Trump in Action!!!

Take a good look at the objects on Trumpenstein’s desk.

At first, I thought to take some screenshots of the Trumpenstein Avatar in various poses and facial expressions, and that’s what I did — at first.

Next, I plugged him into the T’ai Ch’i and Yoga Mat exercises, and took some snappers of those, as well.

Actually, it occurred to me that someone might volunteer to take him to a daily T’ai Ch’i practice, but we’d have to work out the timing for that.

I’m very aware that selfies are all the rage these days, and I’m always trying my darndest to come up with a few selfies, no matter what the subject matter.

Unfortunately, I take EXTREME closeups, so you generally can’t see the background, but I soon learned that nobody really cares about the subject matter or content of a photo — it’s all about colors and high definition, even if it’s only a highly defined nothing.

A few closeups of the T’ai Ch’i workout might classify as “selfies”.

Trumpenstein is a sucker for great Italian food, and that’s what’s on the block tonight.

I let him work out through the short form, then took him over to the Yoga mat for a little morning prayer.

Then suddenly it came to me in a flash — what I call a “Zad-O-Gram” because these marketing ideas mostly come from Zadkiel, for whom marketing comes naturally and easily — what about some dances? I’m sure to get a number of good poses for my still shots.

I purchased a few dance animations and took some action snappers as Trumpenstein danced around the White House, especially the kitchen and main offices.

As you’ve probably already guessed, I observed Trumpenstein dancing, and realized that HERE WAS A SHOW!!!

Trumpenstein chilling out as he does the Short Form at the upstairs T’ai Ch’i Dojo.

What a draw! Trumpenstein does 100 dances from the 60s! Trumpenstein ballet corps, Trumpenstein Flamenco, Trumpenstein drunken dances and best of all, Trumpenstein does a Tico-Tico Party!

Oh, you gotta see this to believe it!

I’m going to perform with the character onstage at the virtual White House and I only hope that someone makes a video of it and posts it somewhere.

It will be funny, that I can promise you and, if Donald Trump ever happens to see your video of the Trumpenstein Avatar dancing about, he will undoubtedly have a good laugh at his own expense.

Trumpenstein in the private meeting room, practicing his Hip-Hop dancing moves.

He’s such a good sport!

So I started looking through some of the Abranimation MOCAP dances, and ended up with a slew of them, plus a bunch of other stuff.

Not neglected are the fabulous A&M MOCAP belly dances. Oh, that IS funny, when a fat old ugly guy does those dances!

It probably never occurred to Donald Trump that when he took public elected office, he automatically guaranteed by Constitutional right that the people could make fun of him whether or not he thought he deserved it, and millions DO just that.

Trumpenstein practices his Gangnam dance in the upstairs meeting room.

If you wanted to avoid humiliation and bitingly satirical treatment, you had no business running for public office.

If the people EVER lose the right to make fun of PUBLICALLY ELECTED government officials, you might as well pack up your bags and prepare to board the bus for the Labor Camps, because that IS where you are headed, whether you know it or not.

By that time, you might not care.

In the meantime, you can ridicule Trump and watch the Trumpenstein Avatar dance and make a fool of himself!

When someone public with a LOT of power over YOU and YOUR FAMILY looks foolish, it’s good to laugh, and a belly-laugh is even better.

The Boogaloo is just one of many vintage dances that you can get on MOCAP.

He who laughs last laughs best, and that will be us.

In the end, everyone on this planet will leave their lives behind them, and then we’ll see who laughs.

YOU will certainly laugh.

You’ve lived many billions of lifetimes over uncountable aeons, and yet, here you are to tell the tale.

You might very well go hysterical watching this goonie “Drunk Dance”.

Make videos! Post them!

Ridicule is the best remedy for a Tyrant! Don’t fight! Don’t struggle against the granite stone! Don’t rage against the machine!

Get even. Make fun!

Ridicule is GOOD for an NPD. A little invigorating bath in public humiliation and scorn wouldn’t hurt anyone, and if he’s truly headed for Liberation and Enlightenment, he won’t at all mind.

If he does mind, we have some more work to do in the Virtual White House!

Keep the PURPOSE of the exercise in clear focus. It isn’t about who’s in the White House. You’re trying to demonstrate the power of telepathic influence, and that’s the whole purpose.

Break dancing on the new Sienna wall-to-wall carpet I’ve installed.

Keep politics out of this.

Humanitarian concerns are something else entirely. They are part and parcel of the process of telepathically imposing Enlightenment on a powerful and ruthless ruler.

It won’t be the first time I’ve had to do that, and you’ve undoubtedly done the same, but can’t remember or don’t have contact with prior lives, in which case maybe you should find out how to remedy that little flub.

I’m considering performing a comedy skit or sketch or routine, or a play, or a poetry reading, with the Trumpenstein Avatar.

The Trumpenstein Avatar is a powerful magical tool that I plan to use as sparingly as I can possibly manage.

Of course, if provoked, I’ll put out some scathingly funny videos. Hell, come to think of it, IT’S FUNNY, so the Rule of Roger Rabbit prevails here:

“If it’s funny, ya GOTTA do it!”

There really IS no other rule to comedy.

How would you like to see Trumpenstein in “Springtime for Trump & Russia”?

The cost is dear. When you open your mouth on this planet, you always take your life in your hands, because the local zombies take things real serious.

Speaking of zombies, watch for a bunch of friendly, playful and totally deadly zombies, now appearing in my new, very latest, almost ready for release, “Gorebagg’s Trumpenstein”.

That’s to distinguish it from any other Trumpenstein that might be lingering about.

We’ve secured the website to house it, and it will be there soon as possible, promise.

You can’t really see how funny this is from the stop-motion photo, but it IS funny!

Put your thinking cap on and come up with ways we can use the Trumpenstein Avatar to expose Trump to ridicule and humiliation.

It’s not a bad thing, not at all negative. Think about it. What better cure for NPD than humiliation?

Humility is the one thing with which Donald Trump is NOT afflicted. If you see him start to use words like “compassion” and “fair play”, you know that our efforts are starting to have an effect.

Note please that I recommended a pinch of “Compassionate Buddha Vibes” several days ago, and the word “compassion” was used in the Budget Speech, so how’s that for a first success???

Keep the Faith!

See You At The Top!!!