Grab a Guitar & Join the War!!!

LeslieAnn ripping into Trump at a recent comedy performance in Reno.

Feeling helpless? Is Trump too much in your face all the time? Are you sick of hearing his voice and seeing his stupid wig flapping around in the breeze? Do you wish you had a photo of the bald Donald Trump to post on your facebook page?

Well, despair no longer, bunkie. Your days of frustration are over, and Donald Trump’s are just beginning. The Power of Song is greater than you think. It’s more than reason, more than persuasion, much more than mere influence.

Song is the basis of shamanic magic, did you know that?

In ALL spiritual practices, song is used to convey prayer, to build thought-forms, to open portals, gateways, doorways and StarGates.

Sound has power, but you already knew that. Okay, so how to harness it for a specific purpose?

Well, first, you have to have a purpose, and that means some sort of target effect, so you can measure your success. There can be no greater purpose than to regain your country and your freedoms and to help others who are too helpless to help themselves do this by teaching them HOW TO RESIST TYRANNY.

LeslieAnn likes to make the audience think about what’s going on.

Of course, accidents CAN happen, and it is quite possible that you’ll wake up one morning to find yourself living in a military dictatorship.

My history lessons aren’t open to folks in the past, but I CAN give you a little hint — there’s no mention of any U.S. Presidents after Trump.

That doesn’t mean there weren’t any, just that historians weren’t all that interested in the 21st century, what with all the really interesting stuff happening in the 22nd and 26th centuries, not to mention my home time frame, the 37th century.

Remember that this is a class exercise, not just casual curiosity, so conduct yourself accordingly. Keep always in mind that there is nothing personal, that you are merely determining the effect of your shamanic magic, and how you determine that effect is by observing changes in Donald Trump’s behavior.

Not subtle things — big, major changes, as in taking the initiative against hate crimes, coming out in favor of mixed marriages and abortion rights and equal pay and freedom from fear and fair treatment from law enforcement and the removal of blockages to refugees and a more gentle and sensitive relationship with women — like I said, big things, things that are definitely NOT likely to happen just on their own.

What I mean by that is, there is no chance in Hell that Donald Trump will voluntarily drop those psycho-aberrations anytime soon, so if they DO happen to change radically and he starts acting like an Enlightened Being, you get an “A” for the course, and I end up with a combined semester grade of D+, which satisfies me just fine.

I’m an artist. I don’t need the grades, and a D+ average is PLENTY for an artist, musician, songwriter, playwright, actor, dancer or Creative Person Without Portfolio.

That used to be me. I never had an art portfolio to get into Otis, because all my stuff had sold.

Those boots were the best I ever wore onstage.

These days, I’d be punished for the offense, but at that time, photography was bloody expensive, and the few photos I could afford to take went to my recording industry friends. I used to do their publicity photos for them, free — what beginning show business hopeful can afford a set of 8×10 glossies for their portfolio?

I still have the negatives somewhere about. I guess they’d be worth something to someone, but I have little faith in the public interest in anything, much less vintage photos of long-forgotten heroes of the entertainment industry.

Along with the magical effects IMPLANTED into the folk songs, I’ve tried to also make them make some sense in relation to the political circus that will be gracing the table for the next few years.

Why focus on the political scene? I never do that. Not only am I totally disinterested in local politics — meaning any Earth politics at all — but I have a more fundamental reason for my disinterest in anything regarding the outcome of any planetary body.

In the Long Run, it doesn’t matter — none of it does.

What DOES matter is the sheer effort of creating the conditions for conscious life beyond the pale of material existence.

LeslieAnn celebrates an Amerikan Holiday, ANY Day that Trump Goes Away.

Lower life forms just don’t appreciate that opportunity, but YOU can take advantage of a lifetime spent in human form, if you have the willingness to put up a good fight against the forces of sleep, and that’s where Donald Trump comes in.

If he and his hateful administration weren’t so much in your face, you might forget he’s in Washington messing things up real good, like his buddy Putin told him to do. Stir the shit-stick.

