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You can place a “TRUMP-FREE ZONE” Medallion at each door and window, and ward off the bad smell, enjoying a new-found freedom from the stench of Trump. Gosh, and he’s the one calling people names like pig-face. Has he ever looked in a mirror?

But NEW FREEDOM is not enough. You need to also STAY FREE!

Unfortunately, if you’re not both white AND Christian, your days are numbered and your life of personal freedom is over forever, even after this administration has gone down the drain, like they do.

Once the Constitution is overturned, we have crossed the Rubicon and there is no going back. If you allow that to happen, you deserve what you get.

In this world of distrust and superstition, racial hatred and religious radicals, there is nowhere to run to, no place to hide, no refuge from the chaotic storm of rage and zombie apocalypse that is coming to this planet.

So what? Big Deal.

That’s what John Whorfin said, and he was right. So what? Big Deal. Hey, if you’re an off-worlder with a way to blast off this loser planet, you’ve got no worries, mate. But if you don’t have an escape plan, don’t happen to have a working scout craft since the last one crashed out in the desert, stranding you on this mudball, and don’t have a Portal Option or anywhere off-world to go, you’ll have to endure the misery of the next few years, and then things get REALLY bad.

You need a way off-world.

Unfortunately, my way off-world is about $3 million dollars from here, and I’m not entirely sure there’s actually time to clear and activate the Portal.

If you have a nearby Portal that you can use and know how to use, you don’t need to remain here unless this tiny living-tissue harvest planet is still important to you. If you’re a Grey Alien, it’s very goddam important, but there’s nothing I can do to avoid the carnage of the next 600 years and, hey, I wouldn’t wait until there’s a line around the block at the Portal. Sometimes you can just squeak by in the nick of time, like at Sodom and Gomorrah, for instance.

There was just enough time to grab the kids and run.

If you’re a GREY ALIEN, you’ll regret losing your easy income from the human and cattle enzymes, but hey, you guys are very resourceful — you’ll find another planet to farm, or you’ll learn to work with the next species that happens to arise out of the upcoming Extinction Event, for your High School Lab experiments.

I don’t think I gave anything away, there.

Anyhow, escape from Planet Trump is easy, if you have a Portal. Merely use the Portal, GateWay or StarGate to escape Planet Trump, before it’s too late! If you can’t use a Portal or don’t know how, better find out how, and soon.

If there is no Portal nearby, you might want to go to The Great Portal when things get desperate, which will not be in the far-distant future, if Trump’s war-plans go according to his scheme.


Problem is, The Great Portal is buried and needs excavating, and I don’t really believe that there’s enough time. Only The Great Portal will allow a large number to escape all at once, to the same safe place.

Excavation will take a while, and I estimate about $3 MILLION just to clear the entrance of tons of rubble, plus there must be enough to outfit the refugee group with enough supplies to last them a while, once they get to the REFUGE on the other side of the Portal.

Keep in mind, it’s not a StarGate. You’re not going to fly around in a UFO, at least not on Earth, you won’t. Those things are strictly in the hands of the Federation and the Council, and I wouldn’t build one now anyway — they’re expensive to produce, and hard to obtain materials.

Can I build a UFO?

Yeah. So what? I can also repair a 3-speed British Bobby’s Bike, and I can fly a drone. Yawn.

A UFO is great for a research project if you want to do some local traveling around a singular galaxy, but for real long-distance travel, you want to take a cruise ship, and that’d be hard to do at this time of year.

This is the time when things are really popping. Nobody seems to know what to do with Trump. His Republican friends in Congress want to save their jobs and get themselves re-elected, so in the name of Expediency, they go along with him.

This has all happened before, so many times before. It’s always deadly and dangerous and it makes life not worth living on a day-to-day basis. You want to give up and curl up and die, but that’s exactly what the bastards want you to do. You don’t want to be on Planet Earth when all this stuff comes down for one very important reason:

Nobody goes to Earth in February.

You’ll be better off seeking some sort of higher plane solution than to try to find a “safe” place somewhere on Earth.

There’s no reason to suppose that, once the nukes have been launched and the poison gas released and the DNA-targeted viruses and the raging bacterial wave that springs up from the activity and the volcanoes start spewing out carbon dioxide and sulphurous fumes, there might be some sort of “safe” place on Earth.

No, you’ll have to go down the hall to find SANCTUARY.

“It is as I have foreseen, Young Luke. Use the Dark Side of the Force. Give in to the hate, the rage. Use the Force to divide and destroy,” says the Emperor in Star Wars, but Luke doesn’t give in, doesn’t use the Dark Side, even to save his own life.

Good plan.

Dark Side stuff leads to lousy karma, and if you use magic, you LOSE YOUR BET back home, and rest assured, The Watchers are watching, to make sure nobody cheats when the shit comes down.

