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Greatest Witch-Hunt Ever!!!

cover screen from my latest non-violent action video game.

Several Congresspeople got on the news channels last night after the appointment of the Special Counsel, and said that if Trump were able to keep his mouth shut, he’d be better off. No sooner had they said that, when Trump characteristically and obsessively-compulsively tweeted that “This is the Greatest Witch-Hunt in History!”

This is the same guy that, when a staffer wants him to pay especial attention to a written briefing, will include the name “Trump” somewhere within the target paragraph.

A common complaint among politicians who have the guts to speak out is that there’s no grownup in the room.

Trump is petulant, quick to anger, vengeful, suspicious and given to psychotic interludes in which everyone is plotting against him.

No matter — he gave me a hell of an idea for a name for my newest latest videogame, so I’m entitling it “Greatest Witch Hunt Ever!!!” and it’ll be available for download as soon as I can finish the last scene, and get it through the edit-and-test committee, which is Grishy and myself, so probably by this weekend I’ll have it up & running.

This is a NON-VIOLENT game, a game of chance and skill and in some areas a bit of superlative mouse-handling, plus a system of puzzles — you must correctly guess the nature and location of the HIDDEN WITCH, but can only deduce this from hints given by a series of HIDDEN MASTERS & GUIDES.

You are expected to UNMASK a series of hidden keys, mysteries, occult lessons and teaching entities are featured, all for the low, low price of only $6.99.

If you want to help disseminate this game, why not buy some of these for a few friends, or send a friend to our goddgames.com website.

See You At The Top!!!

Should I Go To Magic School???

Tamara asked whether she should go to a local magic school, and I told her that if she penetrated the French Drop & Heb Production with a Magic Bead, she’d be able to deduce all the principles of magic from that, provided she did so in front of an audience at least once per day, as well as before the mirror. The whole principle rests on the fact that you have to learn ALL the basics of magic — misdirection, pause, timing, passes — everything, in order to do what I do on-camera here:

Save yourself time, money & grief. Don’t enroll in an expensive, time-consuming Magic School, unless you plan to use it as a social networking gig as well.

Get a Magic Bead and Master the French Drop! You can order the beads from me individually — they vary in price, quality and rarity and run anywhere from $5 a bead to $5,000 a bead for a 4,500 year old antiquity with some pedigree papers.

You can also order my DVDs on the French Drop.

You may NOT order the Advanced French Drop until you post a video with your French Drop acceptably performed at least three times in a row before an audience — the deal is, they have to be equally astonished the third time they’ve seen the exact same trick two times beforehand.

You will note that I did NOT reveal the secret, even when showing the television audience the “unsafe” angle! Go thou, and do likewise! This blog, by the way, is an example of the real value of electronic blogs — we did the video just hours ago, it got posted and I wrote the blog just a while after that, and you have the opportunity, if you know to look here, to vew — note that I did NOT say “read”, but “view” — the blog. It has color, sound, movement, immediacy and immersion. You can’t get that on a sheet of paper, at least not yet.