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At the airfield on the way to the White House for lunch and meditation.


The Oval Office Project is a non-political, non-sectarian effort to raise the consciousness of the entire staff of the White House, the President’s consciousness and the consciousness of any visitors who happen to wander through on the White House Tour, which won’t be so easy to get on these days, I suspect.

By now, even the most hardened Right-Wing Republican who finds himself to the far right of John Birchers has seen the evidence — President Trump is downright crazy, totally out of control, completely off his rocker, and he has his finger on the nuclear trigger.

Technically speaking, he’s a Classic NPD — Narcissistic Personality Disorder — with a colossal ego inflation and a blustering low-life crudity that makes even the sturdiest supporter cringe now and again. He’s a spoiled brat with his finger on the nuclear trigger.

I said this effort is Non-political, and it is. It has nothing to do with the beliefs, attitudes and party convictions of the current inhabitants of the White House. The reason that this becomes possible is that Trump’s behavior is arrogant, spiteful, childish and on the verge of an uncontrollable tantrum. Bear with me, if you’re a Trump fan, I’m merely establishing the groundwork against which one can measure success. I’ll explain further. Continue reading

24k Truth

Gold is a product of a succession of stellar explosions and reformulations, yielding more and more complex atoms at each star reformation.

The 24k solid gold medallions are the most powerful CONTACT coins in the world. There is no metal exactly like gold, and gold is the key to opening and passing through dimensional portals.

Gold has “reach”. It “continues” in various dimensions, notably the Six Nirvanic Worlds, which cannot be reached with other metals. Gold is always gold. It never changes, and it has its own “constant”, which will someday be important to scientists. You can carve a simple visual “bumpy” message into PURE gold, and it can be read in the Higher Planes.

Gold Tokens can be made from scratch. They need not be altered coins and in fact, I don’t recommend altering gold coins at all. I work on a flat, hammered planchette or disk, fairly thin, at about 13mm in diameter, to fit into the 14k gold “U.S. $1 Gold Piece” Locket, which retails out at about $450-$650, depending on the artwork.

I wholesale those out at $112.50 apiece, which barely accommodates the cost of the metal and, in fact, at an art or crafts fair, I can make about $7,500 an hour just putting beads on strings and making someone’s name on a copper bracelet, but you couldn’t pay me enough to actually do that — I’m just making a point here about labor and art and what the art is worth.

I think the artwork that I engrave and etch into every single one of my little gold plaques is worth a whole lot more than fifty bucks, but I’m willing to let YOU take the profit. If you want to use some of your profit to assist the Sangha, it’s entirely up to you.

Those gold lockets should, and can, and DO, sell for hundreds of bucks, not because it’s gold, or because it’s magic or quantum, but because it’s a WORK OF ART by an actual working world-class listed American Official White House and IAJE Artist, not a mass-produced mechanical lump spat out of an all-too-common stamp-out machine somewhere overseas and off-shore, and I never said the word “China”. Continue reading


You owe it to yourself to give yourself the Gift of Many Lifetimes, a Bardo Station Run.

Congratulations! You have won a Personal Bardo Game Experience with E.J. Gold, when you attend ANY Bardo Workshop. The Bardo Game lasts about two hours and is coached by E.J., aka “Gorby” from within the online game environment. You are part of an eight-avatar team which includes six student grade avatars, going together into the virtual Between-Lives State of the Third Bardo. Continue reading

Fire Drill

What school kid or former school kid doesn’t know about Fire Drill?

And if you grew up in the 1950s, you had Atom Bomb Drill, in which you learned to duck under a thin wooden desk in the event that a 50 megaton neutron bomb went off a couple hundred feet overhead.

When you’re done laughing, I want to point out that, although no 50 megaton neutron bomb went off anywhere near us, we felt far safer under the desk than exposed standing around the classroom, with all that potential Blast Effect going on.

Fire Drill is where you act out escape from a burning building. Presumably you do it over and over again with eyes closed to perfect your sense of direction and navigation through it — the more complex the path, the more repetitions needed to Master the Path.

Well, so much for theory. In actual practice, you do Fire Drill once per semester or half, and that’s it.

Well, kiddies, kiss those good old days goodbye, because in Prosperity, you’re gonna work yer ass off just to stand still.

Drill, drill and more drill, until you get it right.

Then you’re permitted to grunk around in Uber Space, fiddling with alternate worlds and mysterious higher dimensions.

Fire Drill, indeed. You’ll be wishing for KP duty next!

Dance & Movement — The Unlocking Postures

Here’s a sample of the upcoming Dance & Movement Workshop, which will also combine fountain-making, Feng-Shui Zen Gardening, classes in Hollywood Fast-Draw and of course there will be lots of unusual dessert offerings from the Sacred Kitchen!!!

With luck, you can find out more about the Dance & Movement Workshop by contacting someone here. I don’t do windows.