My Trump Model behaves pretty much as the original does, including “KMB” poses.


At one end of the Ballroom, you’ll note a small closet, within which is tucked a skeleton. How proverbial is that? Can you think of another word for “Thesaurus”? What if there were no rhetorical questions? If a cat and a banana traveled East on a train from Chicago to New York at an average of 90 mph in a stiff wind, how many chickens were left at the end of the run?

And that’s the kind of polite chatter you’d be likely to expect from the Washington crowd, most of whom are lawyers without a practice. You can’t come across a band of worse thugs than that, and when they get together, it’s called “Congress” — aptly named, I think, for the kind of thing they do to the country.

The Ballroom is very valuable as a venue for speakers, poets, protest songsters and theater and dance presentations, all of which are Spiritual Enlightenment Technology directed at the leader and leadership of this once-great nation.

If you didn’t used to be, but now you are ashamed to be an American, it’s time to take some positive action, and this is it. Get into the Ashram and start pushing those vibes out at the Washington politicians who aren’t listening on any other level.

Returning to the Front Lobby, you’ll notice a red-carpeted stairway to the left. You’ll go up those stairs to visit the private area of the White House.

In Shamanic Magic, it’s all about CONTACT and COMMUNICATION. Contact merely establishes a connection, but communication is a two-way process which you must fully understand in order to apply it in the Shamanic sense to activation of Higher Centrums.

We are going to use the Washington White House as a subject for our experiement in projection of Waves of Enlightenment into and onto the President, Donald Trump, for the benefit of all beings everywhere.

And that goes double for anyone who doesn’t happen to be both white and the right kind of Christian.

You’re right — there’s a skeleton in that closet. Don’t look! Fake News!

GOOD CONTACT depends on accurate duplication of the White House, and this we do have. GOOD COMMUNICATION means that YOU are taking part, YOU are doing your part to bring Enlightenment to someone as dense, low, crude and ugly as Donald Trump.

I’m not making fun of Donald Trump when I say he’s ugly. He wouldn’t be ugly if his anger and rage and frustration with everyone but himself didn’t show up on his face, but it does.

Every face eventually shows the inner self, radiant and smiling, or frowning and ugly, and Trump definitely wears the ugly kind of face, and keeps it ugly with his fears and upsets.

In the Washington White House the private quarters are upstairs on the third floor, but as the model has only two stories, I’ve combined both the second and third floor operations onto the second floor, which works just fine to deliver the VIBES.

So far, we’ve only seen and been in the public areas of the White House, although the Oval Office cannot now be said to be public in the ordinary sense of the word.

There was a time when a citizen could stop by the White House and have a talk with the President. Even if times were not so violent, it would not work out today — there are just too many people, too few goods & services to go around.

At the top of the stairs you’ll see a large golden Buddha.

Now you’re at the top of the staircase, on the second floor, where you’ll find a combination of offices, studies and bedrooms, within which you will discover a number of ongoing passive magical operations as well as active participation areas, which I’ll point out as we go along.

Remember that this is a combination floor, intended to contain all the necessary chambers in the actual configuration while conforming to the adjusted model which has two stories instead of three.

The architecture is basically Georgian with touches of everything that was done to it in the name of progress and modern architecture and design. In short, it’s a mish-mosh of periods.

The designers are driven by taxpayers, the President, the members of Congress who happen to take note and interest in the decor of the building and, of course, any kids who happen to be passing by on the way home from school.

At the top of the stairs you’ll find yourself on the private second floor.

You’ll note that there are two distinct wings. We’ll want to turn to the left at the top of the staircase and head in that direction.

The sepia carpeting of the private area distinguishes it from the plum-carpeted areas downstairs in the more public areas of the White House.

The moulding around the doorways was replaced on several occasions throughout the years, but remains essentially the same — rather massively heavy and somewhat overbearing.

The intention of the building is to capture and project the impression of a European Royal Palace, but it falls far short of the mark for anyone who’s actually seen one of those things.

If you want to see real magnificence, check out the Bourbons, the Medicis and the Hapsburgs for sheer spending power and untold wealth, all for the purpose of creating what amounts to a mausoleum without a corpse.

The Master Bedroom is a fairly unmodified space, because he’s rarely there.

In the Master Bedroom, I’ve placed a number of passive influences, among which are several very rare thangkas and some beeswax candles burning on the low coffee table by the wall.

You won’t see it, but there’s influence in the form of invasive music and other electronic programming coming through my sound feeds into the Ashram.