Problem is, they’ve already robbed you of your real estate values, your retirement fund and your personal freedoms, especially your freedom from fear, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and popularized by the WWII government posters advertising “The Four Freedoms”.

The Four Freedoms were Amerikan goals articulated by Franklin D. Roosevelt in his State of the Union Speech of January 6, 1941 — often called “The Four Freedoms Speech” of FDR. These were published and publicized for many years, until the Trump administration took action to prevent their continued publication.

USE your Four Freedoms NOW, lest you lose them forever.

Why? What ARE the Four Freedoms?

  • FREEDOM OF SPEECH — This is the very first and most important of all personal freedoms, because without it, a tyrant can easily take over the government and rule by force of military might. Part of this freedom is the guarantee that the press will not be shut out of government policies — this is now being violated by the Trump administration. Newspeople are BARRED from access to Trump’s party members.
  • FREEDOM OF WORSHIP — This freedom is the MOST attacked of all personal freedoms, and at the moment, Muslims and Jews are being singled out, but eventually, ALL nonconformist groups are herded into the Death Camps in Trump Amerika. If you don’t speak ENGLISH, you will be arrested and sentenced to forced labor and eventually death by starvation or gas chamber and no, I’m not kidding, nor am I exaggerating the facts. The camps are already being built — Steve Bannon has his old job back — he’s apparently now in charge of handling  “The Jewish Question”.
  • FREEDOM FROM WANT — Trump and his bastard friends have NEVER had a single day when they wondered where they were going to get some food and shelter for themselves and their kids, yet they want to take the little YOU have away from you. I say, tell the bastards where to go, and you can DO THAT IN SONG and what’s more, you can publish your protests on youtube and other video outlets, and perform public concerts. Your purpose here is partly to sway opinion, but mostly to use song as a magical weapon against tyranny and brutal rule of the strong against the weak.
  • FREEDOM FROM FEAR — This is where Trump is a total monster. He feels fear ALL the time, and wants others to feel the same fear he feels, so he imposes fear on everyone he can possibly affect. His primary tool is RACISM in any form, including Nationalism and Patriotism. He is neither nationalistic nor particularly patriotic. He is a very opportunistic tool-user, and right now, you happen to be one of the tools he’s using opportunistically, so it’s YOUR JOB to get out from under.
Get out from under the easy way! Enlighten the Emperor now, before it’s too late!

One way to escape his clutches is to FIGHT BACK, and fight back as hard and mean and nasty as he and his cohorts, his partners in crime, are willing to do.

If you have an ounce of spiritual life, you won’t want to do that, and it’s actually totally unnecessary.

Folksinging is a powerful tool, much more powerful than anyone outside the field is aware or would believe. With the Power of Song, you can literally CHANGE THE WORLD in which you live, by switching lifestreams into a higher conciousness level.

That’s what you SHOULD BE TRYING TO DO in the first place!

My current Health Plan is that I plan not to get sick.

Hell, if you’re fighting for your very life on a very basic level — meaning that, like myself, you will very shortly have NO MEDICAL COVERAGE WHATSOEVER — you might as well get some spiritual benefit out of it, too.

No sense fighting to stay alive long enough to get to work to earn the bread to stay alive so you can keep going to work.

That’s what those bastards DO want of you, and you’d be a sucker to keep giving them what they want.

Bankers, Wall Street  Brokers, Real Estate Tycoons are all pikers compared to the MYSTERIAN NINE, the nine MEN who hold literally ALL the power in the world in their greedy little hands.

The Rockefellers, Morgans and Bushes are pieces of shit compared to the really BIG fish that are NEVER seen. You’ll never hear their names, never knowingly see their faces. They live in total isolation, like a Chinese Emperor cloistered in his Forbidden City, living totally apart from his subjects.

Back in the 1950s, the enemy was clear; not Communism, but ANTI-Communism in the form of a diseased mind, the corrupt and criminal Senator Joseph McCarthy, who caused the name “McCarthyism” to be remembered long after his miserable life of hate, fear and suspicion.

McCarthy would, today, be very welcome on the Trump Team, along with several notorious Governors and regional leaders in history, who ended up on the gallows or worse.

