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Comedy Gag Elements for a Presidential Comedy Routine



Do you feel like punching Donald Trump right in his bulbous red nose? You wouldn’t be alone, but it’d be a big mistake to let that rage take you over. That’s exactly what Donald Trump wants, is your permanent rage, because that means you’re giving him the attention he needs and craves and must have every minute of every day.

How would you like to convert that rage and frustration into something good and peaceful and contributory and gentle and kind and loving and wonderful and beneficial to all beings everywhere?

That’s exactly the point of the Spiritual Technology which I used to call “CONVERSION”,  the fundamental basis for a system I once called “Anger Management”, given in the form of workshops in 1964 and 1965. I don’t use the term anymore, because it was popularized and turned into a money machine and I want no part of that action, thank you very much.

Conversion is the plan. Sure, you feel lousy and miserable, and befouled and angry and frustrated and annoyed and fearful and distrustful. These must be converted solidly into positive energy, and the best energy beam ever made was and always will be “Waves of Enlightenment”.

They act like waves, so the subject is more or less continually beaten on the head to wake up and see the Light — in short, “Get fucking Enlightened NOW!”

You start with the lower emotions and sensations, of course. It always starts with something small.

Anger, rage, frustration.

But wait!!! Those are the very same symptoms felt all day and all night by Donald Trump! How is that Possible? He’s a multibillionaire and has anything and anyone he wants in his pocket, bedroom or twitter account, or so it would seem.

As a Remote Reader, I know the truth. He’s actually in debt up to his eyeballs, and is under the power of those who give him bailout money to keep his financial empire from going under, which it has nearly done several dozen times in a row. Continue reading

Smallest Violin in the World Playing “Hearts & Flowers”

Hearts and Flowers, a sentimental song of yesteryear (that’s a long time ago by modern standards, about the 1900s or teens. It used to be played in theatrical melodramas — American Stage Performances were sort of on a par with modern high school or grade school theater… and still are. Cats, Cats and more Cats. So what about the violin? It’s playing that sad song for anyone who can’t keep up with today’s gaming hardware and user-smartness requirements. First of all, nobody can, not even the idiots who set the standards. Secondly, nobody cares, and thirdly, hardly anyone knows what the hell I’m talking about here. Basic lesson to be learned is, stay with it to penetrate its secrets. That’s the message for this particular eveningtide, in which you can hear the town crier calling gently, “three o’clock and all is well, except for a gang of orcs and dark lords blasting through the barrier! Well, back to work I go now,  on CTF Six, an experiential experience for you in Bardo Architecture, with a touch of gaming thrills, spills and chills!

Should I Go To Magic School???

Tamara asked whether she should go to a local magic school, and I told her that if she penetrated the French Drop & Heb Production with a Magic Bead, she’d be able to deduce all the principles of magic from that, provided she did so in front of an audience at least once per day, as well as before the mirror. The whole principle rests on the fact that you have to learn ALL the basics of magic — misdirection, pause, timing, passes — everything, in order to do what I do on-camera here:

Save yourself time, money & grief. Don’t enroll in an expensive, time-consuming Magic School, unless you plan to use it as a social networking gig as well.

Get a Magic Bead and Master the French Drop! You can order the beads from me individually — they vary in price, quality and rarity and run anywhere from $5 a bead to $5,000 a bead for a 4,500 year old antiquity with some pedigree papers.

You can also order my DVDs on the French Drop.

You may NOT order the Advanced French Drop until you post a video with your French Drop acceptably performed at least three times in a row before an audience — the deal is, they have to be equally astonished the third time they’ve seen the exact same trick two times beforehand.

You will note that I did NOT reveal the secret, even when showing the television audience the “unsafe” angle! Go thou, and do likewise! This blog, by the way, is an example of the real value of electronic blogs — we did the video just hours ago, it got posted and I wrote the blog just a while after that, and you have the opportunity, if you know to look here, to vew — note that I did NOT say “read”, but “view” — the blog. It has color, sound, movement, immediacy and immersion. You can’t get that on a sheet of paper, at least not yet.

Hapi Hour with EJ Gold

Tune in for the Hapi Hour with EJ Gold on http://www.justin.tv/gorebaggtv/ where I’ll be using the Hapi and from time to time filming tutorials — can’t quite bring myself to use the term “instructible” or “instructable” — they’re wrongly constructed terms. Watch the ICW this morning for demos and more about the two shows…oh, did I not mention “Gorebagg’s Tags”??? It’s a show where I demo how to construct barbershop quartet “tags” and much, much more. Tune in to both shows every day. Follow me on twitter and facebook for the latest info on shows, because they’re at odd times until I can settle into a routine with them, if that’s even possible.