One advantage of using a separate sound feed for the Ashram sounds is that they never fail, as the interior sound system of Second Life often can, notifying you that your sound probably doesn’t work.

In that case, you should exit and come back in. Sometimes just going from one region to another can screw up the whole sound thing, and leaving and returning almost always repairs the online interruption.

Trump has his very own vanity dresser in his bathroom — note the lipsticks & rouge.

Make no mistake, you don’t get that ugly just doing nothing. Trump needs a facelift, but who would want to steal his face?

Note the contained-bath area, leaving plenty of room for visitors to pack in and gawk, thus creating exactly the kind of feeling and sensation that the Trump White House gives us as a general impression of being a bug under a magnifying glass, trying to dodge a giant tweezers in the sky.

One of the major weapons you have at your disposal is the Power of Song. Using simple techniques, it’s possible to create folk-style protest songs that can actually create a ground-swell of resistance.

When almost everyone except a very privileged few are crushed down to the carpet, you can be sure there’s a rebellion of some sort in the offing, and hopefully it will be in the form of a massive initiative and vote, probably to impeach or worse, if treason can be proven.

Yes, treason. I’m not the first to use the word, along with the name “Benedict Arnold” and other epithets. I am NOT making this up — search “donald trump treason” or “fareed zakarian donald trump” to see some real shit fly.

Queen’s bedroom is for Melania, who ranks as the least effective First Lady ever.

There are a lot of women who held and exercised power in Washington, but Melania Trump will not be numbered among them.

She is no Eleanor Roosevelt, nor is she any of the female heroes of the White House. She’s just a flashy dresser with a bunch of smarts.

How smart is she?

Smart enough to shut up and cringe in the background for the next eight years, if Donald has his way with her, and why should she be different from all the rest, including his present mistress?

I’ve loaded the bedroom with lots of performing deities and healing and uplifting deities as well. You can add to that force merely by passing through the space.

Of course, it follows that the more Enlightened YOU happen to be at the time, the greater the effect will be on the target space.

View of the First Lady’s luxury bathroom & beauty parlor.

The First Lady’s bathroom is loaded with more than merely luxuries, although there are, as you’d expect with her busy supporting role and daily schedule.

Around the area are scattered rather judiciously, if you’ll pardon the Supreme Court pun, passive shamanic items that beam the ENLIGHTENMENT VIBES directly into her toilette, as it were.

You get a compound effect by having visitors wander through at odd hours of the day and night — there are visitors to the Ashram around the clock, because they are mostly international and interdimensional.

Naturally, our interdimensional and offword traffic doesn’t give a shit whether this planet is blasted out of the sky or not, but we DO have side-bets running — for instance, I’ve got a Federation Dollar on the humans of planet Earth blowing themselves right the fuck up, and I can’t get decent odds on it anymore, now that Trump is in office.

Powerful Tibetan Magic operates in this yoga workout area near the bedrooms.

I’m lucky to get even money.

With Trump in charge, even-money bets are more the norm now, so there’s no chance of picking up more than a single buck, but the dollar side-bets really DO keep the game interesting.

Otherwise, it’s just another hi-tech species blasting itself out of the water, and that happens every day of the week in this galaxy alone, and there are 450 billion more chances for something to go wrong, and it always does.

That’s the nature of the game. Think of everything you’ll ever know as a wave of improbability in an ocean of uncertainty, as Toni Lilly once pronounced.

It’s true, and there’s nothing you can do about it. But there IS something you can do about Donald Trump.

You can dance in this Native American Spirit Circle just above the Oval Office!

You can take advantage of his erratic, spiteful, vengeful and nasty disposition to test your ability to cast an ENLIGHTENMENT WAVE spell onto the White House or anywhere you choose to target.

By the way, you can do this without the technology, just by learning visualization and manifestation — common practices in many esoteric teachings.

I don’t use ’em right now, because the technology IS available, and it’s easier to teach someone how to use a mouse and keyboard to move and get around and do things in cyberspace than it is to teach them visualization.

Visualization comes over a long, long period of time. Plug in your laptop and slip into the Ashram’s White House Oval Office and get going within just a few minutes!

You’ll find Spirit Candles everywhere in this upstairs Candle Chamber.

No longer does it take years and years to master visualization. At the click of a button and the touch of a mouse, you’re off and running!

In addition, you’d have had to learn many shamanic technologies. Now, you merely click on an action, and it carries ITSELF out!

All you need to do is SHOW UP!

