Forget About Trump!

Dimatteo’s Pizza is a very popular pizza spot, and the products are delicious.

Forget about Trump for a few minutes. I know it’s hard to drop the subject — he’s plastered all over the news, and his ugly pig-face is absolutely everywhere, but let’s do try for a few minutes to concentrate on something else.

Oh, are you finding that difficult? Trump IS a major distraction on the Path, but don’t let that throw you off your spiritual stride. What you really need to put in place is a majorly powerful “Keep-Away” of some sort, and I recommend a TRUMPENITE DOME, combined with a TFZ MEDALLION. See my other blogs about those items or call and ask about them.

Even with those “keep-aways” in place, you might find Trump still very much in your face and in your mind, maintaining a constant CLOUD OF WORRY over your head.

That’s how an NPD maintains power, and Donald Trump is an NPD and a half. He actually falls well within the highest scoring nuttos on the planet, and that’s on a definite bell-curve.

This section of BardoTown can be a very difficult passage if you’re easily scared.

He’d be really mad if he could read my blogs, which is why I use words with more than one syllable.

My songs would throw him into a rage, but they shouldn’t, not at all. Actually, he’ll be remembered in song long after his reign of terror is over and done with.

Over the centuries, we’ve seen them come, and we’ve seen them go. Things never change, just the technology and current mores, and they change with the seasons, quite predictably.

Right now, it’s the season for Nationalism, Tribal Insulation, Building Walls & Fortifications & Defenses.

You’ll find no refuge here, nor anywhere else, for that matter. There is no Sanctuary.

It’s time for war.

Wow, how far out is that? I LOVE war, don’t you? You get tired of playing with plastic soldiers or online battles, right?

So nothing is more satisfying than a real, gritty dirty nasty bloody war, don’t you see?

I’m always glad to see the patriots waving their flags and condemning and damning others. It means war, and that means profits and progress.

We get our best science from warfare, and our very best scientific advances come almost exclusively from breakthroughs in weapons and defenses.

Haw, haw, haw, I can’t wait to see the expressions on the faces of those assholes who actually voted Trump into office.

You can’t get in here without a Pass, and only the Initiates know how to get one.

I’ve got it all set up on the Other Side. If you voted for Trump, you go to Trump Heaven, which has a fifty-foot thick wall built up all around it.

Even so, you have to maintain silence when you’re within 100 meters of their heavenly wall, because they think they’re the only ones up here.

Jolly good plan, war — from my perspective.

I can hardly wait to see the cool new uniforms, and hear the ultra-cool wartime music, see the great wartime dance steps and drink the great new wartime cola.

Wow, the marketing plans alone could keep me busy for a week!

Don’t even THINK about commandeering a vehicle in the Bardos. Not a good plan!

I’m well-stocked on rad-block salt pills, and of course I’ve got my “hot papa” radiation suit and I’ve had my Radiation Meter up and running for several weeks, now, starting with the time Trump first manifested his weirdness, on the very first day of office.

The nukes will go off in my neighborhood first, if I’ve calculated it correctly.

While you’re waiting for the nukes to go off in YOUR neighborhood — and rest assured, they will — you can get some HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS TIME in on a new Orb I’ve just finished and made ready for testing & delivery — the absolutely amazing Orb, BardoTown.

BardoTown is without a doubt the largest and most complex single level anyone has ever made, and one look at that incredibly complex map, and you’ll see why nobody does that.

Europeans will feel very comfortable in the North-West Sector of BardoTown.

I did do it, starting well over 25 years ago, and I’ve been working on it ever since. It’s sort of my “Mona Lisa” — an Orb over which I’ve gladly obsessed and worked my keyboard to the bone to deliver intact and fast-running.

If you’re not getting 60 frames of totally smooth action out of this amazing Orb, there’s something seriously wrong with your computer, because even a standard desk type machine can run this as if it were a movie, but it isn’t. It’s YOU moving around in there, doing things and experiencing the space as if you were in it, and you ARE!

Sure, it’s just a screen, just a videogame, but after a while, you’ll see that it’s not just a videogame — there’s actually someone on the other end, and that’s you, too.

You’re at BOTH ENDS of the WormHole. There is only one “side” to the WormHole, just one entrance at both ends at once, with “nothing but vortex” in the middle.

The Vortex in BardoTown is quantum electronics, but is the same as a “real” Vortex.

That little vortex is the whole basis of the entire universe, both visible and invisible, meaning both Newtonian AND Quantum sides of the coin.

A vortex is spin, and spin is the beginning of everything you know and hold dear. Spin is what imparts the possibility of LIFE within a universe. There is no other way.

A planetary vortex that spouts upward from the surface into the atmosphere and beyond gets put there by a weird combination of gravity, magnetism and electricity.

The Earth has a number of these “wrinkles” in time/space called “vortexes” or more properly, “vortices”, and these can be harnessed for absolutely incredible quantum effects, all the way up into the Causal Plane.

As Above, So Below, true enough, but did you know that the other half of that phrase is “As Below, So Above”, meaning that you can influence the Higher from the Lower, if you know how, have the license to do so, and have access to the Higher Realms.

Gorby’s Transit Services are always available, BUT you have to ASK for help to get it.

Access to the Higher Realms doesn’t come from Below.

Your access to Higher Realms has been limited by your physical confines and limitation, but it needn’t be so.

It’s easy enough to launch yourself into Higher Realms merely by following the Path of Indication, which is to say, invoke an Orb and walk around in there a while until you FEEL it.

BardoTown is an Orb that contains several important Bardo Stations and Contact Points, among which are Cosmo Street, Norton Street, Enchanter Sunset, and the Gemini Supermarket.

Along the way, you’ll encounter ALL the major areas of the Third Bardo. It pays to become familiar with the territory and the space, so you have an easier time of it when you DO pass through and do the trip for real.

The overpass on the North Side runs past several important Bardo Stations.

Trump’s whole plan is to distract you. That’s his entire purpose in life, to distract YOU from YOUR spiritual path. It would delight him to know that he’s causing you some pain.

Let him tweet himself into oblivion, it doesn’t concern you. Stay focused on your spiritual path, and don’t allow him to enter into your thoughts, your work, your home.

I’ll be posting more of these screenshots in the next blog. YOU CAN ASK ABOUT BARDOTOWN — call, write, or drop a line in the forum or on the log of today’s show.

If you’re really needing some help on the Trump issue, I’ve made a few Orbs to help you get over your frustration with the craziness.

You need to do something MAGICALLY. Washington is NOT listening to you, nor will they ever.

I’ll merely mention that I’ve completed a number of Orbs that relate to Trump and Trumpism, and I’ll be advising you about them as they become available for download.

See You At The Top!!!