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My Trump Model behaves pretty much as the original does, including “KMB” poses.


At one end of the Ballroom, you’ll note a small closet, within which is tucked a skeleton. How proverbial is that? Can you think of another word for “Thesaurus”? What if there were no rhetorical questions? If a cat and a banana traveled East on a train from Chicago to New York at an average of 90 mph in a stiff wind, how many chickens were left at the end of the run?

And that’s the kind of polite chatter you’d be likely to expect from the Washington crowd, most of whom are lawyers without a practice. You can’t come across a band of worse thugs than that, and when they get together, it’s called “Congress” — aptly named, I think, for the kind of thing they do to the country.

The Ballroom is very valuable as a venue for speakers, poets, protest songsters and theater and dance presentations, all of which are Spiritual Enlightenment Technology directed at the leader and leadership of this once-great nation.

If you didn’t used to be, but now you are ashamed to be an American, it’s time to take some positive action, and this is it. Get into the Ashram and start pushing those vibes out at the Washington politicians who aren’t listening on any other level. Continue reading

The World Next Door


It’s now accepted truth that there’s a World Right Next Door; actually, an infinite number of alternate universes existing in the same space as this one, separated only by frequency. A slight shift, and you’re in another dimension. The two main types of worlds, Einsteinian and Quantum, exist independently but create effects upon one another as a result of “jiggle”, a slight wandering off-frequency, called in radio operator’s terms, “drift”. The two worlds can be connected by a variety of technical applications, one of which is the SuperBeacon, another the Matrix and a third, the Amulet. These can appear in virtual or actual form, and the similarity of form causes a Coupling Factor according to the Law of Similarity, and through the actions of the PLAYER in orbs to create an intentional QED (Quantum Entanglement) Coupling Factor, by wearing an Amulet, placing a Matrix and using a SuperBeacon before running an orb, which has within it similar items contained in the models section. Acting out, dramatizing virtual effects in actual space can be amazingly effective…see photo above; that’s me, in our shipping department, making sure our shipments to Alternate Dimensions get through the Klingon Blockade!!!

See You At The Top!!!