How in the world do you get revenge by just singing a song?

You don’t.

Forget about revenge. There’s no money in revenge, but there IS money, not a bad income, either, in folk-singing, and that’s what I propose. Grab up your guitar and SING!

Sure, you think it’s a worthless effort, particularly if you don’t sing out in public, but you’d be wrong.

With any luck, he won’t be in your face every minute of every day.


More than just feeling better will be the result of singing THESE particular songs, however — they encapsulate powerful magical prayer formulae that will bring about Enlightenment in even the densest most animalistic of low human creatures.

That isn’t something you want to impose upon a lower order creature like Donald Trump, but when they get themselves into positions of leadership either accidentally or by cheating, as Trump did, they MUST BE ENLIGHTENED to protect everyone else from their ignorance, greed, fear and distrust.

Forget about changing people’s minds — that isn’t going to happen. But you CAN change the entire structure of REALITY just by singing these POWERFUL SHAMANIC INVOCATIONAL SOUND TOOLS and using them as weapons in the WAR AGAINST SLEEP!

Singing these songs IN A CLOSET at a tone so faint a cat can’t hear it will still have the same magical effect as if you’d sung it in a concert or a town meeting hall.

The difference is that when you SING OUT in public, you might influence others to do the same.

“Where can I download those songs you sing?” is a frequent question I ask myself when I’m alone, and you might, too.

Quite frankly, I haven’t the foggiest notion, but I intend to find out, and when I do, I’m going to include a “Pitch”, a short sales pitch, for the songbook AND and CDs!!!

Then I’ll post that on youtube and wait for results.

The whole idea is to get these songs out there as widely as possible before the book is banned.

There’s no reason YOU can’t write your OWN songs of protest and publish them and encourage others to sing them.

Sometimes it’s easier to sing something than to say it. I have dozens of Jimmy Webb stories to tell about that fact. Jimmy used to stutter when he spoke — because he didn’t know what he was going to say — but there wasn’t a hint of it when he sang, because he already knew what he was going to sing, so there was no stuttering hesitation.

Simple cure, works every time. Sing it, don’t say it.

Of course, this WILL get you kicked out of an opera house during a performance, or bounced out of a doctor’s waiting room if you get too boisterous.

Try to confine your singing activities to town hall meetings and places where you have plenty of protection from people with placards mounted on six-foot long two-by-fours.

They come in handy, when the police start swinging their little billy clubs, but don’t try the same trick on anyone flashing an assault weapon of any impressive size.

Of course, if you’re an off-worlder, you’re familiar with The Cricket, which can take down an entire planet with a single burst on “auto”, which I don’t ever recommend.

If you can’t take down your target with the first round, don’t count on getting a second chance.

That’s why I compare the Protest Folk Song Singer to a sniper or a ranger. You have two basic techniques to accomplish your folk singing army aims:

On tour, I can reach an audience of thousands.

So you fight for your Four Freedoms WITH the Four Freedoms. SING OUT! Let your voice be heard! Be fearless! The most they can do is stop you, but they can’t stop an entire folksinging ARMY, and the more you sing, the greater the effect.

There is MAGIC BUILT IN to every song I publish. Incantation and secret mantra are used liberally — if you’ll pardon the use of the word “liberal” — and sprinkled throughout each and every song are magical “buttons”, which switch invocational streams in a very calculated way.

I recommend singing the songs in the order given in the book, but there are special times, special occasions, where you would want to select and arrange songs in a different order.

I will be providing a series of “GIG LISTS” that might fit a narrow range of occasions, but in general, they build best when presented in the way they’re published, A to Z.

Each song is built upon the previous song and is taken in an upward curve at a fixed rate of ascent, very much the way you’d coax an airliner upward along an ascending path that used as little energy as possible to achieve the exact thrust needed to achieve the next flat level of flight.

WAVES OF ENLIGHTENMENT travel just like any other lightwave, keeping in mind that EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS is here because of VIBRATION.

Without vibration, nothing whatever would exist.

Everything is made up of very small wiggly things that vibrate all the time. I’m sorry, but that’s all I have to work with. I know you’ll find a way to deal with it.


