POP QUIZ: Is Donald Trump the Reincarnation of Hitler, or Mussolini?


You can be fired on the spot for suggesting a comparison between Trump & Hitler!

Many teachers have been fired or suspended for suggesting a comparison between Hitler and Trump. Kids turn in their teachers for this offense. You can’t even suggest that they LOOK at it, consider it, think about it.

Donald Trump is now a “Forbidden Topic”. You risk death and disfiguration by merely mentioning the name in the wrong company, no matter which “side” you happen to be on at the moment.

It is now considered blasphemous to question The Donald, just as it was in 1933 in Hitler’s Germany death to question Hitler, and even worse to ridicule him.

Guess Right, & Win a Trip to the Gas Chamber!

That fact alone should nail it for you that there’s something going on between the two historical characters, Trump and Hitler. We can’t even THINK THE THOUGHT without getting fired from a tenured job?

You can be dismissed from your position if you even postulate the idea in a classroom of conducing some sort of experiment or inquiry.

That’s okay, soon you will be taken away if you utter that forbidden word, “Freedom” in public.

Secret Labor Camp in the Delta Region of Amerika.

You don’t believe me, but you WILL believe it when you have actually been loaded into the van and driven off to your certain death in the Labor Camps which ARE BEING BUILT RIGHT NOW!

Those Labor Camps are for YOU, when you are poor enough and hungry enough to voluntarily walk to the slaughter, taking the only option available to you, that of repairing the roads and bridges rather than starving or freezing to death.

That’s the story up ahead, and that’s how you’ll keep yourself and your family alive for the rest of your futile and miserable life under the thumb of a tyrant.

If you’re a peaceful being, you won’t fight back. You’ll go down with the ship.

That is your fate, unless YOU do something to stop it from happening, and one of those things is to move into another LifeStream, and another is to have a Gateway open to another dimension, and step through it when the trouble starts.

Either way, it’s about $3 million dollars away from here, and I don’t see any volunteers stepping up with a checkbook.

So we’ll watch it come down, and it’s on us that it will come down, but never mind that stuff — let’s return to our question of whether Trump is Hitler or Mussolini. There’s absolutely no question that he’s one or the other — the only question is, which one???

Okay, let’s assess this: Trump LOOKS like both Hitler AND Mussolini.

Not only is that a whole lot of UGLY, it makes it SO much more complicated, doesn’t it? Okay, well, Trump is definitely A Reincarnation of Some Sort of Lord of Ancient Evil, but WHICH Lord of Ancient Evil, exactly???

You can detect the FREQUENCY or VIBRATION of the entity inside Trump. Everyone in existence has his or her or its own identification tag, its very own unique “VIBRATION”, which simply means that it has a frequency assignment and a location on the grid.

Those factors never change, no matter what it looks like from in there.

All that needs doing now is to connect the dots, and I’ve got billions of years of experience in doing just that, so let’s begin analyzing the situation:

First of all, we know Trump is SOMEONE evil, probably recently dead, so is Donald Trump the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, or Benito Mussolini, or BOTH?

Both isn’t possible. The universe does not tolerate a paradox, but it’s weird, because he resembles BOTH OF THEM perfectly. Although they’re repulsively hard to look at, you can match up Trump’s face with Hitler’s OR Mussolini’s, and they match exactly.

I already have my bets down, so I can now reveal what I know for sure:

On CNN’s “New Day” show, Trump was asked if he was at all bothered by the comparison between himself and Hitler, and he immediately barked out, “No!”.

Just “No,” and nothing more.

Um, Donald Trump is not exactly shy. He is a brash, outspoken and horrifically boastful bully, just as he was back in his previous incarnation as Adolph Hitler.

He could have denied it right then and there, and denounced the Nazis, Neo-Nazis, Fascists and racists and anti-Semites, but he didn’t.

Only later, when he was cornered, did he backtrack and backpedal, as he always does, and as he always did back when he was Hitler.

I personally guarantee that Trump is NOT anti-Semitic. He can’t afford to be.

