When All Else Fails, Use Magic!!!`

You can see pickups as I’m starting to build the wall boxes on the main floor base.

Feeling helpless and in despair? Is Trump too much for you? Would you like to shut him up, or at least get him to stop lying, cheating and back-stabbing the public?

Great idea, but hard to actually accomplish, especially face-to-face. Trying to reason with madness and deep paranoiac insanity is a fruitless task. All you can hope to do is to contain it and make it harmless.

No matter what you say OR DO, Trump will not listen to you. He is famous for being unable to accept answers he doesn’t want to believe.

Sure, you can engage him on Twitter, duel with him in the media and try to get a phone call through to the Oval Office before he presses that Nuke Button on the side of his desk, but no amount of pleading will have an effect, no matter how compelling and convincing.

Crazy is crazy.

Windows need window sashes and framing. These prefabs are made from 8 prims.

So what’s left? Clearly, just waving a clenched fist in the general direction of the White House does about as much good as a snowflake in Hell, so give up trying to change him in any direct way.

Magic is one way of getting through and creating an effect by SUBTLE TELEPATHIC INFLUENCE, but how to deliver it?

If you’re very skilled at visualization and mapping, you’ll have little trouble penetrating into the White House with your Astral Body, Body of Light or Remote Viewing Vision, but first YOU HAVE TO FIND THE TARGET.

That means years of training in Creative Visualization, and who has years to devote to the very BEGINNING part of Remote Viewing? In short, we need something that gives us a shortcut to Remote Reading without the hassle of visualization and the years of training it takes to get really good at it, good enough to make a difference, and that’s where my OVAL OFFICE ORB comes in handy.

Just Press The Button!

Daunting work ahead, but one step at a time does the trick!

It does all the “finding” work, draws you through a Pineal Wormhole using radio waves on your own brain, and deposits you safely on the Other End of the connection, right there at the White House, where you have total run of the territory. There is no place not open to you.

You are free to roam and try to influence anyone in that area of the actual building, or you might decide to concentrate your attention on the Oval Office, the primary psychic target.

Okay, so you now have a Magical Tool at your disposal, and you’ve used it to penetrate into the White House. The rest is up to you. You’re a Remote Viewer, go ahead and View Remotely!

By using the Orb, you cut out dozens of years trying to learn how to do in your mind what you can easily do in your mind with the prompting of the cybermapped Orb.

Early view of the entrance to the North Side Oval Office from the Rotunda Lobby.

All the Orb is doing for you is taking the place of Astral Projection and Body of Light Movements in the target space, same as you’d be doing if you had that visualization training and then applied it toward this project.

As a matter of fact, if you can already visualize fully, you’ll appreciate how rapidly the Orb takes you there and establishes a powerful CONNECTIVITY.

Don’t forget that the Orb is just like a projection device — it could be arguably called a “psychic particle beam accelerator”, because that’s exactly what it does and how it operates, but entirely in the Spiritual Realm.

As a matter of fact, the Orb uses the Basic Laws of Quantum Physics to accomplish its purpose, but don’t forget that its real purpose is to demonstrate itself.

In order to practice with this Orb, you’ll need an actual target, and the White House serves this intention well, because there’s hardly any better indicator of your magical success than the sudden Onset of Enlightenment upon Donald Trump and his advisors.

Adding the columns to the rear of the Oval Office, along with subterranean levels.

Use The Orb as a Magical Tool!

Remember that it could be made into ANY configuration, including corporate realms. The whole thing is based on shape — Shape is Everything.

You must take the time to determine for yourself the precise and notable difference between shape, morphology and topological extensions.

Oops, I guess I let that slip — I think I might experience a “Flub Slip” from Above on that one, but I have points against it, so I won’t worry too much about it.

The fact is that once you have established CONNECTIVITY to the target space, you can activate the CONTACT points by picking up the half-dozen artifacts placed nearby.

Walk around the Orb for a moment or two, and be attentive to the fact that YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THIS EXACTLY AS YOU WOULD IF WALKING THE ACTUAL SPACE.

You’re expected to recognize the thoughts and images coming in as you maneuver around the cyberspace environment of the OVAL OFFICE ORB.

Oval Office setup with double dragons, hemp plants an ABD and a SuperBeacon.

You can now listen to conversations, pick up thoughts and read documents as a Remote Reader, without all the training and hassle!

If only our Remote Viewing Unit in Arlington, Virginia, in 1964-67 had obtained an alien technology tool like this back then…back then…back then…

But we didn’t have that. We had DAYS of training, then months and months of practice, practice, practice, then actual assignments. We had no feedback on our results, although years later I learned that our “hit-rate” was well above 80%, a whalloping amount over anything achieved by Joseph B. Rhine, one of my college professors back in North Carolina — I was at Elon University at Burlington — the carpet capital of the world — and he lectured nearby, at Duke University in Durham.

Closeup of The Oval Office desk. Note the doggie doo on the pedestal in back of alien.

My primary physics prof was Dr. Hook — not the puppet, the college instructor — who lectured at many colleges, which is how Claude attended his famous lectures.

