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Time-Warping Strings & Threads

South Seas Island Paradise by ProsperityPath

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Warping Time is easy. Space and Time are bound together. When you bend space, time bends right along with it, like the combination of nerves and muscles in the human body, and the combination of dark matter and stars to make the strings that make the universe. This fact that time and space are bound together, not merely “associated” with each other as separate entities, has long been known, but only recently proven by Einstein with the help of his math associate, Nathan Rosen.

You need to put Trump and his goons out of your mind for the moment — concentrate on something other than the continual State of Emergency that we’ve experienced for the past five and a half months.

Just relax and take it easy, and join me on a tour of my Fall Fashion Line with a twist — these are graphically generated special field energetics with attributes similar to those found on our Real Life RPG sites, among which is WIZARD3D.com, which is currently up for reconstruction, so you go there at your own risk. Continue reading


At the airfield on the way to the White House for lunch and meditation.


The Oval Office Project is a non-political, non-sectarian effort to raise the consciousness of the entire staff of the White House, the President’s consciousness and the consciousness of any visitors who happen to wander through on the White House Tour, which won’t be so easy to get on these days, I suspect.

By now, even the most hardened Right-Wing Republican who finds himself to the far right of John Birchers has seen the evidence — President Trump is downright crazy, totally out of control, completely off his rocker, and he has his finger on the nuclear trigger.

Technically speaking, he’s a Classic NPD — Narcissistic Personality Disorder — with a colossal ego inflation and a blustering low-life crudity that makes even the sturdiest supporter cringe now and again. He’s a spoiled brat with his finger on the nuclear trigger.

I said this effort is Non-political, and it is. It has nothing to do with the beliefs, attitudes and party convictions of the current inhabitants of the White House. The reason that this becomes possible is that Trump’s behavior is arrogant, spiteful, childish and on the verge of an uncontrollable tantrum. Bear with me, if you’re a Trump fan, I’m merely establishing the groundwork against which one can measure success. I’ll explain further. Continue reading

Moldavite Rings Are Here!!!

I have made a number of Genuine Moldavite rings, and am offering them for sale at a discount from the retail price of $375 for the copper and $450 for the same in sterling silver.

Genuine Moldavite is a RARE tektite, a glass-like combination of silicated metal oxides with a hardness of 5.5 to 6. Anything else is a fake.

Authentic Moldavite is the result of a huge meteorite crashing into the Earth 14.8 billion years ago, at roughly 20,000 miles per hour, over the Bohemian plateau of the Czech Republic.. It is only found in the Moldau River Valley — anyone telling you different is dead wrong, or outright lying, or both.

The color of most Moldavite is a sort of darkish forest green, although I have seen pale green, and some Moravian pieces tend to be somewhat brownish green. Gem grade stones can be absolutely stunning.

In its rough uncut form, Moldavite has a rippled surface, which can be polished and faceted to make gemstones and beads for jewelry.

Moldavite will typically have inclusions of gas bubbles and other inclusions within the stone, which is what makes it so magical, and therefore so desirable.

Genuine Moldavite is hard to come by, and there are literally thousands of tons of fake Moldavite on the market, because it is so desirable and so doggone rare.

My Moldavite is unconditionally guaranteed authentic. Period. But wait, there’s more… Continue reading

Quantum Coin Magic


Take an “ordinary” penny and put it into a high-energy static electrical field, encapsulate it and surround it with a permeable foamy material, and you have the start of an improvised magical weapon, which can be set up and activated with a Cloud Chamber or any imbuing device.

Let me give you an example… Continue reading

THE ART OF BELIEVING — “Golden Buddha Ball” — SCRIPT #1

Golden Buddha Ball Floats all by itself, just mix in the patter.

FRENCH DROP — $39.95

In deep space, Hydrogen atoms mysteriously & spontaneously appear out of nothingness. Space expands and contracts and can be twisted and distorted by gravity. Electrons vanish and reappear in a laboratory experiment. Battleships travel through time and vanish without a trace.

Things have a way of not being there one moment, and the next moment, there they are, where they should have been all the time. Wallets, keys, pens & pencils, cufflinks and paper clips — all have a way of vanishing mysteriously, with no explanation, literally in a split second, while you turned your head momentarily, but then when you look again, where you just looked, the thing that wasn’t there before, is there now.

We’ve all experienced this mystery, so let’s make an experiment together, and see if we can make some small object vanish into another dimension and then come back to us again.

Here’s a large round crystal ball. It’s easy to see, right? Let’s watch as it vanishes into thin air. (PERFORMS FRENCH DROP, SHOWS HAND TO BE EMPTY.) That was easy, wasn’t it?

Science tells us that electrons do this all the time. They vanish into another dimension, then pop back out again into ours, like this. (PRODUCES OBJECT FROM OTHER HAND.)

What if we knew how to put enough atoms together in a single stable coherent form, would we be able to travel from one dimension to another?

Science tells us yes. It’s just a matter of time before a human can travel comfortably to another dimension. The real question will be, not “do you have a passport, travel visa, mastercard or cash”, but “do you have a reservation?” because everybody everywhere wants to be somewhere else.

Continue reading