Trump has consistently avoided the question of whether or not he personally is anti-Semitic, and has a lot to hide here, because many of his friends and members of his family are Jewish, which he can live with, but it’s a fact that he wouldn’t like to have paraded in front of his many anti-Semitic followers — it could lose him a whole support base that he has now, and is counting on when he pulls whatever he’s going to pull on us sooner or later.

Trump with his cabinet? No, it’s his former self with his party leaders.

I predict that he will never answer that question directly, just as he will never voluntarily allow his tax returns to become public, nor his dealings in Russia and with Russian Secret Operatives working directly under Putin, nor his current relationship with a famous model named “Andrea”, AND his secret dealings with hotels in Las Vegas, which have yet to be revealed only when he leaves office.

I also know his twitter password.

How do I know these things? I have deep knowledge of this from the Akashic Records, The Council of 9 and, of course, my notes from my textbook back in the 37th century, which is what’s surrounding this Class Lab Sim you call “21st Century Earth”.

Haw, haw, haw, everything you can touch, see, smell or feel is simulation, and when you’re in your higher consciousness, you know it. Unfortunately, you’re not spending nearly enough time out of your mind.

I’m not depending on luck or guesswork, here. I’m depending on the accuracy of my textbook, “Earth History 101”, Chapters 40 & 41, “Amerika, its Rise & Fall” by Armer Hinkup, Ballington & Bridges, London. Illustrated Edition, Second Printing, AD 3656.

So far, it hasn’t been very accurate. It says that 21st century Amerika is “Mostly Harmless.” I doubt it.

The Opel was test-run on the new Autobahn — of course it’s a RACE car, what else?

We’re all of us waiting for the other shoe to drop. Gosh, Donald now accuses US of playing the “race card”. That’s SO Adolph Hitler!

What outrage comes next? And then, when we’ve given up fighting and we roll over and die, what’s the next small step to Hell, one small step at a time until, without realizing it, there we are, in Hell???

You can sit there wondering when the axe will fall. I don’t have to guess. I know.

I don’t take the greatest of class or assigned reading notes — they tend to be sketchy, because I frankly don’t think ANYTHING I’m learning in History class will be of any use in the 37th century.

I can hardly wait to get back home to present my History Report!

I regard Earth History as an Elective, first and foremost, then also a way of getting a slightly better grade than “D+”, which is what I’m carrying now, and that leaves me very far from Class Valedictorian, if you know what I mean.

I wouldn’t have a clue how to proceed to improve my History Class grade had I not seen “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”.

Don’t try to explain the views of Socrates or demonstrate Billy the Kid’s fast-draw, when you can bring them out onstage and have them do the demo, and that’s why I’m collecting folks from this century to travel back to the 37th century with me for my own History Report.

I’ve already lined up a sound engineer, a lighting technician and a rented a 135mm Time Dreamer — the rest will be History!

Um, where was I?

Oh, yeah, I remember. Adolph Hitler, the Founder of the modern state of Israel.

The pig is the one with the apple in its mouth.

As disinterested as I am in local politics, even as they come down the street with tanks to round up all the Jews including me and my family and friends, I do have a profound interest in reincarnation, and I hope you do, too.

As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t even bother Mr. Trump if I didn’t require some proofs for my demonstration on The Mechanics of Reincarnation.

So how can I use Trump’s Rise to Power to illustrate the Mechanics of Reincarnation? Yes, mechanics, not reality. I shouldn’t have to “prove” reincarnation these days, now that we have Facebook.

Never mind about PROVING reincarnation. Take reincarnation as written. Now what? Now we look at the MECHANICS of reincarnation, that’s what!

As a matter of fact, all other issues are merely minor factoids in the gathering of data for  the technical mechanics of reincarnation, which after all, is the time-crunching factor that the Nazi archaeologists and field research teams were looking to find.

Of course, it was right under their noses all the time!

Adolph Hitler appreciated the young girls, and so does Donald Trump.

Let’s get to work here, sorting out our facts and suppositions:

Trump rose to power by cultivating the fear and distrust of his supporters. That sounds like Hitler, right? No, Mussolini actually did it first. Hitler copied Mussolini, a LOT. He literally worshiped Mussolini right up until the day they met, and Hitler successfully overwhelmed Mussolini.

Master and slave, dominant and submissive, that’s the way it always goes with humans, chimps and dogs.