Showing up sounds easy, and it is, on the first day, when everything’s new and exciting and interesting and it’s still a novelty, sort of like the honeymoon. Then reality sets in, and you see a 30-year mortgage and years of soccer games and iPhone apps staring you in the face.

That’s where most folks get off the train, but that’s exactly the spot where you have your very first test — can you stay the course, go the distance, finish the race?

Votive Prayer Candles include “Marie Laveau”, “Saint Jude” & “Saint Barbara”.

Dang it, I said the word “race”, and I just know I’ll get mail about it, but I meant it in the sense of a running sport, a competition against other runners, but these days, everyone is so sensitive that you can’t use certain words, even if they don’t mean those things at all.

Race was always an issue, and will always be an issue in any country or area where more than one tribe lives.

As soon as there are two tribes, you’ve got the Bugs Bunny Syndrome — (spoken in a high-pitched Bobby Kennedy sort of voice) “You realize, of course, that this means WAR???!!!!”

Even if you’re white AND the right kind of Christian, you’ve got to be careful out in the streets these days. You daren’t say anything about Trump for fear of being overheard and getting beaten up or killed by Trump’s roving civilian gangs of Right-Wing rowdies and bullies.

If you’re not white, you’ll think twice before going out of the house, and YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE THOSE FEARS, but this is Trump Amerika, and you have every right to be afraid for your very life just by going out the door to buy some groceries at the market or going to pick up your mail at the post office.

I know dozens of people who don’t happen to be white, and that’s happening to them every day, now. It didn’t used to, and that’s my point.

That’s EXACTLY WHY we are now able to perform this uplifting project. If Donald Trump were not in office, we would have no measure of our success rate.

As it is, if we direct our ENLIGHTENMENT VIBES toward the Donald Trump White House and staff, we should see some clear and tangible quite visible results of our efforts.

We can measure the change against the fear and uncertainty we feel now about being attacked in our homes or on the street by those who feel empowered by Donald Trump’s self-evident racism and bigotry, not to mention his egotism, which is massive by any comparison, even with Hitler, Napoleon or Mel Gibson.

You can enter the name of someone, and a candle will burn for them for 24 hours.

The reason that PROJECTION OF ENLIGHTENMENT VIBES works so well as a Remote Reader’s Class Experiment in telepathic communication and the force and power of prayer is that Trump is SO over-the-top megalomaniac and bald-faced lair that BY CONTRAST, any change in that demeanor will be stunningly obvious.

Even on news coverage by the liberal media, you’ll see the improvement. When you wake up to find your house NOT covered by swastikas, you can count yourself successful in the Enlightenment Department.

You have to have something that obvious in order to conduct a good experiment. Good lab practices produce good lab results.

Two factors — the first is that the more visitors take part in the project, the more powerful the prayer will be and the faster it will take effect.

The second factor is that the more elevated in consciousness the senders might be, the more powerful the prayer effect will be in Washington.

Private meeting space upstairs is filled with powerful Passive-Magic Technology.

You’ll be earning Merit as you do this practice. In addition, you’ll be performing a definite service, and that counts in the realm of ACTIVATION OF HIGHER CENTRUMS.

Compounding this is the cumulative effect of performing this practice for the benefit of others who perform the same practice for the benefit of others who … and so forth. It adds up real fast, and that’s why we take advantage of this poor shmuck who has inadvertently and accidentally gotten himself painted into this particular corner.

He’s the head of a country out of sheer spite. He hates Obama for a public sleight, and will not rest until he eradicates all traces of Obama from the planet, and that’s what drives him at the moment, although any wind can do the same in his pathetic case.

He’s very subject to influence, which is why he became an obnoxious, belligerent bully.

The biochamber in the Healing Room is for the Trump Avatar to step into, of course.

Donald Trump is the very face of fury — wrinkled in vengeful spite. Donald Trump in fact accurately represents the voters who voted for him. Think about that. Would you want to share in that karma?

What I mean is, if you looked like that, could you get up in the morning?

When all the shit has finished coming down as a result of his maniacal thirst for attention, in the end, there’s going to be hell to pay, and the taxpayers will once again bear the burden.

The rich will always be tax-free.

You are among the downtrodden, and according to the present administration, it’s their responsibility to MAKE YOU FEEL downtrodden, otherwise, what’s the point of being filthy rich???

You are invited to ring the Dharma Bell — but only once per visit.

When you participate in the White House Oval Office Project, you do more than bring Enlightenment to the White House — you bring Enlightenment into yourself.