With comedy, you can’t lose.


It’s all a matter of how you’re seeing it. With the right shamanic vision, you’ll see instantly that singing is chanting, chanting is singing. As a matter of fact, “chanson” and “chanteuse” and “canton” and “canticle” are all words from which the modern word “chanting” was derived, and they all mean “singing” or “song” or “songs”.

The magic is contained in the SOUNDING OF THE SONG, not the performance value or the number of the audience. As I said before, you can sing these songs quietly in the closet and the magical effect would be undiminished.


You’re not trying to change anyone’s mind. Your effort is to direct certain higher energies, called “WAVES OF ENLIGHTENMENT” to penetrate into the White House and to alter the consciousness of anyone inside the building toward Perfection of the Self Buddha Form Enlightenment, or at the very least, get them to calm down just a little.

“Just, just … take it easy” is the mantra you want.

So what kind of songs will you find on my CDs, DVDs and in my Protest Songbook???

Fair question — let’s take a look inside, shall we? Oh, by the way, the songbook can be downloaded digitally as a PDF, or purchased in hard-copy as a beautiful spiralbound songbook that lies flat on the music stand. It’s got a great color cover AND back by Marvette, and the pages are super-extra heavy stock, to make them last — at least as long as the present administration, which could be weeks and weeks.

  • CIA TOLD ME NOT TO COME — “Want some crazy in your brain? Are you lookin’ at a rump? What’s all these crazy questions they keep on askin’ Trump?”
  • DONALD CAN YOU SPARE A BUCK? — “Once we fought a war by your command, mud rain ice cold and muck. Once I rounded up illegals for you — Donald, can you spare a buck?”
  • DONALD’S WAR — Last night I had a vision that I’d never seen before. Donald Trump had just freaked out, and triggered off a war.”
  • DONALD TRUMP RUMP-ROAST BLUES — “I never had a day of Trump’s outrages, never had a drama of toys. All I ever see is Trump on Twitter, makin’ more complainin’ noise. I’ve got those blues, those Donald Trump Rump-Roast Blues.”
  • EMPEROR DONALD, WILL YOU RULE THIS LAND? — “Emperor Donald will you rule this land, with your freakout wig and comb? Oh, how can I rule a country like this, with a whole Russian family back home?” (this refers to the FACT that the present Donald Trump is a not-particularly life-like Russian robot.)
  • EVERYBODY DISLIKES DONALD TRUMP — “Bobo waro korira Donald Trump, Tout le monde detest Donald Trump, Ren-ten-si hen-ni Donald Trump, Vsiem nenavidet Donald Trumpm, A todos les odio Donaldo Trumpito, Jeder eyne has Donald Trump, everybody dislikes Donald Trump”. (Leave out the last verse if you want to get a whole bunch of Trump supporters singing “Everybody hates Donald Trump” without knowing what they’re singing.)
  • FANTASIZE A TRUMP-FREE WORLD — “Conceive of no possessions, I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger, Don’t need a travel ban…” (Good song for a town hall meeting, for sure, if they’ll let you sing inside the hall.)
  • FAR FROM THE TRUMPIES — “Someday I’ll see the Trumpies go, Where Donald Trump is very slow, behind me…”
  • FREEDOM SPECIAL — “If you go to Trump Amerika, you’d better walk right, You’d better not be an Arab, and you’d better be white. Trump’s Storm Troopers will arrest you, They’ll take you down, Before you know it, you’ll be Labor Camp bound.” This refers to the so-called “labor camps” for those who accept jobs in the infrastructure reclamation projects favored by the rich to keep the poor in slave labor positions.
  • FROZEN DONALD — “It froze clear through to China, It formed an icy lump, At a hundred degrees below zero, it froze poor Donald Trump.”
  • GO TELL MISS LIBERTY — “Go tell Miss Liberty, Go tell Miss Liberty, Go tell Miss Liberty, the Old Republic’s dead.”
  • HANG DOWN YOUR HEAD POOR DONALD — “Hang down your head, poor Donald, Hang down your head and cry, Killed poor Ryan Owens, That poor boy had to die.”