Fear and distrust have covered the land. I know many immigrants who fear walking the streets of Trump’s Nazi Amerika these days, and they are so right. They really feel fear about going out of the house. Wouldn’t you, if your skin were dark or your accent too heavy?

Trump Amerika is now a fortress, like Fortress Europe, or “Festung Europa”, under Hitler. Hitler never felt safe unless he was surrounded by something, like a big high fat solid stone wall or an underground bunker or a house in the mountains or a million adoring fans or 15 million blindly obedient soldiers.

Adolph Hitler does Donald Trump at an “Election Rally” in Munich, 1936.

On that level, so far, we’re seeing Hitler as the primary candidate for reincarnation here — you agree? If you know your history, you will. Let’s proceed further along these lines, shall we???

Please note that “Festung” in German means “Fortress”, but it also means “Walled City”, from back in the City-States days of antiquity, so think about it, could this be the creep responsible for the Berlin Wall, the Great Wall of China and the Iron Curtain?

Again, there’s that NEED FOR PROTECTION, a WALL AROUND HIMSELF to protect him from harm, although there’s no better way to put yourself in harm’s way than to assume power and constantly direct attention to yourself.

Trump is wildly, amazingly, stunningly, egoistic, and he was no less of a zany egomaniac as Adolph Hitler. His enthusiasm for himself is overwhelming. He is truly a Legend in his own Mind.

With one of my illegal alien friends, Varga Nex Biam, from Orion IV.

Donald Trump’s total acceptance of the Hitler identity comparison on CNN’s Day Show occurred DURING THE CAMPAIGN, not when he was safely sitting in the Oval Office.

He UNTHINKINGLY snapped out, “NO!” when he was still running for President, and he knew that the people would never elect Trump, but they WOULD and DID elect Hitler.

This was back when he was a candidate, trying to get votes — so it’s clear that he actually LIKED the comparison and appreciated the interest in his previous incarnation, and cultivated the votes from the Nazis, but was clearly later advised to tone it down a bit, so now he says he never said it.

Exactly like Hitler.

One more vote for Hitler as the offending soul inside Donald Trump’s queerly built biological body, and there’s more … read on.

Trump thinks HE can yell? Ten bucks says he can’t out-yell the Hell-Lords of the Third Bardo.

Hitler was Master of The Great Lie. You just keep repeating the same trash over and over and over again until you wear down the resistance and whatever you say, regardless of how absurd it may be or sound, becomes the TRUTH.

You are living in Trump Amerika, and the Storm Troopers will never let you forget it.

To cap it all off, Trump has REPEATEDLY asked his supporters to raise their right hands and arms in what can only be described as the Nazi salute, in homage to what is surely the most insane bigot who ever lived.

Unfortunately, he somehow lost his magic speaking power. As Hitler, Trump was a lot more intelligent and charismatic.

There was a clarity that Hitler had that Trump just doesn’t, but his followers don’t care, they’re happy to see their old leader back, to lead them to triumph, just as he did so many years ago, right down the road to hell.

This is the only family group shot I have of our folks back in Germany.

It always ends the same, and the followers don’t learn any more than the leaders, because they’re PROGRAMMED to behave that way, to think as their leaders tell them to think, to do as they are told.

In short, to OBEY.

Like Hitler, Trump has clearly indicated that he intends to popularize the use of electric shock therapy on anyone who opposes him, such as “undesirables” and “degenerates”.

If you’re a Jewish Artist, that puts you in Double Jeapardy.

There are MILLIONS of mindless freaked-out wildly enthusiastic followers who will do anything to make their troubles go away, and they need a scapegoat, and that’d be me and you, until they end up on the Scapegoat List.

Everyone does, sooner or later, including the Masters and Tyrants. They always get it in the end. If not by mob action, by eventual death, which is, of course, MY so-called “Ace in the Hole”.

“Veiled Lady of the East”, pastel on handmade paper, by E.J. Gold, 1991.

I can arrange a rebirth for him as a Muslim Refugee, a Jewish American Princess who ends up being buried facing Macy’s, or throw him into the body of a Mexican Day Laborer, in his next lifetime, but I don’t do that.

