At the airfield on the way to the White House for lunch and meditation.


The Oval Office Project is a non-political, non-sectarian effort to raise the consciousness of the entire staff of the White House, the President’s consciousness and the consciousness of any visitors who happen to wander through on the White House Tour, which won’t be so easy to get on these days, I suspect.

By now, even the most hardened Right-Wing Republican who finds himself to the far right of John Birchers has seen the evidence — President Trump is downright crazy, totally out of control, completely off his rocker, and he has his finger on the nuclear trigger.

Technically speaking, he’s a Classic NPD — Narcissistic Personality Disorder — with a colossal ego inflation and a blustering low-life crudity that makes even the sturdiest supporter cringe now and again. He’s a spoiled brat with his finger on the nuclear trigger.

I said this effort is Non-political, and it is. It has nothing to do with the beliefs, attitudes and party convictions of the current inhabitants of the White House. The reason that this becomes possible is that Trump’s behavior is arrogant, spiteful, childish and on the verge of an uncontrollable tantrum. Bear with me, if you’re a Trump fan, I’m merely establishing the groundwork against which one can measure success. I’ll explain further.

Snacks are served aboard the Black Falcon, and every seat has its own video screen.

An NPD cannot tolerate contradiction of any kind, and is even less tolerant of criticism in any form whatsoever. You cannot reason with him face to face, because his face keeps changing with the wind, and in the end, the conversation always comes back around to the beginning of the loop.

“Ready Tape Loops” is what my friend John Lilly called them. Every human being has them ready to play whenever they happen to get triggered.

Generally, that’s the whole science of human thought in a nutshell.

An inner conversation runs continually, with a dim vision of the surroundings unless there is some anomaly which smells like a threat of some kind. Ego-threat counts here, so if you’re planning on reasoning with an NPD, it’s a total waste of time — he sees you coming a mile away, and knows exactly how to dodge you while back-pedaling the whole distance to the starting point, and WHAM! There you are again.

That, right there, is the base line from which any magical success must be measured. When the insanity and megalomania is so obvious and so blatant and so in-your-face that even the conservative media is forced to report it, it provides a definite viewable thing within which the effect can definitely be observed, and those effects will have been brought about by your efforts in the Virtual White House to bring Enlightenment to the Washington White House.

It’s not too likely that I’ll be invited to the Actual Washington White House to decorate the place with dozens of SHAMANIC MAGICAL DEVICES and THANGKAS, but I can decorate MY version of the White House that will exist in the “real” White House in the Astral Plane, and what’s more, I can load it up with dozens of invocational and magical devices to improve the level of conciousness and at the same time the levels of awareness, enlightenment, beneficence and conscience of all those in the area of the actual White House.

You can fly the Black Falcon using the controls you see here in the cockpit.

If they are already genuinely acting in the public interests, then they shouldn’t mind a little boost in the area of inner tranquility, calm and Enlightenment. If we can sneak a little Cosmic Consciousness into the mix, I wouldn’t be disappointed.

I can quantumly — or “magically”, if you prefer the Medieval terminology — hook up my Second Life Cyberspace White House located in our online Virtual Ashram with the ACTUAL White House in Washington, D.C. — nothing could be simpler for me for a variety of reasons, one of which is that I made the game in the First Place.

The Other Reason that this is simple for me is because I have in my possession dozens of actual artifacts from the Clinton White House, given to me by Kaki Hockersmith, the official White House Decorator during the Clinton Administration.

I’ve been involved with every Washington administration since I entered the planetary sphere back in what you call “1941”. To me, it’s just a spawning point.

In that particular case, the Clintons invited me to participate in the decorating party, and I did. The Clintons have dozens of my pieces in their collection. You’ll also find my art in the collections of several dozen more Heads of State as well as the National Museum.

Not by way of making a big deal of it, just explaining how I came to have a number of items from the White House in my household possessions, as it were. Actually, if you count the Scalamandre samples, it numbers well into the hundreds.

At Ronald Reagan InterDimensional Airport, waiting for my limo service to arrive.

So that made a “Quantum-Entanglement” connection a total no-brainer. I’ve placed photos of my White House Relics within the sphere of the virtual White House, and models of the 3D items are placed cunningly about.

In the Second Life Markeplace, I located a stunningly well-made and accurate White House model, and installed it in the online virtual Ashram, along with a smaller model of just the Oval Office by itself.

