment doing the right things and accomplishing the right goals in the right way, all of which is contained in the personal training program.

What is the personal training program? Continue reading


You owe it to yourself to give yourself the Gift of Many Lifetimes, a Bardo Station Run.

Congratulations! You have won a Personal Bardo Game Experience with E.J. Gold, when you attend ANY Bardo Workshop. The Bardo Game lasts about two hours and is coached by E.J., aka “Gorby” from within the online game environment. You are part of an eight-avatar team which includes six student grade avatars, going together into the virtual Between-Lives State of the Third Bardo. Continue reading

Past Life Portal Time Machines

The Ancient World has never been so accessible!!!

Exquisitely tiny, meticulously crafted wearable Miniature Time Machines are now available on this planet, but not for the first time — they were around thousands of years ago, and were in common usage for lucid dreaming and the prevention of the appearance of drunkenness, an important issue in the ancient world, particularly Athens.

Wireless telegraphy was around as far back as 30,000 B.C., and you can take advantage of that fact to capture ancient radio signals that still circle the earth and can be decoded with the Detector in your CQR Amulet.

Tapping into the daily life of ancient cultures of Planet Earth is easy, with the Past Life Portal, a miniature EMO & ANCIENT Bead Pendant that can be worn as a charm or linked with other pendants into a full NECKLACE MALA or bracelet style WRIST MALA.

The mechanism is stunningly simple — a Steven Sax EMO Bead — handmade in California using State-of-the-Art Bio-Thermal Technology — is surrounded by two guaranteed authentic ancient ceramic, glass, metal or gem beads, interspersed with pure solid copper hand-cast & polished hedgehog beads, all on a solid 100% pure copper core with double induction helix rings, just like they do at the Fermi Lab. Continue reading

What is Normality, Anyway???


EMO BEAD DETECTOR in the form of a Medieval Style Copper MEDITATION BRACELET.

When the EMO turns BLACK, it’s time to turn back.

When the EMO turns BLUE, you’ll know just what to do.

When the EMO turns RED, there’s trouble ahead.

When the EMO turns GREEN, you’re right on the scene.

When the EMO turns YELLOW, you’ll meet many fine fellows.

When the EMO turns WHITE, you’ll take action that’s right.

When the EMO turns BROWN, your world goes upside down.

When the EMO turns VIOLET, you’ll know just whom to smile at.

When the EMO turns ORANGE, the whole world looks schmorange.

When the EMO turns CLEAR, you will be out of here.

The combination of EMO BEAD and HEDGEHOG depend upon smaller devices, one of which is a hollow highly conductive sphere, and another is a wound-wire spiral donut-shaped bead, also made of a highly conductive metal, such as copper, silver or gold. Continue reading