I don’t do anything except observe. I watch. I do nothing. I just watch.

Then when the dust clears, I rise up and go Home.

That’s when I collect my dollar bet, and like I said before, I’m betting on nuclear war, and I’ve got a Federation Dollar says I’m right.

If you haven’t taken action to quit the premises and leave town pronto, this presupposes that you assume that YOU and YOUR FAMILY aren’t on his list.

What are you, nuts???

Do whatever you want here, but in the Afterlife, you answer directly to the Judge.

Rest assured that, no matter how far down the list your name might be, it’s on there. Want more evidence that Trump is Hitler? Okay, how about this:

Hitler used the Jews as a scapegoat. Trump is doing exactly the same thing with Muslims AND Jews, except the rich Jews he happens to know, including his son-in-law, an Orthodox Jew.

When asked about his obvious anti-Semitism as displayed openly on TV News and interviews as well as his support of anti-Semite supporters, he says “It’s very complicated.”

You’re goddam right, it’s complicated. He’s grooming his kids for a dynasty that will last a thousand years, and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, is an Orthodox Jew, whom Donald is grooming for The Great Succession.

Jesus Christ, you should excuse the expression, that means we’ll someday have an Orthodox Jew in the White House.

Mrs. Kushner is fixing her new Jewish husband Jared’s “Yarmulke”.

So how can Trump admire Hitler, if he’s not anti-Semitic? It’s so simple, you’re ignoring the obvious.

Like Trump’s son, Hitler was Jewish.

There’s DNA evidence now, plenty of it, to support that, but that’s not what I mean. What I mean is, Hitler was an OBSERVANT Jew, a GOOD Jew, the FOUNDER OF THE JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL.

Without the Holocaust, would any European Jew demand a Homeland and actually pick up everything and risk death to go there?

Donald Trump supports Israel. He HAS to! They are his people!

Boy, he is right, it is SO complicated.

This guy is a bundle of contradiction, but only if you catch him at it. Here’s another point that scores a hit in the “This Guy Is Definitely Hitler” category:

Hitler was a master orator, able to swing and sway a crowd almost hypnotically. Okay, that’s a major fail, there, because Trump is anything BUT a Master Orator. He could have been swizzled down the drain by Jack Kennedy any day of the week.

He was lucky that Hillary was his only opposition. She doesn’t exactly have the most magnetic charismatic personality in the world, does she? The cold, calculating level-headed business approach works well in the courtroom, but it doesn’t sway the mob.

What ALWAYS sways the mob is to encourage the hate that’s already in them. Hate is a by-product of fear, and nobody likes to admit that they’re afraid, so the fear is expressed as anger, rage, fury.

Trump gives himself plenty of permission to express rage, and it attracts followers who do the same. Imagine what it must feel like to live inside that thing.

That’s always easy to engender in a mob. Just ask the Romans how tough it is to attract a mob to a public slaughter?

Trump delights in his own ranting, raving, hate-mongering trash, and wild, exaggerated facial expressions and out-of-control arm movements and body language, but, like Hitler, doesn’t do well in the presence of a heckler, and tends to have his Court Jesters drawn and quartered and his generals taken out and shot.

If you happen to be one of his generals or security advisors, I wouldn’t make any long-term plans involving travel abroad, if I were you.

See, if you know your history, and you know that history ALWAYS repeats itself, because the game program is VERY limited, so the same scenes tend to get used over and over again.

You see the same 3D tree models that you’ve seen in so many time-frames before, and the action goes pretty much the same. Give it a break, DNA has only so much capacity for variations, okay?

It’s not my fault that DNA is so limited.

You make one mistake, you never hear the end of it. But never mind about my defense of my Master’s Thesis in Sculpture, which resulted in this miserable excuse for a universe.

Sigh. It wasn’t my fault.

That’s me at the age of a few months, listening to Bartok on the radio.

DNA has a lot of POTENTIAL, but it needs some massaging, some research, some numbers-crunching, and that’s another reason I’m here, to get the numbers crunched, and there’s never a better place to do that than at school, where you get computer time and equipment free.

Well, almost free — I pay $7.50 a semester, which includes the parking fee. I never pay more than $7.50 a semester at City College, do you?

