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My Trump Model behaves pretty much as the original does, including “KMB” poses.


At one end of the Ballroom, you’ll note a small closet, within which is tucked a skeleton. How proverbial is that? Can you think of another word for “Thesaurus”? What if there were no rhetorical questions? If a cat and a banana traveled East on a train from Chicago to New York at an average of 90 mph in a stiff wind, how many chickens were left at the end of the run?

And that’s the kind of polite chatter you’d be likely to expect from the Washington crowd, most of whom are lawyers without a practice. You can’t come across a band of worse thugs than that, and when they get together, it’s called “Congress” — aptly named, I think, for the kind of thing they do to the country.

The Ballroom is very valuable as a venue for speakers, poets, protest songsters and theater and dance presentations, all of which are Spiritual Enlightenment Technology directed at the leader and leadership of this once-great nation.

If you didn’t used to be, but now you are ashamed to be an American, it’s time to take some positive action, and this is it. Get into the Ashram and start pushing those vibes out at the Washington politicians who aren’t listening on any other level. Continue reading

dreaming & astral voyaging

Kathleen's focus is good, yes?
Kathleen’s focus is good, yes?

I’ve been reading Koyote’s new book on dreaming and astral voyaging. Dreaming is a great key to astral voyaging, soul questing and skywalking in general. When you’re dreaming, the body is asleep, passive and largely motor-reflexive, but the attention is still active, passing from one reality set to another, which opens the door to astral travel.

The body has reactions to astral travel, and it’s best to keep it in a relaxed and passive state, so it won’t interfere with the process. There is a connection between your spirit and your body, which is eternal and is present during the body’s entire lifetime, and it is that connection which pulls you back when there is a disturbance near the body or the body is uncomfortable or distressed.

Dreaming is the Great Key, and Koyote’s lessons in flying will take you there. I recommend this book highly, and will suggest it to anyone who asks me a question on the subject — his answers and mine will be the same.

Thank you, Koyote, for your well-written and well-conceived contribution to the Great Work.

See You At The Top!!!


Street of Dreams is Starting to Take Shape & Update


On this side of The Shift, the Street of Dreams is a complete range of Temple environments created by me; each leading to a profoundly different world with a different set of work regulations and work conditions.

My wondrous shops and Jazz Club are gone, alas, as are those of Space and XxaxX, sigh, but we gotta have bypasses, and it’s up to us Vogons to put them in, and that’s what I did.


I’ve managed to buy and put up two more temples tonight, and I want to hasten to add that SpaceBuddhaa has an enormous multi-story gallery & shops boutique, housing many of her wonderful decorating items and other wondrous goodies. It’s on The Strip, at 3201 Meters, along with my Fashionista Shop, right next door to hers.

Bottom line, Spacebuddhaa, XxaxX and Leslie Ann are deluged by tons of stuff coming back into our inventories, but it does make room for the Temple items necessary for their function, and shops are not the primary purpose of the Ashram. Continue reading