Lucky I got that smaller model, because it was accurately furnished with White House furnishings, albeit from the Obama Administration, but that gives me an opportunity for humor.

Waiting for baggage at the Reagan InterDimensional Airport can be expedited.

It would drive Trump quite over the edge — a short, short drive, believe me — to discover that the MAGICAL MODEL of the White House contains only Obama furnishings, although that could easily change by my whim and whimsy.

Trump is trying to do what all tyrants do — control the media, cast out and destroy and erase all traces of all previous rulers, and he’ll fail at that just as he will in the end at everything he’s ever tried to do.

That’s because the only thing he’s ever wanted is attention.

Now that he’s in the spotlight and has the world by the short-hairs with his 50,000 nucelar warheads, he has it — and he can’t stop provoking it on a daily, even hourly, basis. This makes him very conspicuous, and any change in his behavior would be instantly visible, I would think, wouldn’t you?

Okay, so he’s very visible, and any change will be correspondingly immediately visible.

At the fence WALL around the Virtual White House on a Big Sky Day.

We agree?

Good. That’s the only criterion we actually care about here. This is an exercise in ASTRAL PROJECTION OF ENLIGHTENMENT WAVE VIBRATIONS. So, let’s proceed.

Now we load up our MAGICAL MODEL OF THE WHITE HOUSE with all sorts of ACTIVE and PASSIVE magical devices, such as a Native American Dance Circle in the room just above the Oval Office.

I’ve just spent the past five days and nights doing just that, and it’s fully loaded for bear or whatever else that grizzly guy has in mind. In short, we’re blasting out psychic power prayer on all levels and they’re projecting RIGHT INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE as we enact them here.

Even if they don’t actually hear the prayers or see the effects, they ARE THERE, profoundly affecting the people and dogs inside the ACTUAL WHITE HOUSE. They are reacting to our vibrations whether they know it or not, or are aware of any influence over them from elsewhere.

There’s always a line of “stretch” limos outside MY White House for my guests.

It’s so ironic.

It is truly ironic. Our Psychic Remote Reading Unit was shut down because we did Tarot readings for members of Congress and someone — I suspect it was a group of middle-management people — became afraid WE’D INFLUENCE MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.

And now we’re DELIBERATING influencing ANYONE living in, working in, or just casually passing through the White House, and especially concentrating on uplifting the vibes in the Oval Office toward Consciousness and Buddha Enlightenment for all souls in the immediate area.

It’s not just about the Oval Office. Sure, the Oval Office is fully engineered for magical operations through cyberspace and psychic planes, but the fact is that the whole dang place is WIRED FOR PRAYER.

Not just any prayer, but a particularly potent and invasive form of prayer that FORCES the consciousness higher and higher, creating vibrations that cause Enlightenment, which may in turn cause powerful behavioral changes in the subject.

At the front door to my Virtual White House in the online virtual Ashram.

Wired? Yes, wired.

In the sense of Spiritually connected. Psychically speaking, there isn’t a square inch of space in the Actual White House that isn’t covered in some way in my psychic model.

Years ago, you’d have had to master visualization and manifesting in order to achieve anything on this order of meditation and prayer, but today we have cyberspace and the ability to create in cyberspace almost anything you can imagine.

Rather than you spending years and years in a monastery to learn how to visualize, you can walk through the visualization with the INTERACTIVE form of an Avatar in cyberspace walking around a virtual model of the thing and interacting with it in various ways.

You are an ACTIVE operator in a very easily definable space within which you find yourself able to move about quite easily. You can participate in the space in a variety of ways, including helping yourself to a portion of a really excellent sushi plate or one of my specialty donut platters.

There are a nice variety of homey things around the place, and frankly, they really should hire me to decorate the place, but to be fair, I’d be inclined to ignore everything and load the place up just like you see it here today.

Just inside the front entrance to the Virtual White House is a line. Ignore it.

The model of the thing is the thing itself.

The more perfect the model, the more powerful the quantum connection. That which is like something is connected to that thing, and that which has been in contact with something at another time can be made to be in contact with that something in this time-frame.

Simple High-School Math.

Actually, I should look for, or build, a set of the twin Houses of Congress and fill that with Enlightment Vibes as well. I’ll look into it, when we’ve first got this thing going.

Meanwhile, at MY White House, you’ll find an ABD Devotional Altar Service set up on Trump’s desk.

The more enlightened the operators in the VIRTUAL White House are, the more powerful the effect will be, and the more rapidly we should see some improvement toward the enlightened side.