  • HIT THE TRAIL, TRUMP — “Don’t care if you get carried off by the men in white, Your brain is crazy son, it sure ain’t right.”
  • IF I HAD AN iPHONE — “If I had a facebook page, I’d share it in the morning, I’d share it in the evening, All over this land.”
  • IF YOU’RE NOT WHITE AND CHRISTIAN — “Trump is who I’m singin’ about, And people, you know it’s true, If you’re not white AND Christian and have to work for a livin’, This is what they’ll say to you.”
  • IVANA TRUMP — “Now sometimes Emperor Donald throws a spread, For all his pals and gals, a ghastly crew, Steve Bannon carves the joints and cuts the bread, In walks Ivana Trump to queer the brew.”
  • LET TRUMP TWEET — “Let him Tweet, Let him Tweet, Let him Tweet, Let him Tweet, Texting stupid flat-Earth garbage, Let him Tweet.” (If you aimed a telescope directly at the ISS in the evening sky, a flat-Earther would accuse you of painting the image on the Objective lens, even though the ISS is visible to the naked eye. “Its a hologram projected by the CIA,” they’ll inform you darkly, and that’s Trump in the proverbial nutshell. What U.S. President do you know who sat on Twitter, broadcasting deep national security secrets, along with scattered and vague personal attacks?)
  • LISTEN, DONALD TRUMP — “With a Slavic wife, you’re taking a helluva chance, And your good friends, the Duponts, came over from France. Another thing, I’m sure, will be news to you, The first Mister Trump was a foreigner, too.” (a well-scored point, I should think.)
  • MISS LIBERTY DON’T YOU WEEP — “Well, one of these nights, around twelve o’clock, this whole world is gonna rock.” (I think that says it all.)
  • MUSHROOM CLOUD — “The tyranny ends when the wall comes down, Follow the mushroom cloud, There’s freedom for ALL on Amerikan ground, Follow the mushroom cloud.”
  • NO BALLS AT ALL — “Oh, listen, my children, a story you’ll hear, A song I will sing, it will fill you with cheer. The charming Melania hooked up in the Fall, She wed Donald Trump, who had no balls at all. No balls at all, No balls at all, she wed Donald Trump who had no balls at all.” (with a good harmonic blend of three or four voices, this sounds great, and with an entire hall singing it, you’ll bring down the house.)
  • NO ONE KNOWS TRUMP — “Donald Trump lived the life of a Billionaire, Never paid his taxes, he did not care, Took his huge family out for a mighty good time, Drinkin’ taxpayers’ money, champagne and wine.” (nine MILLION dollars of taxpayer money every time he goes away for the weekend, and he pays NOTHING in taxes and won’t even release his tax return! What a phony!)
  • ONE TWEET OVER THE EDGE — “I’m waitin’ for the fallout and the joltin’ earthquake, Standin’ on this Wall Street ledge, Trump’s sittin’ on his ass in his golden office, One tweet over the edge.” (Over the edge is the phrase you want here. Holy crap, is this guy over the edge. Maybe with your help, he’ll be off the ledge at last. Once again, this would make a terrific song to foist on Trump supporters. They’ll never know it’s not PRO Trump, because it contains words of more than one syllable.)
  • PUTIN ON THE STYLE — “Donald’s in the oval office, Raging with all his might, His ‘Kill the Unbelievers!’ screams, Put nice folks in a fright, Now you might think it’s Satan comin’ down the aisle, And you’d be right, it’s Donald Trump, He’s Putin on the style.”
  • REALLY UPTIGHT — “Trump and his Russian friends want us all to fry, Even now I sit here and I wonder why, The electoral college wants to make me cry, Got to stop listening to all of your lies. Really uptight, not feelin’ too good today.”
  • SPITEFUL TWEETS — “Vengeful tweets are in my eyes, Don’t know if it be truth or lies, He holds us hostage and puts on the screws, He hates the media and fears the news.” (What other high government official is OBSESSIVE about posting on Twitter?)
