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Using a Gaming Orb to Trigger Magical Effects

Gorby’s Place is a feature on my quantum version of Nikolskaya Street in Moscow.

One of the most unusual of times is that in which computers exist and games are tolerated, which happens all too seldom, what with the wide variety of repressive governments in place all over the galaxy, but at least for the moment, we can make Orbs and you’re allowed to download and install them, although for how long that will be is anybody’s guess.

Of course, “approved” games will always be available, but you won’t want to play them, and besides, my “games” are not really games at all — they merely rely on a gaming engine to deliver them and make them useful to you. Continue reading

Trump in Action!!!

Take a good look at the objects on Trumpenstein’s desk.

At first, I thought to take some screenshots of the Trumpenstein Avatar in various poses and facial expressions, and that’s what I did — at first.

Next, I plugged him into the T’ai Ch’i and Yoga Mat exercises, and took some snappers of those, as well.

Actually, it occurred to me that someone might volunteer to take him to a daily T’ai Ch’i practice, but we’d have to work out the timing for that.

I’m very aware that selfies are all the rage these days, and I’m always trying my darndest to come up with a few selfies, no matter what the subject matter.

Unfortunately, I take EXTREME closeups, so you generally can’t see the background, but I soon learned that nobody really cares about the subject matter or content of a photo — it’s all about colors and high definition, even if it’s only a highly defined nothing.

A few closeups of the T’ai Ch’i workout might classify as “selfies”. Continue reading

MetaProgramming the Human Biocomputer

EMO DEVICES such as GUIDE RINGS, GUIDE BRACELETS, GUIDE EARRINGS & GUIDE NECKLACES are only useful as GUIDES to BLUE SPACE when they are activated by the Movements.

The Movements can be viewed as a series of postures connected by specific transitions. They can be linked together into Kathas, or Forms, creating chains or strings of powerful invocational “passes” or moves.

This can in turn be linked to space-time, creating a Causal Plane Effect, if the system is turned on.

Turning on the system requires triggering actions, which are initiated by wearing the specific amulet, EMO gear, within a radius of 9 meters or less from the SuperBeacon & Matrix Altar Area. Continue reading

Don’t Change How You Play


ej at red house 1971 — photo by T. Jones

I’ve developed a method for playing guitar that allows you to play very sophisticated and difficult scales without having to learn new chords or retrain your fingers. You’ll use the following chords: E, Em, E7, A, Am, A7, B7, to play in almost all the keys. You will instantly be able to fake solo leads using my simple lead chart. You can’t make a mistake, there’s nothing to go wrong. Total simplicity is the key to this easy to learn guitar cheat. In addition, I’ve developed backing tracks that allow you to remain at your present undeveloped skill level while still sounding absolutely pro. You can use this for holiday gatherings, and blow the minds of friends and family with your apparent skills at blues, jazz, hip-hop, ballad, pop, dance, rock, r&b, latin, reggae, folk, bluegrass, fusion, country and more!!! Each backing track CD has an entire show of about a dozen tunes, and you’ll sound incredible on ALL of them, I guarantee it! You can order the CDs now — see the titles above to order. The CDs will be available in a few days. Download options are being explored even as we speak. Oh, I almost forgot to mention it, but I have a set of backing tracks that will make you sound like the greatest jazz and blues flute player on the planet. Coming soon, a set of backing tracks that will make you sound like the greatest blues harp player in the Western Rim of the Galaxy Milky Way (strictly a local name — we Outer Limits Folks (OLFs) refer to your galaxy as “Shnarg”. I won’t translate, for fear of reprisals.

See You At The Top!!!


Amazing ThingsTo See…


Little Jenny from BardoTown visits Prosperity Ashram, May 21, 2013, photo by EJ Gold.

Today, I’m going to break my rule — no nudity on my blog — to bring you an amazing video of a ritual dance, performed to a fascinating violin interpretation of deFalla’s Ritual Dance of Fire. Well, she’s not actually nude…with more careful observation, I note a wispy, almost ethereal, thong and pasties. Okay, that’s beach-wear these days, so I’ll ignore the butt-cheeks and the full-frontal pulchritude. Here it is, then — after which I’ll show you a few incredible things that some very imaginative folks have done within the context of the sim worlds, notably Second Life. If you know your exotic dancing, you’ll note that there are very few repeats in her dance, with very few notable exceptions. Vanessa Mae was the artist for the soundtrack; the video was created and performed by Slappy Doobie. It was performed live at Ellie’s Burlesque Club in-world. Look for Virtual Burlesque for more.

And now, let’s look at some perhaps even more amazing performers on Second Life! Keep in mind that you’re not expected to watch the entire video — just enough to get the idea.

Continue reading

Science Fiction Filk Songs Make Hit Show!


Yep — I’m of course using “yep” in the Russian sense, to mean “sex”. It’s true; science fiction “filk” songs have finally hit the big time on tv when these guys did this sendup of sci-fi — syfy — si-fi — whatever. Live Long & Prosper! I know, I posted this comedy team only a few days ago, but it suddenly occurred to me that you might not have had the luck/skill/jenesequoi to find this particular link, so I’m posting it now for your pleasure. I think you’ll find it cheerful and amusing on a Music Monday — I’ll be onĀ gorebagg tv at 4 pm pacific time today for more jazz, blues, folk, rock & more.

See You At The Top!!!


Gemini Dancer

Just took a few fun minutes to explore the dance move potential in this model when I walked her into the Gemini to check on a few items, notably a bunch of missing lava lamps and a funny countertop. All was resolved, and as I had her stand there in admiration of the work I’d done, she all of a sudden started dancing to the music. It is a rather upbeat tune, eh?

I thought you might enjoy the challenge, so I invite you folks who are running any of the Prosperity Path orbs, whether they’re Remedials or Classes, to make a video of your avatar dancing to the music thereof. You’ll find the best music in the Classes and Higher Levels, where I’ve put most of the really good stuff.

Dance & Movement — The Unlocking Postures

Here’s a sample of the upcoming Dance & Movement Workshop, which will also combine fountain-making, Feng-Shui Zen Gardening, classes in Hollywood Fast-Draw and of course there will be lots of unusual dessert offerings from the Sacred Kitchen!!!

With luck, you can find out more about the Dance & Movement Workshop by contacting someone here. I don’t do windows.