So if you were one of Hitler’s generals, you at some point disappeared in one of his purges, just like Stalin did, and so many other despots have done. So far, Trump hasn’t managed a purge, but rest assured that, when he can, he will.

Kids loved Hitler. He gave them candy and rides.

Purges are fun.

Oh, not for the purged, but dictators tend to LOVE purges, where you get rid of ANY opposition, like they did in the Grand Inquisition which wasn’t so grand, believe me, if you were on the receiving end of a hot branding iron or a cupful of molten lead being poured into your ears.

The mob loves blood. Ask the Mayans, the Romans, the Christians …

What? You don’t count Christians as among the blood sacrifice crowd? Clearly you didn’t know that IT IS A SIN to deny that the Host and Wine are the ACTUAL BODY AND BLOOD OF CHRIST, created so in the Act of Transubstantiation as enacted by the local Catholic Priest, but it is a sin, a MORTAL sin, for which you could have been excommunicated which, in those days, meant certain death of exposure and starvation, because nobody could offer you refuge or food.

Adolph always enjoyed reading the Washington Post, just like Trump.

Gosh, just like Jesus would have done, eh?

From what I see of Christians acting in Christ’s name, he was a bloody and savage son of a bitch, wasn’t he?

Kicked out the sick, buried the dead and said, “Fuck the lepers”, that’s the Jesus they create today. If Jesus returned today, he’d be locked up as a vagrant, and it was that way in Hitler’s Germany, too.

If you were a member of Hitler’s gang, eventually you got your balls caught in the crunch of a Holy Party Purge, and if you didn’t buy it that way, you committed suicide along with your boss when you lost the war.

When you DIDN’T happen to lose a war, you celebrated and lived happily ever after, in the glory that was Greece, or Rome, or Amerika or wherever you happened to be.

And then you died, and that’s where I come in. So, where were we? Oh, yeah, Hitler. Haw, haw, haw!!! Hitler! As if that had really been his name!!! You couldn’t possibly know this, but Adolph Hitler’s real name was Morris Greenblatt, but of course he couldn’t take power in Germany under a name like that, so he got a nose-job and changed his name to Hitler.

The comic section and the astrology prediction were his favorite reading.

As Adolph Hitler, he achieved the Great Jewish Dream of a Jewish Homeland in Israel, the historic home of the Jews, and without the holocaust, there would be no Israel today.

That’s why, in the far-distant future of the 37th century, Adolph Hitler is called “The Father of the Jewish State of Israel”, and Donald Trump is called “The Last President”.

Of course, he’s the last President, as soon as he declares himself Emperor.

By the way, I’ve already designed a GOLDEN crown for Trump. I’m willing to make the item for a modest fee plus the State of New Jersey.

All I’m asking for is New Jersey, you can keep the rest of the country.

I’m not a greedy person, it’s just New Jersey — I’m not asking for much.

But back to work assembling our data:

Okay, we know that, by his own admission, Hitler was the greatest living master of strategy, and was the greatest military leader this side of Hell.

Unfortunately, this attribute did not fare well during the transition from one lifetime to the other, so Trump is forced to function with a horribly weak intellect and a reduced ability to do the Peppermint Twist.

Fortunately for Trump, as he predicted verbally on video, the Republicans are so stupid that you can tell them anything and they’ll believe you. “I’m the only person in the world who can make this country great again!” he promised the crowd, and they voted him in.

Haw, haw, haw — like I said before, it ain’t my planet.

I have lots more evidence to support my “Trump is Hitler with a Toupee and Moustach, which I’ll now present for your kind consideration:

Hitler used to be IN LOVE WITH his Nazi flag, but now he’s cured. Thanks to modern psychiatry, now he HATES his Nazi flag.

Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945, fulfilling the prophecy of his astrologer, Eric Jan Hanussen, that he would die on a Jewish holiday. When Hitler demanded to know which holiday, Hanussen replied, “Believe me, Mr. Hitler, ANY day you die would be a Jewish holiday!”.

HItler’s Spirit spent almost exactly 14 months paying for that little “accident”, then reinarnated on June 14, 1946, as Donald Trump.