  • SYMPATHY FOR THE DONALD — “Just as all cops are criminals, And all the sinners saints, As heads is tails and upside-down, And is is always ain’t, Just call me Mister President, I’m in need of some restraint.” (Jesus, I’ll say he is. In the old days, when there was money to run hospitals and clinics, he wouldn’t be walking the streets.)
  • TALKIN’ ‘BOUT MY MEDITATION — “Donald Trump is in my face, His ugly face is here to stay, Won’t you vote him out of office, And make him go away?” A plaintive cry against tyranny, but my own personal druther is to see him through at least two terms, just to get my songbook lauched — I’m slow at marketing, these days.)
  • THE DONALD TWEETS TONIGHT — “Fear your leader, your insane leader, The Donald Tweets tonight. Tweet away, tweet away, tweet away, tweet away.” (Gosh, once again, a great song for a large group or perhaps a mob bearing tar and feathers marching across the White House lawn, as I have foreseen in my novel, “SlimeWars” which is still in print and ON SALE today!!!
  • THE GREAT IMPOSTER — “Yes, he’s the Great Imposter, Just scowling, he’ll never forgive, He seems to be what he’s not, you see, He’s using his brain like a sieve.”
  • THERE ONCE WAS A TWEETING MAID — “She went to the cyber cafe, When the hoodlums went away, And when the zombies came ’round, She always stood her ground.” (This is a good choice for a subway busking gig, because it’s not actually rabidly anti-Trump, although secretly, of course, it is.
  • THE TWEET — “Crazy Donald followed me, and he caught me in the fog, He said I’ll fix your songs if you’ll stop writing blogs, I said wait a minute Donald, you know I will not be screened, He said that’s okay, I’ll send in the Marines. He’s addicted to Twitter, You can Tweet for free, Take a load off Twitter, Put the download on me.”
  • THIS LAND IS NOT TRUMP’S LAND — “As I was walking my shattered nation, I saw the people in sheer frustration, I saw before me Trump’s ugly pig-face, This land is not for Trump alone.” (You might want to save this as your closing piece.)
  • TRUMP AMERIKA — “Trump Amerika around us, Russians banging at our door, Illegals rounded up, by the countless score, But I pay my taxes, So I’ll give it one more try, To tell my liberal friends, Not to curl up and die.”
  • TRUMP MEATBALL — “Donald Trump was very bold, He asked for silver, gems and gold, Illegals all yelled at that shmuck, You can’t eat here for a Billion Bucks!”
  • TRUMPTIME — “Trumptime, and the livin’ is easy, Washington’s jumpin’, And the rake-off is high, Donald Trump’s very rich, And his daughter’s good-looking, So hush you illegals, Don’t you cry.”
  • TRUMP TRAIN — “I am feeling so unfree, Soon I’ll be a Deportee, Watching as the clouds go by, As I ride in the sky.”
  • TRUMP WON’T YOU BUY ME — “Donald Trump, won’t you buy me a stretch limousine? It’s in that kind of car that I’d like to be seen, Worked hard for retirement, No help have I seen, Donald Trump, won’t you buy me a stretch limousine?”
  • UFOS OVER WATER — “They burned down the Press stand, Jones and Hartman they went down, We were not white AND Christian, so we had to leave town. UFOs over water, fly into the sky.”
  • WALL AROUND HEAVEN — “Donald Trump is so sure all that glitters is gold, That he’s building a Wall around Heaven.”
  • WALTZING GORILLA — “Down came an immigrant to live free in Amerika, Up jumped Trump and he grabbed him with glee, And he sang as he shoved that immigrant into his holding tank, You’ll be a waltzing gorilla like me.”
  •  WASHINGTON FAREWELL — “Down at the labor camp you can hear, Wage slaves cry out with deadly fear, I must declare that my heart is there, Though I came across the fence from Mexico.”
  • WE WILL TWEET YOU — “Donald make a big noise, Gonna be a big man, Ugly face, Big disgrace, Kickin’ women and talkin’ race. We will TWEET YOU!”
  • YO, TRUMP — “Yo, Trump, don’t make me mad, Let Senator Warren read Coretta’s letter, Let Enlightenment into your brain, You won’t act so insane.”
The politicians come and go, but the comedy always remains.