Many of Dr. Hook’s lectures were delivered in the costume and surroundings of the person whose ideas he was presenting at the time.

In a way, you got a direct pipeline to the time-space of the physicists back in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

With the OVAL OFFICE ORB in your hands, you’ll find yourself in the same COMMAND CONTROL POSITION, so go right ahead and enjoy the relief.

When you’re at the wheel, you’re in total control of the space. Put as much energy as you’re able into the projection of the telepathic influence of Enlightenment Waves.

Not only can you use the Oval Office as a cyber device to achieve penetration into a target space, you can easily direct your attention to very specific areas within the general area.

Okay, so that demonstrates the cyber tool, which is, don’t forget, my main intention. I have no interest in Trump — he’s just another turkey passing through.

South Side Frontage of the Virtual White House, which functions as a magic device.

Or should I say, “pissing through”?

In any case, I could just as easily build a radio-wave powered telepathic quantum penetrating device that resembled the Kremlin, and listen in — I don’t have to use a device to achieve that, but anything I learn will be useless, because I operate under the Prime Directive, but that doesn’t prevent me from making jokes about it.

Using this Oval Office Telepathic Penetrator, you merely climb into the space and operate on it — but how???

Of course, with courtesy and caring, which means “healing” first, “do no harm”. That indicates some powerful prayer or spellcasting that involves the general benefit of all beings everywhere, so you can’t give him a bad case of gas or a nasty rash on his forehead.

We could spend hours and hours researching a wide variety of nasty rashes — the internet is full of them, but we’d be wasting our time, because he already HAS a nasty rash — it’s called “Kellyann Conway”, a media-whore and first-class spinning agent if ever there was one.

You can toss Florist Lawn bouquets into the Oval Office or anywhere you’d like.

Pity — it’s very tempting, isn’t it?

But even a serious rash wouldn’t solve the problem. So what would bring about a change in Trump toward compassion and gentleness? Nothing physical would work here.

So how about directing TELEPATHIC WAVES OF ENLIGHTENMENT at him day and night, as long as he’s in the White House?

In fact, it affects everyone in the defined space of the cybernetic map. This all adds greatly to your own Merit, the only true way to gain spiritual advancement, as any advanced being will gladly inform you.

Forget about those years of visualization training. Press the “ON” button, and YOU ARE THERE!!!

I’ll give you a short tour of the cybernetic telepathy device, to familiarize you with just a FEW of the many ACTIVE and PASSIVE magical effects built into the OVAL OFFICE ORB.

Just by entering the OVAL OFFICE ORB, you perform the major task of the magical operation, which is ESTABLISHING A CONNECTION.

Every staff member of OUR White House is an accomplished Blue-Liner.

This is technically called “CONNECTIVITY”.

Connectivity relies upon two major LAWS OF MAGIC, That Which Is Like Something Else Is Also That Something Else, and Two Things Once In Contact Remain In Contact Until and Unless Contact Is Consciously Broken.

We can use both of those laws in the ORB, because a number of the items are models made directly from items that came from the White House, gifts of various Presidents — I’ve been in direct communication with the Oval Office for decades, as a short glance at my bio will reveal, and several Presidents as well as a few Kings and Queens have my works in their collections.

As a matter of fact, I’ve worked in one way or another with six administrations, and each got some artwork from my studio for their collections.

I have photos somewhere that show that stuff, but I’m far too busy to dig them out right this very minute. I’ll find them eventually and post them when I can.

In the meantime, rest assured that I haven’t pulled out my paints and canvases yet, and I’m surely not about to, unless Trump manifests Enlightenment Big Time.

For every other President, I’ve bent over backwards to be supportive, even though they still reject help from my friend VAL. For them, many rewards.

Some items on the various desks and tables can be picked up. Others are passive.

For Trump, nothing — not even a get-well card.

I know how fruitless it is to engage in direct conversation with a nutcase, and it’s even worse when you’re trying to present an unfamiliar idea, or something that the aforementioned nutcase will find discomforting.

God Forbid Donald Trump should experience a single moment of discomfort. He has spent his entire life serving himself, so he should be plenty comfortable by now, yes?


He isn’t comfortable at all. In fact, Donald Trump is in serious pain — spiritual agony. He needs Enlightenment in order to rule responsibly.

SuperBeacon & Matrix on the left, can be activated by merely touching them.

As Ben Parker is reputed to have said to Peter Parker, aka “Spiderman”, “With great power comes great responsibility.”.

To be precise, it wasn’t in a dialogue balloon. The phrase was typefaced in on a page slug under the illiio, but who’s counting?

Clearly, Donald Trump reads the word “responsibility” as “blame” rather than taking command of the situation, which Trump clearly cannot. He is not in control of himself — Steve Bannon is, and he’s hiding behind the curtain — you’re supposed to ignore him.

Donald Trump has no agenda. He rolls any which direction that he feels will benefit himself. He has no feelings or regard for others — they are merely tools in his clutches, and he enjoys their pain and displeasure, viewing them as “fake news” and “hired actors”.