Skipping past the line, you’ll turn to the right and walk that direction.

Enlist Help For Us From Enlightened Beings!

If you know some very Enlightened Beings, ask them to help you with this project, if they are able and willing to do so. It’s asking a lot, so be prepared for some turn-downs from some very exalted beings, for two possible reasons:

One reason is that they’re busy doing MUCH higher things and haven’t time to squander on local politics and events. That’s where I generally sit, unless DIRECTLY provoked.

The other reason is that it really doesn’t matter. Honest, it doesn’t. Look at it from this perspective — how much do you know about the day to day life in Ancient Rome, Sumer, Chichen-Itza or Kalamazoo?

Even if you do PLS work to explore those time-space regions, you won’t recall absolutely everything about the daily life and I wouldn’t expect you or anyone else to have that much recall on a whole lifetime or civilization or culture.

But think about it — after a few thousand years, it’s all rumor and mythology. Nobody knows the truth nor do they care, and that’s the fate of all present-day events. They will become part of the big vague blur that is “history”.

You’ll see a small room with a sign that says “Sekrit Keep Out”. Go in, of course.

In the small side room, you’ll find a TELEPORTER to other locations in the Ashram. You can take this teleport in anytime after you’ve been initiated, which means that you’ve gone through the Oval Office Enlightenment Project Training Course.

You can also set up a location and put that in your “favorite locations” bar at the top of your screen in Second Life.

It’s easy to participate in the Oval Office Project.

You can attend a group course, or request a personal tour with our special Guides, who will demonstrate how to operate the various magical and shamanic devices, such as circle dances, meditations, heart prayers and more.

In addition, you’ll want to visit our fabulous FREE 99-Cent Buffet. It really is free, it HAD to be called “the 99-Cent Buffet” because that’s what the casinos in Vegas were famous for back in the 20th century, if you’ll cast your mind back a moment.

InterDimensional SHAMANIC PORTAL to the ACTUAL White House!

Um, Prime Directive???

Does projecting and enforcing ENLIGHTENMENT onto others through psychic means violate the PRIME DIRECTIVE?

This is a serious question. The Prime Directive, simply stated, says that an offworlder is not entitled to meddle in local affairs. Period.

Well, almost Period. Actually, under certain extenuating circumstances, you CAN take assertive direct action of a certain type.

Imposing Enlightenment would be one of those direct actions that you’d need a special dispensation to apply.

One of those special situations involves a 90% Extinction Event, and that’s not too cool, when you’ve got dozens of off-world races with intersections and bypasses located here.

So the answer to whether or not it violates the Prime Directive is, emphatically, “No”. There is a clear and present danger to the planet, above and beyond the danger to the human species, and so long as that danger persists, you have license to help bring the Emperor to Enlightenment.

Latch onto one of these T’ai Ch’i balls and leave your Avatar there all day long!

A Levitation Project

You are in fact causing a Levitation in the White House in the sense that the Enlightenment Waves will cause the entire structure to vibrate in Sympathetic Harmonic Resonance, to coin a phrase, and the whole thing lifts off the Human Plane just ever so slightly.

You couldn’t measure the effect with anything short of a Photon Detector, and that wouldn’t give you anything but the location and time of day.

The Oval Office Project is a directed meditation which is actively pushing Clear Light Waves of Perfect Buddha Enlightenment into the White House, permeating everything including the drapes, thus causing the inhabitants to experience Enlightenment whether willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly.

Of course, only then, with full Enlightenment comes Realization.

Use this Fortune Teller to directly telepathically communicate to Donald Trump.

WOW! What a Change!

You can ask one of our Ashram Coaches to help you understand how to harness the Fortune Teller in the T’ai Ch’i Studio next to the Oval Office so you can directly communicate telepathically through DREAMING WORLD connections!

It’s at that point that we’ll see a profound, deep inner change in Donald Trump. The most obvious sign that something of an inner spiritual awakening has occurred will be that he will simply stop lying.

You can measure this effect on a daily or hourly basis, so “NOT LYING” would be a good indicator that your meditation and prayer is WORKING!!!

Even so, this spiritual meditation exercise in levitation is not directed at a single individual. It is an Enlightenment Prayer Project that covers the entire Washington White House.

Heart Aura Meditation in the Oval Office. Your AURA builds up as you sit there.