Well, he won’t act so insane IF your ENLIGHTENMENT SPELL works okay. There’s no room for failure, if you still care about this planet.

I’ve shown you several improvised magical weapons now, among which are:

  • PEOPLE’S PROTEST SONGBOOK — The songbook can be downloaded or purchased as a softcover spiralbound book, full color covers back and front.
  • PEOPLE’S PROTEST SONGS IN HD — DVD with ALL THE SONGS sung like they’re supposed to be sung, although you can style and sing them any way you like.
  • PEOPLE’S PROTEST JEWELRY — TFA Trump-Free Amerika medallions, earrings and home units.
  • TRUMPENITE — Why not place this meteorite where it will do the most good? If you fear Trump’s Storm Troopers banging in your door, you might want to place this item in the center of your home, or at EACH DOOR and WINDOW.
  • OVAL OFFICE IN THE ASHRAM — You have several options to impose Enlightenment Wave Forms onto the actual Washington White House. Join a group there every day and sometimes all night long! Hundreds can participate and, unlike Trump Amerika, there’s room for all. Ask anyone on the forum how to find out more about this.
  • TRUMPENSTEIN VIDEO GAME — Blast your way out of Castle Trumpenstein with magical weapons that vaporize the opposition with WAVES OF ENLIGHTENMENT that turns them into spiritual beings with a hankering to go home.
  • ESCAPE FROM PLANET TRUMP VIDEO GAME — Dogs and Zombies block your Path to Freedom. You have magical weapons at your disposal, and the Path is overrun with fierce opposition that only a berserker sorceress can overcome.
  • OVAL OFFICE VIDEO GAME — You get more than just the Oval Office — you get the entire White House, hand-constructed by Old Gorby just for you. Dive into the space and start INFLUENCING all the inhabitants of the ACTUAL WHITE HOUSE to experience WAVES OF ENLIGHTENMENT toward RIGHT ACTION. It works!!! Do it!!!
  • TRUMP AMERIKA COMEDY ACT — I’ve posted FREE a variety of comedy elements that can be easily woven into a fabric of a routine or complete act, or taken as written and told just as they appear in print, even reading them aloud would work.
  • TRUMP COMICS & CARTOONS — If you can draw well, you’ll have to overcome it.
  • TRUMP DOLLS — Don’t give in to the temptation to make a Trump voodoo doll — it’s bad karma, and it’s already been done to great effect.
Back in the day, we’d have loved to have had idiots like Trump and his associates to rip up and tear to shreds for people’s comedy relief.

Gosh, there are so many ways to fight this creep, and more ideas keep cropping up. He’s such a tempting comedy fool, you won’t be able to resist making fun of him. History labels him as “a clown”. Quite literally, not just because of his funny wig. He actually does LOOK like a classic clown.

That’s because clowns recognized early on that the very puffed up people are the funniest people.

Unfortunately, they also tend to be the Kings and Queens who, if offended, tend to have the jester drawn and quartered or blown to bits for the court’s amusement.

Eventually, Donald Trump’s monkey-curiosity will get the better of him, and he’ll check out one or two of my People’s Protest Songs, and he’ll probably suggest I be taken care of, and that’s the last you’ll see of me, but my songs will still be around, and that’s my victory, and yours, too, in our common War Against Sleep.


He’s just a handy measure of success or failure of the experiment. So DO the experiment and see if you can get a VISIBLE result from your ENLIGHTENMENT EFFORTS.

Stay on the escalator — stay on target, Luke, Use the Force!


Believe that it CAN BE DONE. In historical fact, it HAS been done. Dozens of very slug-like low-grade human rulers have had ENLIGHTENMENT thrust upon them for the safety and well-being of all living creatures on the planet, and there’s no reason to alter that very humane approach.

It’s a whole lot easier than trying to hit a planet with a very wobbly and unpredictable asteroid of any appreciable size and weight.

But I keep trying.

See You At The Top!!!