GEMSTONES are amazing things. I’m not going to extol their virtues or roll out a long list of what they’ve been known to do.

Everyone and every thing in this or any other universe has a NAME, a shamanic name, which translates to a number, and that number is very specific to THAT PARTICULAR INDIVIDUAL, whether it’s being a person, place or a thing, and we’ve all been all three, so get used to it.

Send a Mariachi band to play under Donald’s window every day.


Everyone has a name and a number, and that is so very specific that it can be matched by the frequency of a gemstone that has been drenched with radiations of a special kind.

My entire argument in favor of GEMSTONE SHAMANIC QUANTUM MAGIC is that they carry and generate both heat and electricity, depending on how you tickle them.

For instance, quartz crystals are programmable and can make digital storage units that are likely to last billions and billions of years in outer space, and millions of years in an oxygen atmosphere with weather and temperature ranges.

Quartz melts, and when it’s crushed into small fragments, combines well to create granite, a very hard and very electrically charged rock that can be carved and drilled and formed into large blocks or tall obelisks like the ones you see amongst ancient Egyptian ruins.


Do you remember “Kryptonite” in the Superman movies and television shows and comic books and action figures? Trumpanite is similar, but it’s resonant to Trump, not Superman.

You put Kryptonite in front of Superman, and he goes weak in the knees and sinks to the floor, helplessly struggling against gravity and a sense of general fatigue.

Kryptonite is what most household cleaning supplies contain, and most men are allergic to the stuff.


I’m sure I don’t have to remind you of Superman’s background. Even if you didn’t read the comic books back in 1938, when the first Superman stories were printed, you know about the strange world of Superman’s origin, the distant planet Krypton.

Well, that story of Superman’s origin, was written by my Dad, Horace, a fact that was well-known back when he was the highest-paid writer in the comic book industry.

It was a fully scientifically based, totally supportable story in the matter of good physics, good chemistry and good math.

Good rocket science, I can’t say as much for. That part of the science was weak, but my Dad never wrote space opera, or so he claimed. I actually found about a dozen space opera stories of his that haven’t seen the light of day for over 75 years, and might consider publishing them.

Trumpanite is a gemstone that is naturally tuned to the right frequency, then activated.

Well, actually, it’s been continually bombarded with radio waves, light waves and sound waves to respond to Donald Trump’s personal vibration with a resounding “THUMP!” of rejection.

Rejecting the SPECIFIC & PRECISE wave-pattern that IS Donald Trump can provide great relief to a household that is plagued with worry over what this crazy man will do next, and to whom.

You want freedom from that madman?

You got it.

Get some Trumpanite. Put the crystal dome with the lump of Trumpanite at or near the center of your home and IMMEDIATELY FEEL THE TRUMP VIBES GO AWAY, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean, and your sacred space within your home is allowed to exist in peace and harmony and freedom from fear.

Now, look — if Trump’s Storm Troopers come down the street block by block in a Big Roundup and bust through your front door, the warranty is off.

At a moment like that, your lump of Trumpanite will only be good as a fist-axe, but right up to that FINAL ROUNDUP, where we ALL get rounded up and gassed to death, it’ll work just fine as a gemstone with specific frequency properties TO KEEP THE FART STINK OF TRUMP and TRUMPISM OUT OF YOUR HOME!

When the Storm Troopers finally DO bust down your door and take you away to the death camps, you still have one last thing you can throw against their impervious armor, haw, haw, haw.

I’ve tried throwing one of these at the armor they wear, and there’s one less item to worry about as they destroy your home and family before your very eyes, which is “will it hurt anyone?” The answer is a resounding “No”.

They bounce harmlessly off the Storm Troopers’ Body-Armor.

So don’t worry, the only one who’s going to get hurt will be you. Never mind that — how much is it, and where can you get one, before it’s too late?

The Trumpanite Dome comes housed in a hand-blown crystal dome on a hand-carved and routed solid oaken carved base. Your special price is only $89.95 — no further discount, that’s right there at the edge.

So, in the end, when all else fails, throw the fucking Trumpanite at somebody’s head. At least go down fighting. Don’t just give the Trump Salute and say in a droning robot voice, “BY YOUR COMMAND”, then lie down to die.

At least have the guts to tell your tormentors to fuck off while you still can. I’ve finished the People’s Protest Songbook. It’s available for download at $9.95 and contains around 45 new songs written just in time for These Unpleasant Times.

From about now until the 37th century, nobody on Earth will know that any of this ever happened, and then there’s a big resurgence in interest, which is how come I’m here to observe this and make notes for class.

Gosh, it’s happening the same as it did back in Atlantis, and that wasn’t the first civilization to go down this way, nor the last. I want at least SOME of the after-marketing concession rights on the next three world wars.

I LOVE the uniforms in World War IV.

See You At The Top!!!