The necessity is so great that it creates sufficient force to make even YOUR Enlightenment possible, because it’s so NECESSARY.

The higher YOUR consciousness, the greater the effect.

That’s an immutable law, and furthermore, it can’t be changed. You’ll note that there are a number of functional items in the Healing Chamber, among which is the HyperBaric ThermoChamber by the window.

Resist the urge to climb in there — it’s reserved for the Avatar of Donald Trump, and yes, we have one, and we intend to use it and use it well, to a lot better effect than the flesh-and-blood version stuffed into the Washington White House by an ignorant mob of White Supremacists, some of whom don’t even know that’s what they are.

You’ll find a very active private kitchen upstairs, which is a work in progress.

Yep, if you elect a White Supremacist to the highest office in the land, you deserve what you get, in the end, and in the end, you DO get it, whether you see it coming now, or not.

I’ve been around a long, long time, and seen a lot of things come down. This is just one of very few possible scenarios for any government.

If you examine your Earth history, you’ll see what I mean.

Athens is a prime example of the scenario that’s going down in Amerika today. Let me give you a quick reference — Hippias of Athens and his strange relationship with the arch-enemy of Athens, Sparta.

You can dance around the First Family at their Borgia Dining Table Set.

Alternatively, you might want to look up the word “Quisling”, which means “someone who collaborates with the enemy in order to seize or hold power”, a term that arose by the fact that Quisling, as the country’s leader, GAVE AWAY Norway to the Nazis.

The Nazis marched in without firing a shot, and within minutes, betrayed Quisling by not supporting his Collaborator Government, thus ruining his spring marketing plans forever, but making his name a permanent word for “traitor”.

I didn’t use the word first — it’s been on the news lately, along with other similar words, but I really don’t care who betrays whom.

My point is merely that this has happened many millions of times before, and it won’t be the last time, either, and I’m not about to start keeping track of who’s winning THAT game — who cares who wins and loses, except to collect the dollar side-bet.

Even if the other Council Members have forgotten, I’m keeping track.

There are dozens of “flowering times” when civilizations burst onto the scene on a billion different planets in a billion different galaxies in a billion different universes, and this is one of them.

You’ve got a remarkable and rare opportunity to expand your consciousness and elevate yourself along with Donald Trump into Cosmic Consciousness and Beyond!

All you need to do now is arrange a Virtual White House Orientation Tour, and you’re well on your way to Enlightenment for the entire planet — sure, why not?

We can get a globe and start working on that project the minute YOU get some improvement in Donald Trump’s condition. Trump first, THEN the universe.

The punching bags outside the Oval Office are there for the liberal media.

Well, there you have it. The Virtual White House Tour, and you can go on an actual virtual tour of our virtual White House in our Ashram merely by contacting us and asking how to arrange it.

We have operators standing by.

Well, actually, would you believe call waiting and a message machine?

Okay, so you call and arrange a tour, then what?

Then from that point on, you’re entitled to use the space to enact your own contribution to the White House Oval Office Telepathic Beaming Project.

You don’t even have to wait. There are additional spots in the stand-alone Oval Offices!

The photo of Putin on Trump’s desk is where he’d normally keep his wife’s photo.

Just in case the White House spots are totally filled — which they can be — I’ve installed duplicate Oval Offices around the Ashram, so EVERYONE can join in.

It’s a totally benign and beneficent operation — completely clean and clear “good magic”.

You are helping to BEAM telepathic Astral Plane particle-waves of Enlightenment directly into the Washington White House, right into the heart & brain of Donald Trump & Co.

Of course, they wouldn’t like it if they knew about it, but that’s just the illness talking.

Donald Trump holds the nuclear button in his hand. He no longer has the option of being non-Enlightened just because he wants revenge and notoriety.

He certainly will get that.

With the proper coaching, YOU can appear to Donald Trump in his dreams!

According to my 37th century history texts, Donald Trump holds several important Guinness World Records, one of which, he has already achieved — the lowest approval rating in U.S. history.

Now, that’s something to write home about, and I would write home about it, too, if I could, but writing home is not one of my options here inside the World History Sim in the History Lab in, as you’d expect, the History Building on the south side of the campus.

Of course! I know how I can project my findings out there!

I can blog it, and that’s readable outside the World History Sim, but then, who would or could possibly read it? Ah, of course! — YOU would read it!

So THAT’S how it’s done???!!! Why didn’t you say that Earth History is exactly like Bingo in the first place? I’ll expect your help and any help you can enlist in the project.

See You At The Top!!!