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Grab a Guitar & Join the War!!!

LeslieAnn ripping into Trump at a recent comedy performance in Reno.

Feeling helpless? Is Trump too much in your face all the time? Are you sick of hearing his voice and seeing his stupid wig flapping around in the breeze? Do you wish you had a photo of the bald Donald Trump to post on your facebook page?

Well, despair no longer, bunkie. Your days of frustration are over, and Donald Trump’s are just beginning. The Power of Song is greater than you think. It’s more than reason, more than persuasion, much more than mere influence.

Song is the basis of shamanic magic, did you know that?

In ALL spiritual practices, song is used to convey prayer, to build thought-forms, to open portals, gateways, doorways and StarGates.

Sound has power, but you already knew that. Okay, so how to harness it for a specific purpose?

Well, first, you have to have a purpose, and that means some sort of target effect, so you can measure your success. There can be no greater purpose than to regain your country and your freedoms and to help others who are too helpless to help themselves do this by teaching them HOW TO RESIST TYRANNY. Continue reading

Comedy Gag Elements for a Presidential Comedy Routine



Do you feel like punching Donald Trump right in his bulbous red nose? You wouldn’t be alone, but it’d be a big mistake to let that rage take you over. That’s exactly what Donald Trump wants, is your permanent rage, because that means you’re giving him the attention he needs and craves and must have every minute of every day.

How would you like to convert that rage and frustration into something good and peaceful and contributory and gentle and kind and loving and wonderful and beneficial to all beings everywhere?

That’s exactly the point of the Spiritual Technology which I used to call “CONVERSION”,  the fundamental basis for a system I once called “Anger Management”, given in the form of workshops in 1964 and 1965. I don’t use the term anymore, because it was popularized and turned into a money machine and I want no part of that action, thank you very much.

Conversion is the plan. Sure, you feel lousy and miserable, and befouled and angry and frustrated and annoyed and fearful and distrustful. These must be converted solidly into positive energy, and the best energy beam ever made was and always will be “Waves of Enlightenment”.

They act like waves, so the subject is more or less continually beaten on the head to wake up and see the Light — in short, “Get fucking Enlightened NOW!”

You start with the lower emotions and sensations, of course. It always starts with something small.

Anger, rage, frustration.

But wait!!! Those are the very same symptoms felt all day and all night by Donald Trump! How is that Possible? He’s a multibillionaire and has anything and anyone he wants in his pocket, bedroom or twitter account, or so it would seem.

As a Remote Reader, I know the truth. He’s actually in debt up to his eyeballs, and is under the power of those who give him bailout money to keep his financial empire from going under, which it has nearly done several dozen times in a row. Continue reading

THE ART OF BELIEVING — “Golden Buddha Ball” — SCRIPT #1

Golden Buddha Ball Floats all by itself, just mix in the patter.

FRENCH DROP — $39.95

In deep space, Hydrogen atoms mysteriously & spontaneously appear out of nothingness. Space expands and contracts and can be twisted and distorted by gravity. Electrons vanish and reappear in a laboratory experiment. Battleships travel through time and vanish without a trace.

Things have a way of not being there one moment, and the next moment, there they are, where they should have been all the time. Wallets, keys, pens & pencils, cufflinks and paper clips — all have a way of vanishing mysteriously, with no explanation, literally in a split second, while you turned your head momentarily, but then when you look again, where you just looked, the thing that wasn’t there before, is there now.

We’ve all experienced this mystery, so let’s make an experiment together, and see if we can make some small object vanish into another dimension and then come back to us again.

Here’s a large round crystal ball. It’s easy to see, right? Let’s watch as it vanishes into thin air. (PERFORMS FRENCH DROP, SHOWS HAND TO BE EMPTY.) That was easy, wasn’t it?

Science tells us that electrons do this all the time. They vanish into another dimension, then pop back out again into ours, like this. (PRODUCES OBJECT FROM OTHER HAND.)

What if we knew how to put enough atoms together in a single stable coherent form, would we be able to travel from one dimension to another?

Science tells us yes. It’s just a matter of time before a human can travel comfortably to another dimension. The real question will be, not “do you have a passport, travel visa, mastercard or cash”, but “do you have a reservation?” because everybody everywhere wants to be somewhere else.

Continue reading