14 Months??? How can I assert this with absolute certainty?

He stayed at the Afterlife Hilton, and I have the room records. He left his baggage behind and skipped out on a huge room service bill — $500,000,000 Bardo Bucks,  just for the hookers.

His bar bill was staggering, but then, so was he. I lost maybe fifty or sixty billion Bardo Bucks on the deadbeat, but what the Hell, who cares? Plenty more Bardo Bucks where they come from!

Then again, maybe it IS Benito Mussolini in there?

I have to obey the Prime Directive, which means watching you blow yourselves out of the water.

Are the dates right for Mussolini? Yeah, they are. Mussolini was killed and his pummeled body was dragged through the streets with his mistress by a furious mob, on April 28, 1945, only two days before Hitler died an ignomious death with his new bride — they went to Hell for their honeymoon.

Mussolini was Hitler’s hero until they day they met, but Hitler often quoted Mussolini:

“It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.”

Interestingly, that is the EXACT CONTENT of a Trump Tweet a few weeks back.

“Make Amerika great again” screamed Trump. We heard something similar from Mussolini, who screamed in exactly the same annoying, whining tone, “Make Italy great again.” You’ll note the degree of success both men had at that sort of thing.

It never works out, but in the meanwhile, millions lie dying or dead.

Millions lie dead in the aftermath of an ancient nuclear war, photo by E.J. Gold, circa 34,000 BC, city of Arnakki. I have more photos of this disaster.

So what do we have so far? Let’s see:

We have Trump’s behavior, agenda and style, plus the LOOK of Mussolini and the body postures, gestures, facial expressions and mannerisms of Adolph Hitler.

Given those facts, I’d vote for Uncle Claude’s Postulate:

Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler inside a Benito Mussolini size and shape body. He LOOKS like Mussolini, but FEELS and ACTS like Hitler.

Okay, how can we prove this thesis?

Simple. We look at Donald Trump’s cabinet and staff. The people he put in place will be the reincarnates of his former staff as Adolph Hitler, so first we look at the death dates of Hitler’s staff members, if known.

I’ll be playing the harp for all of them when they come over to the Other Side.

Then compare the faces of the dead Hitlerians to the faces of the Live Hitlerians under Trump’s control, and you’ll see a pattern emerging.

If most of them match up, you’ve got your answer — it’s Hitler and his Gang, reincarnated to do more damage.

If they DON’T match up, it’s gotta be Mussolini in a Mussolini body, but I don’t think it’ll turn out that way.

The entity living inside Trump’s body is definitely Hitler, and he’s exulting in his latest triumph. Problem is, he always does the same thing, and always in the same way, and the result is always the same, disaster for everyone including himself.

Lord of You-Know-What awaits everyone on the Other Side of the Veil — pen & ink wash by E.J. Gold.

Doesn’t he ever learn?

Why, no, Virginia, he doesn’t. Haven’t you been paying attention the past billion years? Did you READ the ABD? What’s wrong with your perception? He doesn’t “learn”, because that IS his natural nature, don’t ya get it? He’s SET that way, that that’s all he does and that’s how he does it, like a robot on a far planet, acting autonomously from previous instructions.

Dragged through the streets is such a common fate for despots. I could name a few who ended up that way, but the most famous and best-deserved would probably be the Roman Emperor Elagabalus.

The story is too long and complicated to recount here. Look him up and read his story, and hold onto your hat, or your hats, if you’re multi-headed, because this guy was weirder than Caligula and crazier than Nero or Napoleon, if such a thing is possible.

It can’t be Napoleon in there — I’m Napoleon.

Of course, there’s no one crazier than Caligula, Nero or Napoleon, but Donald Trump has high hopes. Today, if you want to signify “crazy”, you stick your hand into your shirt and assume the Napoleonic Stare.

If you’re onstage in a play or a blackout comedy sketch, you’ll wear a Napoleon hat, which everyone will immediately recognize.

The moment you stick your hand inside your vest, shirt or jacket and assume the pose, everyone in the room will know that you mean “crazy”. This works well when playing “Charades”, but doesn’t fly on network TV.

I think you’ll agree that I’ve presented good evidence to support my thesis that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, don’t you???

See You At The Top!!!