This meditation does not travel with the people, so if Trump is golfing in Florida this weekend, you’ll have to go up to my TRUMP GOLF VIRTUAL COUNTRY CLUB COURSE upstairs on a higher level in the Ashram, to send waves of enlightenment vibrations to him and his golfing party and at the same time play through my 18 hole course — you’ll be lucky to shoot par.

You can get free clubs and balls at the clubhouse or on the first tee.

If you do use that particular ROSEN BRIDGE to the TRUMP GOLF VIRTUAL COUNTRY CLUB COURSE, please don’t use it to psychically screw up his game. You won’t be able to send that kind of vibe anyway, because I’ve installed a TOURMALINE VEIL on anything that’s outgoing from the Ashram, to filter out any such negative vibes.

The Virtual World’s Most Challenging Virtual Golf Course! Try it, you’ll like it!

You can use my TRUMP GOLF VIRTUAL COUNTRY CLUB COURSE to make it rain, but only for the general benefit of the Palm Beach countryside, which means that when the palmettos have drunk their fill, the rain stops, and believe me, weather of all kinds never stop a golf nut, and Trump is ALMOST as fanatical and obsessive about golf as he is about himself.

So when OPERATING as a REMOTE READER in our VIRTUAL WHITE HOUSE, you’ll want to consider the various types of interactions you are able to conduct from your vantage point.

Let’s take a photo tour of the VIRTUAL WHITE HOUSE. I’ll try to give you an overview of just a FEW of the magical operations you can conduct to PROJECT PSYCHIC WAVES OF ENLIGHTENMENT directly INTO¬† the ACTUAL WHITE HOUSE in WASHINGTON, D.C.

Imagine how difficult it would have been to master visualization before the invention of 3D gaming engines!

Years invested in getting SOLID images, seeing in clear detail, moving in astral space and more. Now YOU can be a Remote Reader INSTANTLY, and the more Enlightened YOU are, the more powerful your effect will be at the ACTUAL WHITE HOUSE to which these Enlightenment Prayers are directed.

I wasn’t kidding about the 99 Cent Buffet, and it really is excellent, as buffets go.

Uplifting Meditation

The fundamental reason that we are licensed to PROJECT ENLIGHTENMENT ONTO THE WHITE HOUSE is that we are at the very brink of a nuclear disaster, triggered accidentally by someone who can’t control his temper and has, as I mentioned earlier, his finger on the nuclear trigger 24/7/365, and he’s utterly unpredictable.

He needs calming down, and Enlightenment generally does it. All Emperors need to be enlightened, but some are more resistant than others. I think this guy is a prime candidate for an Enlightenment Exercise, simply because the odds are so much against it.

If you can VISIBLY ALTER HIS MANIFESTATIONS and REDUCE HIS ANGER in a very measurable way, which means “clearly visible on network tv”, then you can say that you have done a good Enlightenment Job.

If you can palpably help to bring Enlightenment to the Washington White House, then you are not far away from achieving Enlightenment your own self.

I sing Folk Protest Songs here in the Grand Ballroom of the White House.

Enlighten Others!

Sure, Enlighten yourself, but after that, what?

Once YOU are Enlightened, you can start to help to make it better. It’s a clear field, not a lot of folks practicing it, not really, mostly just in the Name of Enlightenment, which believe me, is not the same.

Enlightenment is a Clear Objective, one that is recognizable in its immediate and profound effects. Should you succeed in this project, you will see a deep and astonishing change in the manner of Donald Trump.

We will post some of the changes that we have achieved, as they happen. One thing has already occurred. Just the day following my pronouncement that I can personally guarantee that Donald Trump is not an anti-Semite, he denounced anti-Semitism, along with his son-in-law, who is an Orthodox Jew.

These are some of my yummy snacks set out for all visitors in my White House.

Enlighten others as you yourself would be Enlightened.

YOU need at least SOME Enlightenment in order to influence anyone ever in that direction. This could be just the motivation you need to achieve Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is easy to achieve. It’s only the very first baby step on the path to Total Self-Mastery & Completion.

That’s my whole reason for creating the VIRTUAL WHITE HOUSE and loading it up with magical influence toward Enlightenment, don’t ya see???

Okay, I slipped in a little Compassionate Buddha on the side, but I know you’ll forgive me for it — how could I resist?

So without further ado — there’s been plenty of “ado” already — let’s do lunch. What I mean is, let’s see what other magical tools are available to the diligent observer in our VIRTUAL WHITE HOUSE.


See You At The Top!!!