Yoyodyne Industries has a huckster booth just outside the Oval Office. Check it out.

He has no shame.

Trump can’t be wrong, can’t admit a mistake, and the news commentators have been very vocal about this glaring fact — Donald Trump never admits an error. He doubles down on every issue on which he’s called to show his hand, but he never shows his cards at the end of the day.

This makes it easy to see if you’re scoring hits with your Enlightenment Waves.

Frankly, he’s about as rhino-skinned and leather-tough on the outside as the average Abrams M-60 tank, and just about as responsive, and in the same way, which is to lower the cannon and fire point-blank at the questioner.

Any change in Trump — even the slightest whiff of change — would be and should be obvious — so obvious that it leaves no doubt that your telepathic influence on the White House, toward Enlightenment is WORKING.

How else can you measure the effect? You have only one scale, one measuring stick, and that is his sicko public disgraceful and bestial aggressive behavior and general attitude toward inferior races, religions and liberal media companies in general.

In the House of Egypt, you’ll find Anubis waiting to give you a ten-card Tarot Reading.


Make no mistake — I am not alone in this assessment: Donald Trump is clinically insane, clinically a sociopath, clinically an NPD and clinically and demonstrably an OCD. He is called by his own people “a loose cannon” and he cannot be contained or calmed down by any ordinary means.

He doesn’t respond to truth, and he makes it up as he goes along. He doesn’t expect to get caught in his automatic lies and total fabrications, and until he became the highest elected official in the government, he got away with it most of the time.

At the moment, his ravings and externalized self-psychotic projections are directly connected to well over 50,000 nuclear warheads and chemical cannisters, along with a variety of biological weapons at Trump’s immediate disposal.

Just remember that you can’t reason with a nut. If you keep that singular fact in view at all times, you’ll have a clue how you might successfully deal with it.

He has his hands on your short hairs at all times, but the irony is that he’s the one who feels vulnerable.

He’s really, really unwell in the head, and it’s far worse than simple harmless neurosis. He’s so far off the deep end that he’s in direct line with the conspiracy theorists who supported him and elected him their President.

Anubis is always at the ready to ask you vital questions to help you prognosticate.

He’s crazy.

Something like that is as easy to spot as instantly knowing that Archie Bunker is a racist creep, and he WASN’T loveable, and no such idea was intended. Rob Reiner did his level best to play against that character, bringing him up on every issue, but as you know, it did no good, never does, nohow.

The only way to reach someone deeply insane is to go directly through the spirit, and that’s how we operate, through the spirit.

Is it “fair” to impose Enlightenment on Donald Trump?

Sure it is. He’s the King of Amerika. As things stand now, Amerika is in for a very racist and sexist and religious fanatic and birth control nutto time.

Is there no longer a functioning law in this land? We used to have laws preventing false accusations, libel and character assassination. I guess we don’t, anymore, but that comes as no surprise.

You can get a Tarot Reading, right next to Portal 9, easy to find it!

If I were Obama, I’d bring a Libel Suit.

It’s going to end up as a free-for-all, anyhow, so why not strike a blow for freedom now, while you still can?

Soon, you won’t be able to speak for fear of being taken away to the Labor Camps. Think that’s a fantasy? An exaggeration? Ask any psychic sensitive — they’ll tell you that the camps are already built and waiting for you.

Not all of them. There’s plenty of room for a civilian contractor, and as a matter of fact, Trump has one of his protected corporations bidding now. They’re listed in the budget under “infrastructure”.

The crumbling infrastructure is a matter of great concern in Washington. Nobody knows where they’re going to get the labor to do the work, and without undocumented workers, they’re going to be hard-pressed to round them up, but that’s exactly what they’ll do, and that’s exactly how they’ll do it, too.

Here I am in the Main Chair, projecting those Enlightenment Vibes into the space.

You’ll notice the Tree of Life on the floor, an Earth globe above it between Binah & Chokmah. You’ll be spinning off that focusing device.

There are some 24k gold HUD Enervating Deity Amulets on the sides between the draped windows — they are easy to spot.

The calendar is predictive and carries proggie vibes, which makes it easier to use the Prognostication Tools at your disposal.

When you sit down in the theatre chair where I’m sitting, you’ll be able to bring down a drop-down menu that offers several chanting and mantra options, or you can choose to produce those sounds yourself at your end of the WormHole.

Remember that although they can’t actually HEAR what you’re saying, they can FEEL IT, so be nice. Your thoughts must be pure and clean to have the Enlightenment Effect.

Be sure to check out my new CDs with my latest Trump Outrages featured in song and dance! Keep your sense of humor and don’t let politics distract you from your spiritual goals!

Thank you, Donald Trump, for being such a great comedy relief! Reminds me of the days back in the fifties, when there wasn’t enough to protest, so folk music was morphed into folk-rock, which is about personal relationships, not world-shaking events.

Remember that YOU are empowered. You can do it, too! Just be prepared for the backlash from the primates! Keep a Portal Handy!!!


See You At The Top!!!